Master CALENDAR for Bicycling Monterey County

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This calendar features biking or bike-related activities, events, and meetings that take place in Monterey County and are open to the public. It also sometimes includes notices about opportunities to offer public comments on issues affecting people who bike throughout CA or the USA.

This calendar is provided as a public service.  No claim is made or liability accepted for participation. Scroll down for important notes for first-time users of this calendar.

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NOTE: Due to the global pandemic and related restrictions, some recurring activities posted on this calendar are temporarily cancelled or changed to online events. For example, some meetings are now held online or via teleconference—e.g., Transportation Agency for Monterey County bike-ped meetings and Monterey Off Road Cycling Association meetings. If in doubt, check with the organizers.

If this Google calendar isn’t displaying, go to your browser’s address bar and delete the s in “https.” The calendar should now display. 

  • Green listings=entered by Bicycling Monterey’s founder unless otherwise noted in listing (“posted by…”). To volunteer to help maintain the calendar, contact Bicycling Monterey.
  • Brown listings=auto-generated by MORCA. Some of MORCA’s may take place outside the county. To reduce duplications, HER Helmet Thursdays are only visible by viewing the MORCA calendar. For more about the merged calendars, see #6 and #12 in notes below. (By the way, MORCA requires helmets be worn by all ages—not just people under 18—at MORCA activities. Click here for more about helmets.)
  • Amber listings=auto-generated by Velo Club Monterey. Some of VCM’s may take place outside the county. For more about the merged calendars, see #5 and #11 in notes below.
  • To view calendars separately, click down arrow to right of “Agenda”; note that as of 3/26/21, Velo Club Monterey is temporarily not posting events to their Google calendar (which was merged with this county calendar) and instead encourages emailing them to ask about any events.

Want more on this calendar? Contact Bicycling Monterey to volunteer to help maintain it. See About/Support for more ways to support the Bicycling Monterey work.

Important notes

No claim is made or liability accepted for participation.
  1. Parents or guardians are advised to accompany youth under 18 to activities and events, to ask questions, and to get acquainted with the organizers and other participants. An on-site volunteer role can be one good way to learn if an activity or event is right for your child or teen. One excellent resource for general tips is Gavin De Becker, author of Protecting the Gift:  Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane); there are child safety tips provided on
  2. Are bicycle helmets required at these activities and events—for adults, or for minors? Click here.
  3. For all rides, participants are encouraged to first review resources such as Bicycle Riding Skills, Bike Safety, and CA Bicycle Laws–for Children, Teens, and Adults. That section includes Monterey County bike-related ordinances too, such as about sidewalk riding. At minimum, review a bike law summary.

    Grab one here: Be Cool, Be Safe – Bike Law Summary & Advocating for Biking

    Or another, in Spanish and English: Leyes de ciclismo de CA – Laws for bicyclists in CA (Spanish, English) – Summary

  4. Note any age or other restrictions, and whether there is a cost (most activities and events on this calendar are free).
  5. For the most accurate, up-to-date info, check with the contact person or link provided. 
  6. If no contact person is provided for a MORCA-generated listing (brown),  contact Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA) –; for a VCM-generated listing (amber), contact Velo Club Monterey (VCM) – If no contact person is clear for a Bicycling Monterey listing (green), contact Bicycling Monterey.
  7. Click “more details” on any listing. Hours first visible may be inaccurate, including because of Google calendar format restrictions.
  8. Google auto-generates a map in the “Where” field. That map is often completely irrelevant to the listing! Refer instead to any personalized details provided.
  9. This calendar not only includes bicycling, but also bike-related activities and events. Examples: Ciclovia Salinas (for walking, biking, skating, and other active transportation);  and TAMC meetings of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee.
  10. Additional dates of interest−bike infrastruture and related issues: When Bicycling Monterey is aware that an upcoming local meeting agenda includes an item of particular interest to people who bike, that meeting will usually be listed on this master calendar. To stay best informed, refer to the infrastructure section on Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page, and contact the individuals responsible for notifying the public of public meetings. Ask to get on their email lists.
  11. A key to commonly used acronyms is provided below. To learn much more about the Monterey County bike community, see  Monterey County Bicycling Resources / Bike Community Leaders.
  12. Because the Bicycling Monterey, MORCA, and VCM  calendars are merged as a step in creating this Master Calendar, there may occasionally be a duplicate (e.g., for Sea Otter Classic in April). Any such duplicates will usually offer different details. If you notice conflicting information (e.g., start time), please contact me.
  13. On a Thursday soon after a business or organization joins the HER Helmet Thursdays Project, that new participant will usually be highlighted with a “Welcome” on the calendar. If you see one of those notices, please thank the participant with your patronage and/or a with a note thanking them for helping to build a more bike-friendly county. (To volunteer to invite more participants, contact me.)
Some commonly used acronyms:

How to submit a calendar listing

If you have a bike-related activity or event open to the public that takes place in Monterey County, click here(Alternatively, if you have a Monterey County bike-related Google calendar, as MORCA and VCM do, please contact Bicycling Monterey.

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