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Completion! — Castroville Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

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Meet the new Castroville Bicycle/Pedestrian and Railroad Overcrossing Bridge.

These night scenes were photographed June 1, 2018. When I went to see the completed bridge, the day after its ribbon-cutting ceremony, I thought I’d be traversing it alone at night. But a family with young children was out celebrating it with an inaugural walk.

One of the most eagerly awaited Monterey County infrastructure projects, the bridge will benefit many students of Elkhorn Elementary and North Monterey County High School, in addition to others who use active transportation (i.e., skateboard, skate, scoot, bike, walk, run). Whether for commuting to school or work, for recreation, or as part of physical fitness activities, people of all ages will use the bridge. Among visitors sure to enjoy it will be Pacific Coast Bike Route travelers exploring the Castroville area.

The bridge will even benefit people who never set foot on it! How? Because of boosts to the local economy (i.e., tourism), reduction of traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and improved public health.

Besides all these, its design and construction make it a work of art!

The bridge was celebrated with a ribbon cutting May 31, 2018 at 10 a.m., hosted by Transportation Agency for Monterey County and the County of Monterey. Among those participating in that celebration were people on bicycles, including members and friends of Velo Club Monterey.

Check out VCM’s slideshow:
Share in my experience of the bridge at night, via these photos.

Thanks to all who worked for years to make this dream reality. For some background, click here.

For Castroville tips—including about HER Helmet Thursdays discounts in Castroville and other North County communities, click here.

 That traffic has been a serious danger for residents and visitors using people-powered transportation. Hooray for the completion of this new bridge!


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  1. Founder, Bicycling Monterey says:

    On June 4, someone submitted a comment, “Where is the bridge if you’re biking from Monterey to Watsonville?”

    For the exact location of this bridge, refer to: This new bridge isn’t on the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s bike map, last updated in 2016, but to see the vicinity, check the North County section of that map

    People biking from Monterey to Watsonville (which the commenter referred to) may also be wondering about this North County bridge on Hwy 1: For updates on that, check with TAMC:

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