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COVID-19 advisories for Monterey County, California and beyond

Información en español – California:

Reliable information resources for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) prevention, testing, treatment, and other information:

State of California:

In addition to following CA guidelines at, see info specific to Monterey County:

Other reliable information resources:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

 World Health Organization (WHO)

As noted in Q&A on Outdoor Recreation, “It’s okay to go outside to go for a walk, to exercise, and participate in healthy activities as long as you maintain a safe physical distance of six feet and gather only with members of your household. You can also participate in activities at outdoor recreational facilities that are allowed to open. Parks may be closed to help slow the spread of the virus. Check with local officials about park closures in your area. Californians should not travel significant distances for recreation and should stay close to home.”—

For FAQS from the California Bicycle Coalition about bicycling safely during the COVID-19 crisis, go to
As CalBike reminds there: “Please follow the advice and orders of your local authorities, no matter what this document [CalBike’s web page] might say.”

If you’d like to refer to archived info in our first coronavirus / COVID-19 post (published March 5, 2020, with some subsequent updates), click here.

Reminder: for the most current info on this topic, refer to the resources in the black-and-gold box above.

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