Submit a Listing for the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County

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  • A biking or bike-related activity, event, meeting, etc. that takes place in Monterey County and is open to the public may be an appropriate addition to Bicycling Monterey’s Master Calendar.
  • Before filling out the form below, please phone Bicycling Monterey first to confirm that your item can be posted, and by the time you desire. (This is a volunteer effort, so calendar listings are posted as available volunteer hours allow.)
  • Questions about filling out the form? Click on (don’t just highlight) the form’s question marks (?). If that doesn’t answer your questions, phone Bicycling Monterey.
  • You may wish to avoid planning your activity for a date when there are other bike things happening. Check the Master Calendar to see some local activities that are already scheduled.

Submit your listing by filling out the form below.

You are not required to provide an email address. However, it is necessary to provide a phone number so Bicycling Monterey can reach you with any questions—even if you choose not to have your phone number shared in the calendar listing. Thank you.
Name of activity/event ?
TIP: If you want your activity/event to catch people's eye in the short space first displayed on the Google calendar, you may want to rearrange the words. For example, rather than "Salinas Bike Polo Tournament" (only "Salinas Bike" might be visible), perhaps say "Bike Polo in Salinas" and then in the calendar listing details, you can state the specific accurate name.
Date of activity/event
Do not submit a listing for the calendar until your date has definitely been confirmed. (No tentative dates, please.) When you click in the blank for "Date," a calendar will be displayed. Just click the date you want (and be careful it's the correct year). Next, you'll see the date displayed. Don't be confused by the format it displays in. It will list the day first, then the month, then the year. (For example, if you choose May 1, 2015, it will display as 01/05/2015 rather than the format most Americans are used to of 05/01/2015.
Starting time
A starting time must be listed. If you want to add notes about the starting time, you may include those below in the DESCRIPTION field. (For example, your starting time listed here might be 9:45 am; and in description, you might say, "Gather at 9:45 am. Start riding at 10:00 am.")
Ending time
Some ending time must be listed. If you want to add notes about the ending time, you may include those below in the DESCRIPTION field. (For example, your ending time listed here might be 4:00 pm and in description, you might say, "Ending time of 4 pm is approximate." Or, "Ending time is flexible."
Recurring activity or event?
If recurring, indicate that, e.g., "Every Saturday."
Location ?
At minimum, name the city closest to where the ride or other activity will begin (for example, Castroville or Pacific Grove). If you want to make sure people contact you in advance, it’s fine not to list a specific location or street address.
The goal is that you’ll be happy people showed up, and so will they! If you have a website, provide a link below where people can get details. If you don't have a website with details posted, please provide details in your description, such as the following: for riding events, include (1) whether you have ride rules or etiquette for participants to follow; (2) any age or fitness requirements; (3) if people age 18 and up (as well as minors) must wear helmets to participate; (4) whether a waiver and release of liability must be signed to participate; and (5) any other helpful info. And of course: tell why this activity will be fun! (In some cases, tell why it's otherwise important, e.g., "Planning commissioners will be considering opening up this car-free space to motor vehicles. Come and give public comment!")
Parent or guardian participation ?
If your listing welcomes minors, please also welcome a parent or guardian to accompany a minor to the activity or event, even if that is not a requirement for participation. You may want to offer (not require) on-site volunteer opportunities for parents and guardians, as a comfortable option for getting acquainted with the organizers and other participants. It's best to include a phone number where parent/guardian may contact you in advance with any questions.
Name of contact person
All listings must have a contact person with a verifiable identity.
Phone number (and indicate if you want it listed) ?
If no phone number is provided where Mari can reach you with questions, your listing will not be added to the calendar. You are welcome to state “phone number for Mari’s use only” or “phone number to publish in calendar.” If you wish, include the best hours to reach you, or, for example, "Call 9 am to 9 pm only."
Website (if available) ?
If you have a website with info about this event, you are encouraged to provide that URL.
How the public can reach the contact person ?
A name and phone number that can be published on the calendar is preferred. A name and email address that can be published is acceptable. If you prefer to provide neither, then you must provide a URL for your website, and it must include a Contact information page.
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