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Bilingual Spanish-English bike shop professionals in Monterey County, and other resources en español

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Esta niña sabe que las tiendas de ciclismo locales gustosamente inflarán sus llantas. Aunque muchos niños son bilingües, sus padres por lo general aprecian la opción de poder hablar en español con los empleados de las tiendas de ciclismo locales.

This little girl knows local bike shops are happy to put air in your tires.  While many children are bilingual, often their parents appreciate being able to talk with Spanish-speaking staff at local bike shops.

¡Bici! ¡Bici!

Monterey County is fortunate to have many excellent locally owned bike shops. Our county also has many residents whose primary language is Spanish (scroll down for details). These locals—along with many of the county’s visitors—appreciate that…

Se habla español. Yes, among local bike shop professionals are some bilingual Spanish-English speakers.

If you are a bilingual child or teen, but your parents speak mostly Spanish, where can your parents go to discuss with a professional the sort of bicycle, accessory, maintenance, or repair that you need? Or if you are any Monterey County resident or visitor who speaks Spanish, where can you chat with a Spanish-speaking bike shop professional about bike sales or repairs, bike rentals, or local bike routes? At a local bike shop

¿Habla usted español?

Who are Monterey County’s most fluently bilingual bike shop professionals? Among them are the following, listed in alphabetical order. This page was published January 7, 2015, and since then some shops formerly listed here have closed.  For any additions, or changes, check with each shop listed below. In addition, contact other local bike shops and ask if they now have Spanish-speaking staff too.

  1. Winning Wheels (no website), 318 Grand Avenue, Pacific Grove; phone 831/375-4322. Ask for owner Hector Chavez (near-fluent).Winning Wheels - front - DSC00163
  2. Work Horse Bicycles, 486 Washington St., Monterey; 831/375-2144. Ask for mechanic  Joshua Flores (fluent).
For more bicycling resources for Spanish speakers (also helpful to the bike, health care, education, law enforcement, and other people who serve them)…

Salinas bike map

Download this PDF, a summary of Leyes de ciclismo de CA – Laws for bicyclists in CA (Spanish, English) – Summary

It was reported in the Monterey County Herald, 5/12/11 that about 55% of local students  speak Spanish as their primary language at home.

See also data for Monterey County at, which indicates about 43.5% reported speaking a language other than English at home.

Thanks to Kera Abraham, Kevin Smith, and the Monterey County Weekly for the chart below, published in the Weekly on 6/9/11.

Chart below © Monterey County Weekly. Used by permission.

Latino-Hispanic demographics Monterey County - 2005-2009 info

For related input from Monterey County shared in the Alliance for Biking & Walking’s 10/22/14 Mutual Aid call, click here, then scroll to 7:55-16:55 in the recording of that call.

Other Languages

For a sampling of bike resources in languages other than Spanish, or English, see Bicycling Monterey’s Other Languages web page. There you’ll find some resources in Arabic, Chinese, Creole, French, German, Italian, Somali, Russian, and more.

The top indigenous languages spoken in Monterey County are Triqui, Mixteco, Zapoteco and Chatino–all native to Oaxaca, México. As of April 6, 2023, we are not aware of any reliable video presentations of CA bike laws or other bicycling info in these languages—although some may be coming soon; we’ve submitted info for Zapoteco interpretation. Please phone Bicycling Monterey for updates.  For a related resource, see  Indigenous Interpreting +.

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This post was published on 7 January 2015. One or more changes last made to this post on 6 April 2023.

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