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Bike Love: From Holland to Monterey

This happy Dutch trio was heading out the door of the Old Monterey Cafe, where they’d just finished a satisfying breakfast, as I was passing by.  I spotted their rental trailer and bikes, and knowing they were likely visitors–because of the rentals–I greeted them and inquired.

“Yes, we’re from Holland.”

“Ah, Holland!  I suppose you bike a lot at home.”

“Oh, yes!  We bike everywhere at home, so of course, we bike here too.”

Be a bike community ambassador by sharing local biking resources with a visitor. See end of this post.

“Yeah! Shoes off now!”

Heading down Alvarado Street to get on the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail.

Resources for biking in Monterey County

Print some minis or other materials to keep with you, so you can easily help others find these and additional resources.

Tips for Bicycling Monterey County, a 20-section guide, including:

Lodging–including camping–plus showers for day visitors:
HER Helmet Thursdays discounts, for males and females who bike:

Listings of over 200 Monterey County participating locations.   While discounts are on Thursdays only, the listings are still helpful seven days a week!  Why? They are a way to find recommended businesses and organizations, plus most listings including bike-there tips as well.

Bike for Sustainable Seafood

Bike to a Winery

Often of interest to visitors:

Bike to the Beach

Rain, cold temps, and more:  Biking through the seasons

More help from the bike community:

Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources

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