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From China’s Fujian province to biking in Monterey: Doris Chen, a Steward of the Earth

IMG_0015The vibrant presence and joyful spirit of Doris Chen are visible evidence that biking is beneficial. Hear this native of China’s Fujian province, who visited and worked in Monterey County, tell some other reasons why she bikes…
Yes, saving money and gas and keeping the Earth cleaner are among multiple reasons people choose to ride a bicycle. Being a good steward of the Earth / #EarthStewardship is important to Doris and millions of others.

(In fact another such Millennial was part of the inspiration for my creating the Bicycling Monterey website and projects. Learn more about that young person, Clark Sleeth, here.)

Where did I met Doris? I spotted her at bike-friendly First Presbyterian Church of Monterey earlier this year. Her bike was in the bicycle parking rack by the front entrance to the church sanctuary, since she’d biked to church that morning, so naturally that caught my attention. I’m always curious who’s biking to worship.

Jay and Mark at courtyard rack cropped 10

FPC-Monterey’s Pastor Emeritus Jay Bartow and Pastor Mark Peake

Today Doris and I met up at La Mesa Community Center, Monterey. I’d just picked up my bike from a maintenance shop and was driving, but…
Doris was happily pedaling as usual!
IMG_0025Doris has plenty of company—many other young adults decide to forego using a personal vehicle and instead are relying on bicycling, skating, walking, public transit, and such for transportation.

As the Christian Science Monitor reported January 20, 2016 in “Why are Millennials forgoing driving,” a study released that month by the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan  “indicates that Millennials are increasingly choosing to give up cars.”

Of course, Millenials aren’t alone. Bicycling is skyrocketing among people age 60-79; see “Why stop now” to learn more.

Are you a college student or other young adult in Monterey County? Click here for tips.

And if you see Doris on the bikeways,

say hi, and thank her for helping to keep this beautiful Earth cleaner!

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