Submit a Listing for the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County

Please phone us if you want to submit something for the bike calendar. (We have deleted the calendar submission form previously found on this page.) Before calling us, kindly note:

  • A biking or bike-related activity, event, meeting, etc. that takes place in Monterey County and is open to the public may be an appropriate addition to Bicycling Monterey’s Master Calendar.
  • You may wish to avoid planning your activity for a date when there are other bike things happening. Check the Master Calendar to see some of the local activities that are already scheduled.
  • Phone Bicycling Monterey first to confirm that your item can be posted, and by the time you desire. (This is a volunteer effort, so calendar listings are posted as available volunteer hours allow.)
  • You are not required to provide an email address. However, it is necessary to provide a phone number so Bicycling Monterey can reach you with any questions—even if you choose not to have your phone number shared in the calendar listing. Thank you.