How and Where to Get a Lodging Discount

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In Monterey County, BYOBike or rent a bike,

and get a discount on Thursday night lodging!

How and Where to

Get a Lodging Discount

Already know how this works, and ready to make your reservation? Scroll down to “Where do I make a reservation.”
The “H” (Hotel/other lodging) category of H-E-R Helmet Thursdays has special arrangements that differ from the “E” (Educational/entertainment) and “R” (Restaurants) categories.

Lodging businesses need a special option because, let’s face it, only serious cyclists will be likely to arrive at their place of lodging via bicycle! Some do, of course. But for those who don’t, they can still receive a Thursday night lodging discount if they bicycle during their stay.

How?  There are two options:  (1) Rent a bicycle in Monterey County, for one day or longer; or (2) BYOB (bring your own bicycle).

Tip: If you wonder whether bicycles are warmly welcomed, how to keep a bike secure when not in use, or whether the lodging discount is worth the effort of bringing or renting a bicycle, please scroll down to the blue headers below.

Option 1:  Rent a bicycle in Monterey County.

Show a receipt for a one-day (or longer) bicycle rental from any bicycle rental location in Monterey County. The rental can be for all day Thursday, and/or all day Friday (or longer).

  • Refer to the “Bicycle Rentals” section of the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide to locate a rental shop.
  • Tell the bike rental staff that you’ll be staying at a HER Helmet Thursdays lodging property, and you’ll need proof of the bike rental before checking in to your place of lodging on Thursday. Ask the bike rental staff to provide either a copy of the receipt for payment, or (if you pay when you return the bike) a copy of the rental agreement.
  • Not going to the bike rental location until Friday morning? Bike rental staff are happy to work with you, though different rental locations may handle things differently. For example, if you rent the bicycle online, you’ll normally get a receipt via email. If you rent by phone, ask that a receipt be sent promptly via fax or email.
  • If it’s helpful to you to have the bike rental staff also send a copy to the lodging provider, then provide the bike rental staff with the lodging provider’s fax number or email address. Make sure the bike rental place has your full name and phone number, so their staff can record that on the receipt or rental agreement, to prevent any confusion when the lodging provider receives it.
  • When you check in at your hotel or other place of lodging, either provide the necessary document (receipt or rental agreement) or confirm that they have already received it from the bike rental location.
  • As you normally would, keep a copy of your receipt or rental agreement for your own records too.
Option 2:  BYOB – Bring your own bicycle.

BYOB via your vehicle. Arrive with your own bicycle(s) loaded on/in your vehicle.

  • If you bothered to haul a bike, surely you are going to use it here, at least part of the time (we hope a lot).
  • If lodging staff can visually confirm that you brought a bike, the Thursday night discount will be applied, since it is assumed you are committed to biking some while you are here. (Honor system.)
  • Special note: At a few properties, instead of staff visually confirming that you brought your bicycle, their listing may request that you show your bicycle helmet, or pump, at the front desk in order for the discount to be applied.

BYOB – tips to help you BYOB via hotel shuttle or taxi.

  • As mentioned in the “Bike-and-Ride” section of Tips for Bicycling Montereu County, most—probably all—local hotel shuttles and taxis are happy to haul your bicycle, just as they would your luggage. (Many local hotels, and taxicab drivers, have emphasized this to Bicycling Monterey.)
  • As a courtesy, when you call to arrange your pick-up time, alert the lodging provider’s shuttle folks that you’re bringing a bicycle. This will help them to ensure that they have “luggage” space ready for your bike.
  • Note: As demand grows, hopefully shuttles and taxis will add bike racks. For now, many will carry your bike in their luggage compartment. And as suggested in bike-and-ride tips, if you’re traveling by taxi, carrying a bungi cord to help keep a taxi trunk lid “shut” is a good idea.

BYOB – tips for BYOB via bus or train.

Visitors sometimes arrive via Amtrak train or the MST bus, both of which will transport your bicycle. Some visitors use other transit connections. For info on taking your bicycle aboard Amtrak, the MST bus system, or other transit connections, see Bicycling Monterey’s bike-and-ride section.

Bicycles really welcome?

Oh, yes!  Monterey County’s hospitality professionals delight in making sure you feel welcome and have a great time here.  They know that bicycling can add a lot to your fun, relaxation, and being able to have a more personal experience of our local communities.

As an example, requests for bike valet service are more common now, and the valets have stepped right up to their new task.  They handle a Giant or a Specialized with the same efficiency and care as provided a Volkswagen or a Bentley.

What about bike storage?

Whether a small historic inn or a large resort hotel,  Monterey County’s lodging hosts are creative about helping you bike here, including safe storage of your bicycle.  Some lodging providers even have on-site bike storage lockers. A few also have bicycle valet parking.

Just let them know your needs, then count on them to provide secure storage for your bicycle, along with convenient access to your bike when you’re ready to use it.  No worries.  They’ve got you covered! (For additional bike security tips, click here.)

Will it really be worthwhile?

If you wonder whether bringing your bicycle for an overnight trip, or renting one here, is truly worthwhile, check the percentage of discounts offered in Monterey County because you bicycle! (See the complete HER Helmet Thursdays listings.)   Consider the combined discounts you’ll receive for lodging plus the various participating entertainment venues, educational attractions, restaurants, and related places, such as wineries and spas that give discounts because you bike.  Total up the money you’ll save, and you’ll probably decide:  Yes! Let’s take our bikes along or reserve some rentals in Monterey County!

Financial savings not enough to convince you?  Then consider the other reasons outlined in the “Why Bike” section of  Tips for  Bicycling Monterey County.

Okay, I’m in.  Where do I make a reservation?

(Note: HHT refers to HER Helmet Thursdays.)

o   Carmel Mission Inn, Carmel; see their HHT listing details

o   Carmel River Inn, Carmel; see their HHT listing details

o  Coastal Valley Inn (formerly Motel 6 / Artichoke Inn), Castroville; see their HHT listing details

o   Courtyard by Marriott, Salinas; see their HHT listing details

o   Cypress Inn, Carmel;  see their HHT listing details

o   Embassy Suites Monterey Bay, Seaside; see their HHT listing details

o   Forest Lodge, Carmel; see their HHT listing details

o   Hofsas House Hotel, Carmel; see their HHT listing details

o   Hotel Pacific, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Hyatt Regency, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   InterContinental The Clement Monterey, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Jabberwock Inn, Monterey;  see their HHT listing details

o   Lamp Lighter Inn, Carmel; see their HHT listing details

o   Lighthouse Lodge & Cottages, Pacific Grove; see their HHT listing details

o   Los Laureles Lodge, Carmel Valley; see their HHT listing details

o   Monterey Fireside Lodge, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Monterey Hostel, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Monterey Hotel, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o  Monterey Tides, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Old Monterey Inn, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Portola Hotel, Monterey; see their HHT listing details

o   Residence Inn by Marriott, Salinas; see their HHT listing details

o   Sanctuary Beach Resort, Marina; see their HHT listing details

You can also read about the charter participants in “Lodging Providers Show Monterey County Is a Bike-Friendly Place.”

On the HER Helmet Thursdays Listings and FAQs page, you’ll always find the most up-to-date list of all the various categories of places that give discounts to cyclists–including lodging providers, plus educational and entertainment venues, restaurants, wineries, spas, and more.

From the solitude of Sanctuary Beach Resort to the bustling New Monterey neighborhood of the Monterey Hostel, there are lodging options for a variety of  moods, tastes, and budgets.