7. LOCAL BICYCLE SHOPS in Monterey County–and Tips on New and Used Bikes

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This local bike shops section includes:

  1. Complete list, in alphabetical order, of “Local bike shops of Monterey County.” All sell new bikes.  A few have used bikes for sale too. (See part 4 of this web page.) And all do maintenance and repair.
  2. Local bike shops best able to serve Spanish speakers–see ¿Habla usted español? 
  3. Tidbits about Monterey County local bike shops–a sampling to help you get acquainted.
  4. Tips on purchasing new and used bikes.
  5. Bikes for people unable to buy their own.
Looking for…
First, why support local bike shops?
Planning to purchase an e-bike?

1. Local bike shops of Monterey County

As always, check with each one listed for their most up-to-date information.
Þ  Bobcat Bicycles (in Oldtown Salinas, parallel to and one block east of Main; not far from the Amtrak station and downtown Salinas MST bus plaza) – 141 Monterey, Salinas; 831/753-7433.
Þ  Carmel Bicycle (at the mouth of Carmel Valley, just off Class I path; look up for nearby windmill) – 26543 Carmel Rancho Boulevard, Carmel; 831/625-2211.
Þ  CSUMB Otter Cycle Center (in the Student Center on campus); contact via email. (Accessories, parts, repairs; no bike sales.)
Þ Doug Chandler Performance (a.k.a. DC-10) – 517 Abbott, Salinas; 831/422-3270. 
Þ Epicenter Cycling – 230 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey; 831/920-1804. Opened July 2020. (Monterey Bay Region business, with bike stores in Aptos and Santa Cruz too.)
Þ  Marina Cycle & Skate – 214 Reservation Rd, Marina; 831/384-2453. (As of 7/17/19, no website, but on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Marina-Cycle-Skate-396915263778988
Þ Monterey Peninsula Bike Shop, located inside Monterey Peninsula Power Sports – 1020 Auto Center Parkway, Seaside; 831/899-7433. As announced on Instagram on December 9, 2020, this new bike shop is “selling Specialized turbo e-bike and servicing any of your bicycle needs.” sports-center.com
Þ  Peninsula Bike Works – (just off freeway, not far from El Estero Lake, and very near Naval Postgraduate School’s 10th street gate) 1271 10th St, Suite C, Monterey; 831.643.BIKE (2453).
Þ Rooster Wheels & Coffee – opened January 1, 2016 at 3056 Del Monte Blvd, Marina, CA – 831-582-BIKE (2453).
Þ Toro Grind, “Bikes & Coffee,” opened Sept 2, 2019 at 22750 Portola Drive, Salinas, CA. Owner is Steve Benes, founder of the nonprofit Gears 4 Good: http://www.gears4good.org/torogrind/
Þ  Valley Bikes(downtown Salinas) – 64 W. Alisal St, Salinas; 831/422-3453.
Þ   Winning Wheels  – (downtown PG; above Lighthouse Ave, below Pine Ave) – 318 Grand Avenue, Pacific Grove; phone 831/375-4322. (As of 12/2/17, no website, but on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/winningwheelsbike/)
Þ   Work Horse Bicycles – (downtown Monterey, on Griffin Plaza), 486 Washington St., Monterey; 831/375-2144.
Þ  Mad Dogs & Englishmen launched its Carmel-by-the-Sea shop in 2018. In 2019 they announced they were adding an online store and a Marin County shop. As of 2021, their chain includes shops in Mill Valley (Marin County) and Montecito (Santa Barbara County) as well as Carmel and Monterey.
Recently closed Monterey County local bike shops:

Þ Bay Bikes (two Monterey and one Carmel location) closed, with their rental business becoming part of Adventures by the Sea in 2018.

Þ Bear Bikes (in North Salinas) closed July 20, 2018.

Þ Joselyns Bicycles (in Monterey) closed January 2012.

Þ Sports Center Bicycles in Seaside closed in 2019.

Þ Tony’s Bike Shop & Skateboards in Castroville closed in 2015.

2. ¿Habla usted español? Spanish-speaking bike shop professionals

Who are Monterey County’s most fluently bilingual bicycle shop professionals? 
Click here for Bilingual Spanish-English bike shop professionals in Monterey County.

3. Tidbits about some of Monterey County’s local bike shops

Carmel’s first bicycle shop: Carmel Bicycle

Established in 1988, Carmel Bicycle relocated in October 2010 from mid-valley to 26543 Carmel Rancho Boulevard, Carmel. That address is in Carmel Rancho II, next to the Barnyard (look for the windmill), at the mouth of Carmel Valley.

Since March 31, 2018, Carmel has a second bicycle shop: Mad Dogs & Englishmen, on the southwest corner of Ocean Avenue and Mission Street.

Over a Quarter Century: Winning Wheels, Pacific Grove

The Monterey County Weekly’s readers voted Winning Wheels of Pacific Grove “Best Bike Shop of 2012!” http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/archives/2012/0313/winning-wheels/article_22a6a343-94d7-5f51-b479-20c1be6718b2.html and Winning Wheels has been honored with that same award in some other years too.

Stop by and learn why this business of of over a quarter century is such a favorite:  318 Grand Avenue, Pacific Grove; phone 831/375-4322.

 Avid cyclist Patty at Winning Wheels in Pacific Grove

Oldtown Salinas bike shops

Two bike shops — Bobcat Bicycles and Valley Bikes — are located in Oldtown / downtown Salinas.

Bobcat was founded in 1994 by the late Robert “Bobcat” Bradfield. Since November 2019, carrying on his work at the shop are Craig Tucker and other longtime staff of Bobcat Bicycles.

Valley Bikes was founded by Kenny Trammel in 2014. Shop mechanics—in addition to Kenny—include Robby, a popular mechanic from Bear Bikes (now closed). Looking for Valley on West Market Street ? In April 2015, Valley moved to 64 W. Alisal Street.

Below: Bobcat Bicycles

Doug Chandler Performance, Salinas

MO Interview: Catching Up with Racer Doug Chandler tells some history of Doug and Sherry Chandler, and how they support youth and others who bicycle.

Peninsula Bike Works, Monterey

The Monterey County Weekly’s readers said, “Best Bike Shop of 2019!” http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/best/2019/shopping-and-services/best-bike-shop/article_3620afd8-5009-11e9-b639-5b7016282922.html

And Peninsula Bike Works was honored with that same award in 2018: http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/best/2018/shopping-and-services/best-bike-shop/article_4401abac-2e13-11e8-9c27-2b8e363a904f.html

Work Horse Bicycles, Downtown Monterey

A new bike shop opened in 2017, Work Horse Bicycles, but the owner is not new to the local bike community! Work Horse is owned by Frank Pinto, a longtime respected bike community leader. Frank was the owner of Joselyns Bicycles, which closed in January 2012. (Joselyns was voted best bike shop by Monterey County Weekly’s 2011 and 2010 readers polls, e.g., http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/news/cover/readers-recognize-these-heros-for-doing-their-job-smoothly-and/article_3a29c007-6ccc-5b9e-8c91-524bd6ec947e.html)Frank was later a manager for Bay Bikes, which formerly had a shop at this address and repeatedly won the same award, including in 2016 http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/best/2016/shopping-and-services/best-bike-shop/article_0bb1f222-f07e-11e5-b933-ef58f2f1c04c.html. (Local history: also formerly at the Work Horse Bicycles address was the now-closed business Aquarian Bicycles.)

Work Horse Bicycles is located on Monterey’s Griffin Plaza, at 486 Washington Street, which puts this bike shop next door to HER Helmet Thursdays charter participant East Village Coffee Lounge. You’ll often see Velo Club Monterey members among the many people who socialize on this plaza. (Direx tip: Head to the corner of Washington and Pearl. But note that Munras becomes Abrego at Eldorado; and Abrego becomes Washington at Pearl.  If you’re confused about our streets, it’s not you, it’s Old Monterey!)

(My photo above—and the photo below, courtesy of Leo Kodl—are from when this popular bike shop location was Aquarian Bicycles. It later became Bay Bikes, then in July 2017 became Workhorse Bicycles.)

4. Tips on Purchasing

Click here for tips on selecting a bike, tips provided on San Francisco’s 511.org.

4a) New bikes

Investing in a new bicycle from a local shop–where clerks are knowledgeable and can find the right bike for your body and your needs–is first choice.

Check those 511.org tips on selecting a bike, then ask local bike shop staff for more guidance.

If you find yourself with a new bike from a “big box” store, see tips from Ray Hosler–click here, then scroll down to subheading “…bike quality.”  As Ray cautions, in his experience on assembling such a bike for a charity, “These bikes need tuning by a pro….What of the poor person buying this bike and trying to assemble with no experience? It’s a frightening thought.”

4b) Used bikes

If your budget doesn’t permit a new bike, or if you aren’t really sure if you’ll bike much and just want to test out an inexpensive used bike for awhile, what to do?

First, although local bike shops primarily sell new bikes, some also sell used bikes.   It never hurts to ask. Some shops have used bikes in their inventory on on a regular basis. If you’re lucky enough to get a used bike from a local bike shop, you not only save money while buying a quality bike, you also have the well-founded confidence that the bike is in safe operating condition–because a local bike shop mechanic has gone over it!

Next, check with local bike rental stores. For instance, at least one of them typically sells their used bikes in October. Another  scheduled a used bike sale for January. They had purchased the bikes new at wholesale prices, maintained them well throughout their rental life, and are now ready to sell them to prepare for purchasing new ones again for next season. What does this mean to you?  The possibility of finding a sweet deal on a used bike!

Check the “Used Bikes” post for more info.

You may also want to consider Craigslist or yard sales.  However, if you are not mechanically savvy, it’s wise to take a used bike for a safety check-up and maintenance recommendations at a local maintenance/repair shop. Discounted bike safety checks typically happen in April and May, to help celebrate Bike Week/Bike Month. And year-round, simply ask a local bike shop for their best price on safety inspections.

What’s the dollar value of that used bike? You may want to refer to the bicycle blue book.

These tips on “How to buy a great used bicycle” may also be helpful to you.

5. Bikes for people unable to buy their own

Gears 4 Good is a small organization organized on the Monterey Peninsula by Steve Benes, and as resources and time allow, Steve is happy to serve locals throughout Monterey County. For people who cannot afford a bike, Gears 4 Good provides bicycles for transportation to work or school, or simply if driving is not an option for them.

Gears 4 Good is a 501 (3) (c) nonprofit, since March 2013. Please visit http://www.gears4good.com/ and email Steve with your questions if you or someone you know needs help obtaining a bike.

Steve also welcomes people to contact him with offers to help in this philanthropic endeavor.

For related Monterey County opportunities, also see: How to help: Bikes, gear, skills for youth and others without.

In our neighboring Santa Cruz County…

The Bike Church of Santa Cruz helped get the Bike Shack in Watsonville started. Now Bike Shack is able to offer not only a DIY bike repair space and repair/maintenance skill sharing, they’ve also been able to sell affordable bikes–$20 to $100, sliding scale.

Short link to this page: http://bit.ly/BicycleShops