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German Ingenuity: More Than One Way to Travel by Bike

These German visitors, spotted in Moss Landing, aren’t the only Germans I’ve met biking Monterey County. Scroll below their photo to read about some of the many others.

Touring German visitors in Moss Landing (6)


Visitors from Germany, Dieter and Nadja Binz, biked in Monterey, Seaside, and elsewhere in Monterey County during their tour of California by bike.   They caught my eye when approaching me on their bicycle in Seaside, near the bike/multi-use path by Roberts Lake at Canyon del Rey (Highway 218) and Del Monte Avenue.

Check out their photos and see if you don’t agree:  There are some surprising options for how to get around very comfortably by bicycle!

Thanks to Dieter and Nadja for graciously responding to my request by sending along these photos. And thanks to Daniel Grün (see photos of him below) for his generously volunteering to provide this translation.

Vor ein paar Wochen fing mein Blick zwei Besucher aus Deutschland, Dieter und Nadja Binz. Sie näherten sich mir auf ihrem Fahrrad in Seaside, nahe dem Fahrrad / Multi-Use-Weg gegenüber Roberts See bei Canyon del Rey (Highway 218) und Del Monte Avenue.

Sehen Sie sich ihre Fotos an und sehen Sie, ob Sie mir nicht zustimmen: Es gibt einige überraschende Möglichkeiten, wie man sich sehr bequem mit dem Fahrrad fortbewegen kann!

Vielen Dank an Dieter und Nadja für ihre positive Antwort auf meine Anfrage bezüglich dieser Fotos.

See why Dieter and Nadja caught my eye?  There aren’t many travelers with a passenger seat featuring a better view!
Here they are opposite Monterey’s Wharf I on the bike/multi-use path.

Sehen Sie, warum Dieter und Nadja mir ins Auge fielen? Es gibt nicht viele Reisende mit einem Beifahrersitz mit besserem Blick!
Hier sind sie gegenüber Monterey’s Wharf I auf dem Rad / Multi-Use-Weg.

Take a look at their cool rig!
Werfen Sie einen Blick auf ihr cooles Gefährt!
Nadja at a table overlooking the Monterey Bay opposite Wharf I.
Nadja an einem Tisch mit Blick auf Monterey Bay Wharf I gegenüber.
(Below) “I think I’ll just kick back and sun the one leg today,” Nadja says.  “Whatever it takes, Prinzessin, just want you to enjoy the ride,” Dieter laughs.

Nadja and Dieter on the Pacific Grove stretch of the bike/multi-use path.

That’s Stanford University’s  Hopkins Marine Station at left in background.

(Unten) “Ich denke, ich werde mich einfach zurücklehnen und heute nur ein Bein sonnen”, sagt Nadja. “Was immer du magst, Prinzessin, ich möchte nur, dass du die Fahrt genießst”, lacht Dieter.

Nadja und Dieter auf der Pacific Grove Strecke des Bike / Multi-Use-Weg.

Hopkins Marine Station der Stanford University auf der linken Seite im Hintergrund.

Think they only traveled this way in Monterey County?
Nope!  This adventurous couple biked in Northern California, too.
Nadja near Westport in Mendocino County.

Denken Sie die beiden reisten auf diese Weise nur in Monterey County?
Nein! Diese abenteuerlustige Paar radelte auch in Nordkalifornien.
Nadja in der Nähe von Westport in Mendocino County.

Dieter at Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County.

Dieter in der Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County.

It was just a few weeks back that I met this delightful couple on our local bikeways.  Hope to see them here again in 2011!

* * * * *

The post above was originally published on November 13, 2010. 

1 August 2011 update:  Another visitor from Germany, Daniel Hopp, was in Monterey today, heading next to Big Sur.  We’re so fortunate in Monterey County–we don’t have to travel the world, the world comes to us. It’s such a pleasure to meet these visitors.

Touring cyclists:  An Austrian visitor chats with Daniel Hopp in the Uptown Monterey shopping center.

Another touring cyclist from Germany, at HHT spot East Village Coffee Lounge in Monterey.

Below, the touring German couple pictured here were biking on Highway 1, north of Moss Landing.


For all those touring miles where they are off Class I bike paths and on a road shared with cars, their high-visibility colors stand out well!

 * * * * *

Vielen Dank an Daniel Grün for the German text in the post above.  A native of Germany, Daniel noted the Google Translate text posted earlier, and he kindly volunteered to provide a genuine translation.

Here is Daniel where I met him on the Custom House Plaza in Monterey, just above Wharf I, near the spot where Dieter and Nadja–earlier German visitors–had biked last fall.

While in Monterey County, Daniel rented a bicycle and biked from Monterey to Carmel, via Pebble Beach.  Happy but tired, he made use of the Monterey-Salinas Transit/MST bike-and-ride option for the return trip.

For tips on biking Monterey to Carmel, and back, see story by Jody Brooks, linked in the Where to Bike in Monterey County section of the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide.

Daniel lodged at a HER Helmet Thursdays spot before heading on up to San Francisco, where he will be working for some months.

Meeting Daniel on the bikeways is a big part of what prompted me to start the Bicycling Monterey website:  the joy of chatting with our Monterey County visitors, as described at the beginning of that lodging post.

So to Daniel and all our visitors….


And thank you for adding so much pleasure to the lives of Monterey County residents.

Here are Tips for Bicycling Monterey County, plus year-round Thursday discounts for cyclists (note date restrictions).

See Cycling to Monterey County’s History Spots for tips about the Custom House Plaza and other historic attractions.



Dieter and Nadja Binz – Fall 2010

Daniel Grün, May 2011

Moss Landing cyclists – 4/28/12

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  3. What a great story! I love that they are spending time together, traveling and are clearly having a wonderful time. If that were me and my wife we’d have to have a trailer for the boys behind us! But I’d probably want to figure out a way to harness Sullivan’s epic energy!

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