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Language Resources and Celebrations, plus Guess-Their-Country Game

To play the game, or just view the 20-photo gallery,

scroll down this post to “Guess-Their-Country.” 


Bike-related resources in numerous languages, relevant for anywhere, are available on To access them anytime, click the “Resources / Los Recursos” tab under the Bicycling Monterey banner. Included are:
  1. A variety of other languages, along with some history and resources about love of languages and culture in Monterey County.
  2. Spanish is widely spoken here, so Bicycling Monterey created a large compilation of Spanish resources: Información en español sobre las bicicletas

In addition…

Spanish, for California:
Spanish, for Monterey County:

You may also be interested in a Radio Bilingüe live broadcast from June 20, 2016 of the youth-focused program “Alza Tu Voz / Speak Out.” Co-hosts Felicia Aguilar and Ali Manouchehrizadeh interviewed youth bike advocate Jerry Ramos and Bicycling Monterey founder Mari LynchRadio Bilingüe is referred to as the leading National Latino Public Radio Network.

 Language Celebrations

Monterey County boasts being the Language Capital of the World, a trademarked slogan approved by the U.S. Library of Congress, as reported in the Monterey County Herald. Check out the annual Language Capital of the World Cultural Festival, typically held in the car-free Custom House Plaza, alongside California’s State Historic Landmark #1. (That’s one of many plazas in the City of Monterey; for others, see “Where the Plazas Are in the City of Monterey–and How to Preserve Their Charm.”) For more historic spots, see “Cycling to Monterey County’s History Spots.”

Also popular is the Defense Language Institute’s annual Language Day, for high school students and their chaperones.

International Day happens at the Naval Postgraduate School most years.

* * *

Bicycling Monterey’s


Although most of these visitors to Monterey County speak English, some fluently, they also speak other languages. Mari met all these people biking in Monterey County, between 2009 and 2017. Photos 1-16 were shot by Mari, and photos 17-20 were provided by the people in those photos; respect copyright

You can play this game alone, or invite children, teens, and adults, including elders, to play with you.  Play just for fun, or—if you who enjoy competition—for points: give yourself one point for each country you guess correctly. The maximum number of points you can earn is 20. Feel free to add a comment, perhaps about something you learned from playing the game.

How to play:

1. Guess what country the people in the photos are from.
2. To find the answer, click on their picture. That will take you to a Bicycling Monterey post where you will see them again—in the very same photo—and the name of the country they’re from.

No hurry, this isn’t a timed game. Enjoy!

And if you think it’s hard to guess, you’re right. It’s virtually impossible to tell by looking at someone just what country they are from. We’re all family! Nonetheless, it can be fun to learn where these people who bike are from.

Okay, begin.

1.  What country do you think the girl on the left is from?  ____________________
(The others in this picture are her friends from Santa Cruz County.)
 2. What country do you think the man below is from?  ____________________
3. What country do you think the woman below is from?  ____________________
4. What country do you think man below is from?  ____________________
5. What country do you think all four women in this photo are from?  ____________________ (And by the way, the man in the photo happens to be from another country too, Germany—which is not where these women are from.)

6. What country do you think the couple below is from?  ____________________
7. What country do you think the woman below is from? ____________________
8. What country do you think the daughter and dad below are from?  ____________________
9. What country do you think the couple below is from?  ____________________
10. What country do you think the little girl below is from?  ____________________
11. What country do you think the woman below is from? ____________________

12. What country do you think the trio below is from? ____________________
13. What country do you think the man below is from? ____________________

14. What country do you think the couple below is from?  ____________________
15. With the photo below, you get two chances! These women are from two different countries. Guess either one or both of them correctly to give yourself one point.  What country do you think they are from—
The woman on the left, in navy blue?  ____________________
The woman on the right, in orange?  ____________________
 16. What country do you think the couple below is from? ____________________
 17. What country do you think the woman below is from?  ____________________

18. What country do you think the couple below is from?  ____________________
19. What country do you think the girl below is from? ____________________
20. And last of all, what country do you think the man below is from?  ____________________
PS: I spy 5 HER Helmet Thursdays businesses/organizations that just happened to be visible in the 20 photos above. Can you spot them too? They’re pretty much hiding, so here are some hints, from top to bottom: (1) one of their windows is prominently visible in the photo; (2) you can barely see their building off to the rear on the left; (3) their business name sign is visible; (4) they had a HER Helmet Thursdays poster in their window; and (5) this participant is the only HER Helmet Thursdays participant that has rotating locations. Recognize 1 or all 5 but don’t remember their name? They’ll be among the hundreds in the guide: 10th Anniversary HER Helmet Thursdays Guide – Listings as of 31 Dec 2019

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