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Bike Buzz: Summer 2018

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This post features a summary of new Bicycling Monterey posts, plus some updated ones, since the Spring 2018 newsletter to subscribers went out. This is a partial list. For complete list, check the Archives window in the sidebar.

To learn about a stellar volunteer—Justin Leong—scroll to the end of this post.

The May 28, 2018 photo below is from “Where to report a bikeway maintenance need in Monterey County, plus maintenance needs for California State Highways.”

Completion! — Castroville Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

Santa Cruz scene: Just love everybody

Project: Boosting Bike Equity

Summer 2018: Ciclovía Salinas Youth Internships

New Hwy 183 crosswalk — Paso de peatones en Castroville cruce ceremonial

Be a Pedal Pusher: Set up an automatic monthly contribution to Bicycling Monterey

Bike-share programs in the Monterey Bay Tri-County Region

California Bicycle Coalition’s partners and allies

“A Right to the Road”: Understanding and addressing the safety of people who bike

Youth Center – first high school bike tech class in Monterey County!

Fecha límite para recibir comentarios del público sobre el Plan de Transporte Activo del Condado de Monterey

Deadline for public comment on Monterey County’s draft Active Transportation Plan

Safety alert: Woman biking was repeatedly accosted on Robinson Canyon Road, Carmel Valley

Memorial Day concerts on the lawns — at Naval Postgraduate School and at Colton Hall

Support the bicycling revolution: Be part of the Bicycling Monterey work

Sharing Monterey County Parks and Other Public Lands: Administration, Care, and Use

Awesome bike coaches of Monterey County–Monterey Composite, Palma, Salinas High

Rest Stops: People who bike, walk, or otherwise get about sometimes just need to “sit a spell”

Language Resources and Celebrations, plus Guess-Their-Country Game

Detox! “Sea Otter Classic can be for anybody!” – Video plus tips

King City Bike Rodeo and Amgen ToC 2018 Stage 3 Start and Finish in Monterey County

“Woodstock of Triathlon,” Wildflower Triathlon Experience, in South Monterey County

HER Helmet Thursdays — on Sea Otter Classic’s Opening Day, and on Thursdays year-round

In addition to what’s on this website, you may want to skim over Bicycling Monterey’s social media posts. Many include information not on this site.

Special volunteer shout-out

Since its launch in 2009, the HER Helmet Thursdays Project has been a very time-intensive project, requiring thousands of (all unpaid) hours for Bicycling Monterey’s founder. Additional volunteers are much appreciated, and as noted on the volunteer acknowledgements page, Justin Leong is among them.

Justin Leong of Santa Clara County, a stellar volunteer
Justin enjoys biking—whether alone, with friends, or with his brother or entire family. He’s also a tech-savvy young man who spent most of summer 2015 in Monterey County doing a computer-related internship. So what else did he do while he was here? Contributed volunteer hours in support of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project and other Bicycling Monterey projects.
In spring 2018, Justin Leong devoted many volunteer hours again, this time making general updates to the hundreds of HER Helmet Thursdays database listings. That required a trusted volunteer who could be counted on to complete a tedious tech task with impeccable accuracy. Justin was the man!
Any time you access the HER Helmet Thursdays database (e.g., by clicking on any spot on the HER Helmet Thursdays map, or clicking on any participant’s name in the HER Helmet Thursdays Guide – 8th Anniversary Edition), you benefit from Justin’s volunteerism.

This post was published on 4 June 2018. One or more changes last made to this post on 7 June 2018.

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