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April 22: Earth Day — Bike for Mother Earth, Year-Round!

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Bicycling is helpful to people even if they do not bike. The multiple benefits of bicycling include such things as strengthened communities, boosts to the economy, reduced traffic and parking congestion, and environmental benefits! 
Lizard's Lick Cleanup Monterey
Who’s the perennial pedaler above? That’s veteran Don Williams, photographed by Bicycling Monterey in April 2015, after we spotted him doing double-duty for Mother Earth: reducing carbon emissions by biking, and picking up litter in Monterey. Learn more about Don in stories by Jacquelyn Tualla on KION, “Vietnam Veteran Cleans Up Trash“; and  by Tom Leyde in the Monterey Herald, “Monterey’s clean-up Lizzard.”
The Monterey County Weekly asked Bicycling Monterey’s founder to write an Earth Day story about how the HER Helmet Thursdays project—which celebrated its 9th anniversary in November 2018—got started. Did you miss that April 2010 story? See “Wheel the Earth: HER Helmet Thursdays cuts carbon emissions and costs.”

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Remember: Biking need not be all-or-nothing. Consider bike-and-ride options. Any mile of biking beats a mile of driving!

Another transportation choice that many people are embracing, benefiting the environment and their personal health, is an electric-assist bicycle. See From e-bike snob to “won me over”: Pedaling Monterey County with a boost-on-demand from e-assist.

As mentioned in “From e-bike snob…,” take time to get acquainted with e-bike regulations wherever you ride. Start with Bicycling Monterey’s post

Below: The California State Senate recognizes that among bicycling’s environmental benefits is cleaner air.
Bicycling Monterey’s 10th anniversary is May 1, 2019.  Click here for ways to contribute and FAQs.


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