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Bike Buzz: Autumn 2023 News from Bicycling Monterey

Below is a mix of national, state, and local bike buzz for Autumn 2023.

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Bicycling Monterey strongly encourages making use of the free AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit created by AARP and Bike League, now available in Spanish and English. Use it to make biking better in Monterey County or anywhere! Details below.


Bike Audit Tool Kit

Nationwide, bike audits are critical to identifying where infrastructure improvements are most needed—from protected bike lanes to bicycle parking facilities that work for various sizes of bikes, trikes, etc., and more—which is why League of American Bicyclists (aka Bike League) and AARP teamed up to help get more people involved in that advocacy work.

Anyone can get the free download, or order a free print copy, of the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit: A self-service guide for assessing a community’s bikeability. To get a free download or order a free print copy, go to [Feb 2024 update: A Spanish-language version is now available too. Kit de AARP para auditorías sobre el uso de bicicletas:]

A 30-minute webinar on how to do a community bike audit took place October 25, 2023. If you missed it, the recording is available at:

We first participated in a bike audit in June 2011, with Kaki Cheung, a former bike-ped coordinator for the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, along with a consulting engineer. That audit was during City of Monterey’s three-day Transportation and Parking Charrettes. But you don’t need to wait for official opportunities!

As Bike League says, “Anyone can do a bike audit. In fact, the best audits are done by people with a range of perspectives and mobility needs.”

Note too that the Bike Audit Tool Kit includes a glossary of vocabulary used by transportation professionals, which makes it even more helpful and user-friendly for non-professionals.

Does doing a bike audit take a lot of time?

The Tool Kit states that a targeted, single-location bike audit can take less than an hour.

But what is an estimate of the time required for the entire process of doing a bike audit?

As the webinar presenters shared, that will vary, depending on whether you’re doing a single audit location or more than one location.

  • From start to finish—first, reading the Bike Audit Tool Kit on your own; perhaps inviting others in your community to do an audit with you, and scheduling a time; doing the actual on-the-ground audit; preparing and submitting the report; then following up to see that the report is being given serious attention—may take about eight to ten hours or so.
  • There’s flexibility within that time frame, in case you want to do more or less, or involve more or fewer community members to do the audit with you.
Does that sound like more time than you can spare?

Busy with family? We do support the priority of “family first”! Nonetheless, consider that doing a bike audit can be a meaningful family outdoor activity.

If you have a child or teen who needs community service hours, a bike audit can be a great choice. Their community service in support of bicycling / active transportation will be a meaningful way to take action on reducing carbon emissions and other environmental pollutants, improving public health and safety, and strengthening community ties.

More people biking has multiple benefits for communities, for the planet, and for individuals (it even benefits people who don’t bike). That’s why we’ve volunteered well over 20,000 hours for bike advocacy since 2009. But we aren’t asking that you volunteer that much time; instead, we ask that you find time in your schedule to do at least one bike audit in one location, in Monterey County or wherever you are. Thank you!

Why use the Bike Audit Tool Kit?

  • AARP and Bike League have made the bicycling advocacy process easier for people by providing these free tools— including convenient worksheets, which are intended for you to freely duplicate.
  • This will not just save you time, it can also make your report—e.g., to your county transportation agency, city council members, county supervisors, or other decision-makers—more effective!
  • Again, we urge people anywhere, including in Monterey County, to make use of the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit. To get a free download or order a free print copy, go to

More National Resources: Webinars

In addition to occasional webinars from Bike League (, other webinars are listed on the Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center website. PBIC lists their own webinars and those from partner organizations.

For some additional webinars relevant for many regions, see this post’s list of bike-related dates.


For people who bike anywhere
(1) Want to prevent citations or injuries, gain support of decision-makers for better bike infrastructure, and still P-A-R-T-Y? See “Rideout or Rude Out? Make your bike party courteous, safer, legal, and fun.” While our guidelines were written for California, most of them are applicable anywhere. Thanks to Midnight Ridazz of LA, San Jose Bike Party, and—in partnership with Bicycling Monterey—Salinas Bike Party too, for valuable input.
(2) Part 3 of “Voices of People Who Bike”—questionnaire responses received by Bicycling Monterey from throughout the USA—was published September 30. See what some respondents had to say about making bicycling more inclusive; inviting others to ride; helpful and dangerous drivers; and favorite places to bike.
(3) Do you see more bike buses—that is, bike-to-school buses—finally popping up around the U.S. and wish there were some in your area? We do too! As of April 2023 Portland, Oregon had nine bike buses. See Coach Sam Balto’s guide on how to start a bike bus: As mentioned in our post about support for kids biking to school in Monterey County, to our knowledge, there are no bike buses aka bike trains here—yet. Our hope was renewed thanks to one of our CalBike partners, Bike Walk Alameda, being active on Mastodon They posted that sometimes a bike shop organizes a bike bus in their community; Alameda Bicycles did! Maybe one of Monterey County’s local bike shops will too. We’d love to hear about bike buses in your community, wherever you live. Comment / leave a reply on this post, or give us a call.


(1) The State of California’s E-Bike Incentive Project is funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). “CARB’s mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering effects on the economy.” For updates on that project, which provides point-of-sale incentives to support the purchase of a new electric bicycle, get on the email list at For related FAQs, see Also note: Our post about “E-Bike Safety and Training Programs” include one from the E-Bike Incentive Project partner Pedal Ahead.
(2) Regarding the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), thanks to those of you who responded to the California Bicycle Coalition (aka CalBike) Complete Streets survey for California’s 58 counties. Update: Survey results published by CalBike on Nov 13
(3) Also see our October 17 post on why representatives from 60 climate, transportation, and environmental justice advocacy organizations, including Bicycling Monterey, sent a letter Oct 17 to Governor Gavin Newsom about Caltrans. An Oct 23 post by CalBike’s Executive Director Kendra Ramsey describes why CalBike was a signatory; see “CalBike Joins 60 Organizations Urging More Oversight of Caltrans”
(4) CalBike’s 2023 legislative recap:
(5) Check CalBike’s blog for news on many topics:
(6) Find CalBike’s local partners nearest locations in California where you live, work, or travel:
(7) Make use of CalBike partners’ educational resources, such as Bike-Safe Driving and other free online webinars in this post’s list of bike-related dates.


Monterey County:
(1) Want to advocate for protected bike lanes, bike parking facilities, or other infrastructure improvements in Monterey County by doing a bike audit, but don’t know where to submit it? Feel free to phone us to discuss. Also refer to our post on “How to get notifications about Monterey County municipal meetings affecting people who bike.”
(2) For bike-related dates for Autumn 2023, click here.
(3) For an update on the HER Helmet Thursdays Project—and support that is needed—click here.
(4) Bicycling Monterey salutes the Salinas Valley’s City of Greenfield for their forward thinking in recognizing the multiple benefits of supporting children and teens with bicycling education! Tip of the helmet to the Greenfield Recreation Department on their new bike classes.
(5) Thanks also to the instructor for those classes, Nathalie Gomez, for being part of Monterey County’s welcome to Project Hero riders on our county’s portion (October 16-17) of their California Challenge ride (photo below—and that’s Nathalie pictured at center).

(Monterey County buzz continues below)

At left: Project Hero’s California Challenge 2023 riders at Greenfield Community Center. Photo provided courtesy of Nathalie Gomez, instructor for new City of Greenfield Rec Dept bike classes.

(6) Off to a Monterey County farmers market, like the two gents below, spotted October 27th? If you’re able, please bike or bike-and-ride there. See our list of Monterey County farmers market locations, and additional tips.

(More Monterey County buzz below….)

(7) Helping others: “Where to donate used or new bicycles or bike accessories in Monterey County.”
(8) Looking for info on high school cycling teams? See Section 7 of our DIRECTORY: Monterey County Bicycling Resources and Bike Community Leaders.
(9) If you’re going to the beach or anywhere, if you’re able, follow the example of this expectant mother and her friends who were biking to a beach here on the Monterey Bay on October 6th.

Please, take a moment…

If you value any of the Bicycling Monterey projects and haven’t shown that in a tangible way in 2023, please make a contribution in any amount. (Why? Refer to our post on why help is needed.)

All 2023 contributors are highlighted in Bike Buzz: December 2023—End the year with a boost to Bicycling Monterey! Thank you.

(September 23 – December 20)

With some exceptions, dates below are primarily for Monterey County. Exceptions include online events, e.g., free educational webinars.

As alerted in Summer Bike Buzz, two special events kicked off Autumn—Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, was September 30; and a Monterey County Open Streets event, Ciclovía Salinas, was October 15. Both are normally annual events. To avoid missing their 2024 dates, get on their organizers’ contact lists.

What else is up since the summer edition of Bike Buzz? Check the monthly archives (find them anytime in our sidebar) for posts on a variety of topics, e.g.,,,


SOCIAL MEDIA? Our favorite way to connect with people is IRL (in real life) whether in person or in a phone conversation. Nevertheless, since @bikemonterey left the Twittersphere in November 2022, we are still on social media, although less often. Mastodon is where @bikemonterey is currently most active: Sometimes we log in to Instagram, @bikemonterey.

Are you new to Mastodon? For sure, there’s a learning curve. For some tips on using that decentralized social network, refer to our Contact page. Here are some additional Mastodon tips: (1) Active transportation professional and advocate Barb Chamberlain wrote “I opened a Mastodon account [at] and entered the fediverse. It deliberately avoids global search, and hashtags are essential.” Details: (2) #BikeTooter is among the most common hashtags on Mastodon. (3) The #BikeNite hashtag is used by Phil of, who organized a weekly bike conversation (similar to #BikeSchool on the site formerly known as Twitter).


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Happy Autumn!

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