Date Restrictions

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Date Restrictions

Restricted dates are the federal holidays and local special event weeks listed below.

Some locations are unaffected by some of the special events, so they’re happy to waive a date restriction. It’s fine to phone ahead and ask them. (Some may have so advised their staff, via a staff reference sheet.) Phone numbers are included in the Quick Reference Guide, found on the listings/FAQs page.

Restricted holidays for every year

Federal legal holidays mean Thursday discounts do not apply on:

  • Thanksgiving Day (for example, Thurs, Nov 26, 2020 and Thurs, Nov 25, 2021)

Restricted Thursdays during special event weeks

Monterey County normally has special events throughout the year that impact many businesses and organizations in the various local communities. Normally, the Thursday discount does not apply during the following typically busy weeks. However, many individual establishments are happy to waive the date restriction, because their particular location may not be impacted by that event. It’s fine to phone ahead and ask.

  1. AT&T Pebble Beach Nat’l Pro-Am
  2. California Rodeo Salinas
  3. Carmel Bach Festival
  4. Monterey Car Week / Pebble Beach Automotive Week

What about the annual Sea Otter Classic?

No date restriction! During Sea Otter Classic, a Celebration of Cycling, we wouldn’t dream of restricting the HER Helmet Thursdays discounts. Every year, Opening Day of Sea Otter Classic is a Thursday, and HER Helmet Thursdays discounts apply as usual. 

Lodging – some additional restrictions

In addition to theproject-wide date restrictions listed above,some individual participants in the H/Hotels/lodging category find it necessary to also restrict additional busy periods.  When this is the case, those added restrictions will be specified in the individual participant’s detailed listing.

Property blackout dates

With a very few participants, property blackout dates may apply, when the entire property is scheduled for a private event.  Check any individual listing for a cautionary reference – “Property blackout dates may apply.” Or, since it’s possible that they may have unexpectedly rented the entire property and did not have it noted in their listing, you may wish to phone ahead to ask about a specific date.