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Looking for Bicycling Monterey’s primary resources on Riding Skills, Bike Laws, and Safety, including some in Spanish? Click here.

  1. SPANISH: información en español sobre las bicicletas is the first compilation of Spanish-language biking resources of its kind in the USA. It was compiled by Bicycling Monterey in 2010, with numerous subsequent updates.
  2. TOOL KIT: Posters, flyers, social images, logo, etc. Click here for current items, including California bike law summaries, Monterey County tips, and more. (Archived: Portal page to tool kit, with photos showing examples of how items have been shared.) 
  3. DIRECTORY: Monterey County Bicycling Resources and Bike Community Leaders, a 35-section directory.
  4. CALENDAR DATES: For some biking and bike-related activities, events, and meetings (primarily in Monterey County), check Subscriber News, e.g., Bike Buzz: Spring 2024 News and Bike Buzz: Autumn 2023 News. (How to subscribe? Refer to our Contact page or see And if you’re organizing a bike-related meeting, activity, or event in Monterey County and would like Bicycling Monterey’s help in getting the word out about your date, please phone us
  5. ADVOCATE: Bicycling Advocacy: What you can do offers ways to be a positive changemaker on the national, state, and local level, helping to impact bicycle infrastructure, legislation, and other issues that affect people who bike. 
  6. OPEN STREETS / CICLOVIAS: Monterey County’s Open Streets resource page features Ciclovía Salinas resources and history, plus announcements about other Open Streets locations in Monterey County—e.g., Ciclovía Gonzales, Ciclovía Greenfield, Ciclovía King City, and Ciclovía Soledad.
  7. BIKE-AND-RIDE: An intro to bike-and-ride options, the portal to this site’s detailed bike-and-ride section. When stamina, schedule, infrastructure, or other factors aren’t conducive to biking all the way to your destination, please consider a bike-and-ride option, such as a bus, personal vehicle, train, etc.
  8. DISCOUNTS FOR PEOPLE WHO BIKE: The HER Helmet Thursdays Project, an ecology-economy project, was launched in Monterey County in 2009. Questions? Please phone us. Project 2024 update: Resources: 2024 staff reference sheet, for participating businesses and organizations; project portal page (including audios and videos); listings/FAQs, including 10th Anniversary HER Helmet Thursdays Guide (not updated since pandemic began). 
  9. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN SPANISH/ENGLISH: Other Languages and related resources includes a sampling of biking info in a variety of languages, and a bit more en español. Also featured is info on Monterey County’s love for languages.

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