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Salinas Valley Bicycle Repair Workshops — Greenfield, Gonzales, San Ardo, San Lucas, Soledad

Gonzales, September 15, 2023
Bike Repair Workshop / Taller de Bicis
Para más información, (831) 233-8335

Greenfield Bike Garage—and its mobile repair workshops— are a project of Greenfield Community Science Workshop, in partnership with Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC).

TAMC partnered with City of Greenfield to create the Greenfield Bike Garage at the Greenfield Community Science Workshop. The program was to provide weekly community bike/scooter/skateboard repair workshops in Greenfield and mobile repair workshops to serve communities in South Monterey County.  Learn more:

Please check with all workshop organizers for latest dates, details, and any updates.

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Apart from the local bike shops in the city of Salinas, there are no locally owned bike shops in the Salinas Valley as of September 1, 2023, to our knowledge. And that’s why we especially celebrate and appreciate the Bicycle Repair Workshops in Greenfield and elsewhere in the Salinas Valley!

Check with Greenfield Community Science Workshop @GreenfieldCSW for updates.

Soledad, August 11, 2023
For photos and a summary about this workshop, refer to

San Ardo, March 25, 2023
Bike Repair Workshop / Taller de Bicis
Para más información, (831) 233-8335

San Lucas, February 11, 2023

Para más información, contacta (831) 233-8335.
For more information, contact (831) 233-8335.

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Greenfield Bike Garage is located at 45 El Camino Real in Greenfield and also has some mobile workshops. For any updated info, including hours and other details, text or call them at 831-272-2037.

As of their launching in May 2022, they “have used bikes to fix and take” (they will “guide you through simple bike repairs”) and “can also help you find common bike parts.”
They are also accepting donations of bicycles.

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This post was first published May 12, 2022, with numerous subsequent updates.

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