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Ciclovía Salinas Acknowledgements: Sponsors, Volunteers, Publicists, and More

Below, see the many collaborators who helped launch Ciclovía Salinas.

For history and future Ciclovía Salinas dates, refer to

The first Ciclovía Salinas date was October 6, 2013.

Who made it happen?

Youth Volunteers: The Ciclovía Salinas Planning Committee

The following youth had an ongoing leadership role in this initiative. Ciclovia Salinas has been a tremendous undertaking, giving these core team members an opportunity to develop extraordinary leadership skills.They earned the confidence of sponsors, donors, city leaders, media professionals, volunteers, and others listed below. And they are very grateful for the widespread support they received, including from their peers.

  • Ana Gabriela Ibarra
  • José Eduardo Huerta
  • Maria Cárdenas
  • Natalie Oliver

Ciclovía Salinas Youth Volunteers

Summertime means work as well as play for most youth. And youth serving in Ciclovia Salinas summer internships were volunteers who worked lots and lots of hours to make this event happen. Summer youth interns included:

Ana Maciel

Ariana Granados

Gaby Manzo

Javier Cardenas

Luis Manzo

Manuel Guadalupe Ontiveros

Maritza Cardenas

Miguel Alcalá

Reyna Alcalá

Ruben Gonzalez

Additional hard-working youth volunteers included:

Camilo Vega

Fernanda Ocana

Maria Molinero

Mirna Cuentas

Noemi Mandujano


Ciclovía Salinas benefited greatly from the following planning collaborators:

At the end of these acknowledgements, the Planning Committee has provided a “Special Thanks” section.

To offer additions or corrections to the names listed on this page, please phone (831) 375-6278.  Or email the Ciclovía Salinas Planning Committee cicloví or phone them c/o Andrea Manzo at Building Healthy Communities-East Alisal (831) 717-1384.

  • The Ciclovía Salinas inaugural event, October 6, 2013, was fun because of the people who came to walk, bike, rollerblade, skateboard, run, jog, dance, and otherwise play along the route, as well as participating in zumba classes and more. All ages and abilities were represented, and much of the joy was watching Salinas residents and visitors enjoying Monterey County’s first Open Streets in so many different ways. Below are links to three galleries of 10/6 photos.
  • Ciclovía Salinas relies on volunteers for many tasks, including as volunteer publicists to spread the news. Boost the efforts of local media professionals by being a volunteer publicist yourself: Spread the good news that Monterey County now has Open Streets, Ciclovía Salinas dates.
  • The next date will be in 2014 and has not yet been set. It will be posted on Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page.
  • Keep in touch with Ciclovía Salinas dates by getting on the CS email list, or if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, by following them. See that contact info at end of this page.
And now, here are the names of the many others who helped make the inaugural date possible:

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Champions (Presenting Sponsors)

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Sponsors

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Fiscal Sponsors

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Wellness Coach

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Fitness Fan

Donors: Ciclovía Salinas Community Supporters

Donors: Go Fund Me

As Arvin Temkar of the Monterey County Weekly reported on July 24, 2013, the committee used crowd funding to help cover some costs of the event.  The current goal for remaining expenses is just $500, and the first donors, listed below, have kicked in $300. Click here to visit the Go Fund Me page and contribute any amount you can.

  • Anonymous Donors
  • Fine Wordworking
  • Jane Pacheco
  • Patricia Rodrigues

Donated Services: Artist/Graphic Designer

José Eduardo Huerta

Eduardo created the Ciclovía Salinas logo and other art work, including designing the posters from start to finish. Even after it was necessary for him to leave East Salinas for grad school in New York, Eduardo’s dedication to Ciclovía Salinas continued.  He squeezed out time from his studies to carry the Ciclovía Salinas event posters to the finish line.

Donated Services: Translation of Ciclovía Salinas Etiquette

Martin Parra

Martin translated an English version of the etiquette into Spanish. The etiquette helped both English and Spanish speakers attending get Ciclovia Salinas in a positive groove right from the start.  Please spread the word and share the etiquette with others for future events. Muchas gracias!

Salinas City Officials

You know those traffic control plans and uniformed officers at specific intersections? Did you see the detour signs about Ciclovia Salinas, like the one pictured in Signs of a Bicycling Friendly Monterey County?

All those things, and so much more, that help make Ciclovía Salinas safe and successful don’t happen by magic. They are the work of the City of Salinas, in partnership with the youth leadership of Ciclovia Salinas!

To learn more about how these City of Salinas leaders helped make Ciclovía Salinas possible, click here.

Ciclovia Salinas was further boosted by the vote of a unanimous Salinas City Council, presided over by Mayor Joe Gunter.  Council Members are:

  • José Castañeda, District 1
  • Tony Barrera, District 2
  • Steve McShane, District 3
  • Gloria De La Rosa, District 4
  • Kimbley Craig, District 5
  • Jyl Lutes, District 6

Salinas Youth and City Officials: New partners in tourism,”

Salinas Californian, 18 October 2013, page 2A.

Salinas Business Associations

Especially appreciated are the businesses directly affected by the Ciclovia Salinas route. Some have already been positively impacted, and others have reported reduced sales on 10/6/13.   The notes below offer ways of working together–whether an attendee, a volunteer, or a business owner–toward the goal of ensuring that Ciclovia Salinas dates are a win for all Salinas businesses.

Besides the warm, friendly feeling of Open Streets, what else makes Ciclovía Salinas welcoming for visitors and locals? The graciousness of Salinas businesses owners, and the fun of being able to so easily walk or bike to shops, restaurants, and other businesses!

Please understand, though, that businesses are adjusting to something new that affects their neighborhoods. The Ciclovía Salinas committee recognizes that as Open Streets reoccur, they provide increasing benefits of many kinds, including economic benefits to neighborhood businesses. Nevertheless, during the hours of Ciclovia Salinas set-up, event activities, and clean-up, businesses along the route find it necessary to adapt. Their customers traveling by motor vehicles cannot reach them in the manner they’re used to. 

There are resources such as the following, to help businesses make the most of Open Streets dates:

Please help ensure that on Ciclovía Salinas dates, businesses along the route get lots of new and repeat customers, reaching them by people-powered transportation!

You might start with the members and friends of these Salinas business associations.

  1. Oldtown Salinas Association  Among ways  OSA helped members and customers get ready for Ciclovia Salinas was by sharing the news on the OSA website and by passing out mini-fliers in walkabouts.  Special thanks to Steve Macias for facilitating this outreach.
  2. Salinas United Business Association About half of the East Salinas businesses represented at the 10/8/13 City Council meeting offered very positive comments.  In addition, regular customers of businesses along the route noted the presence of first-time customers who discovered these businesses on 10/6 while attending Ciclovia Salinas!  On the other hand, roughly half of the businesses speaking up at the 10/8 City Council meeting were not pleased, because some reported experiencing up to a 40% decrease in business. Special thanks to Jose Martinez-Saldana for conveying the concerns of some SUBA members.
  3. Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce– Special thanks to  Chamber members  McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply and  Pedali Alpini, Inc. for being Ciclovia Salinas donors.

Frank Yohannan, Sea Otter Classic

Read what Frank Yohannan has to say about Ciclovia Salinas in the Salinas Californian: Salinas youth and city officials: new partners in tourism.

Yohannan is co-founder and CEO of Sea Otter Classic, now in its 24th year and bringing in an estimated $20 million annually to Monterey County’s economy. He knows that growing awareness of the importance of physical activity not only benefits personal and public health but can also help create a healthier local economy!

Local Nonprofit Staff Members Providing Support

  • Andrea Manzo, Building Healthy Communities-East Salinas
  • Andy Cook of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County
  • Annabelle Rodriguez, Action Council
  • Carmen Gil, Building Healthy Communities-East Salinas
  • Erica Padilla-Chavez, Monterey County Health Department

Volunteers: Barricade Volunteer Recruiters

Police-trained barricade volunteers, required by law, were essential to making Ciclovia Salinas possible. Learn more here, and see pictures from the September and October trainings. The folks below took an especially active role in recruiting barricade volunteers.

  • Andrea Manzo, Building Healthy Communities
  • Gregg Brady
  • Irma Guerrero, Monterey County Health Department, King City office
  • Kelly McMillin, Chief of Police, City of Salinas
  • Lorenzo Holquist, Watsonville Bike Shack
  • Mari Lynch
  • Natalie Oliver
  • Vera Noghera, Velo Club Monterey

The barricade volunteers themselves—numbering more than one hundred—are listed later on this web page.

Donated Services: Barricades

There were more streets to close than the City of Salinas had ever needed barricades for! Thanks to Don Chapin Company for loaning extra barricades.

Donated Services: Event Activity Providers

  • Community groups tabling along the route (for names, please email )
  •   Green Pedal Couriers, free valet parking station and complimentary minor bicycle maintenance
  •   Zumba and other fitness or dance instruction (for names, please email )
Acknowledgements continue below photos!

Green Pedal at Oct 6 2013 CS - photo by Jan Valencia

Green Pedal Couriers, pictured here, provided a free valet parking station which accepted strollers, joggers, wagons, and more as well, and also provided complimentary minor bicycle maintenance! Photo courtesy of Jan Valencia, Velo Club Monterey’s Answer Man and one of the more than hundred barricade volunteers who helped ensure the safety of walkers, bikers, runners, skateboarders, rollerbladers, dancers, and others on the route.

Donated Services: Performing Artists

For names of musical and other performing artists, please email

Photo below courtesy of Jan Valencia of Velo Club Monterey.

Image preview

Publicity: Photographers

Publicity: Local Media

Publicity: Blogs

Donated Services: Publicity

Monterey County Local Bike Shop Support

For many children and adults who do not live near Class I bikeways (a place to bike not shared with motor vehicles, such as the bike path at Natividad Creek Park, or the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail), Ciclovia Salinas was their first time to bike without concern about cars. That’s one of the many great reasons that some Monterey County local bike shops  squeezed out time in a busy season to actively support Ciclovia Salinas.  Here are examples:

  1. Saul Soto of Tony’s Bike Shop, Castroville served as a barricade volunteer.
  2. Sherry and Doug Chandler of DC-10 / Doug Chandler Performance, Salinas served as barricade volunteers and also reached out for more volunteers.
  3. Spreading the news via posters in their shops were local bike shops including:

Devin Meheen of Bay Bikes also reached out for barricade volunteers.

Publicity: Websites, Calendars, Online Social Media, and More

(To connect with people on Twitter who informally served as  volunteer social media publicists, note their @ names below!)

1.     1 Square Mile @1_sqmile

2.     Acuna Bike @acunabike

3.     Allison Gatlin @Allison_SalNews

4.     Ana Maciel @AadorableAna

5.     Bay Bikes

6.     Bicicleta México ‏@BicicletaMX

7.     Bobby Messenger @needsmascoffee

8.     Branches Resale @SanCarlosResale

9.     California Bicycle Coalition @CalBike

10.                        Celeste White @CelesteW831

11.                        Claudia Pineda Tibbs @CPTibbs

12.                        Community Alliance for Safety and Peace – Future Futuro @FutureFuturo

13.                        Community Foundation for Monterey County @cfmco

14.                        Dulce Fresera @DulceFresera

15.                        Elkhorn Slough Foundation @ElkhornSlough

16.                        Facebook friends of Ciclovía Salinasciclovía.salinas

17.                        Facebook users responding to Ciclovía Salinas Oct 6 event page

18.                        Garland Thompson, Jr. @GTPoet

19.                        Gary Kavanaugh @GaryRidesBikes

20.                        George Peterson @mbadso

21.                        HER Helmet Thursdays @HERHelmetThurs – and Bicycling Monterey @BikeMonterey

22.                        Jan Valencia, Velo Club Monterey Answer Man @JValen

23.                        Jose Ramirez @StandUpForAlisal

24.                        Karen Kefauver @karenkefauver

25.                        Kathryn Ramirez, President, Salinas Union High School District @kathrynramirez

26.                        Kelly McMillin @Kelly_McMillin

27.                        KION AKA Central Coast News @kionrightnow

28.                         Maddox (Bow Tie Soul) @Madd_Dash

29.                        Mari Lynch @MariLynch

30.                        Maria Bitman @Shop_Loop

31.                        Mary Duan @maryrduan

32.                        Mary Lauran Hall @MaryLauran

33.                        Megan Tolbert

34.                        Melissa Godwin @MrsJimmyG

35.                        Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute @MBARI_News

36.                        Monterey County Health Department

37.                        Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey

38.                        Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey @seemonterey

39.                        Monterey County Rape Crisis @MtryRapeCrisis

40.                        Monterey Peninsula College @MPCMonterey

41.                        Monterey Rape Crisis Center

42.                        Nathan Pierce @Nathan2077

43.                        National Steinbeck Center @SteinbeckCenter

44.                        Open Streets Project @Open_Streets

45.                        Rails to Trails @RailsToTrails

46.                        Rambaud Laurent @LaurentRambaud

47.                        Raul Marin @RaulMN88

48.                        Richard @FasterThanFedex

49.                        Richard La China @RichardLaChina

50.                        Salinas Bike Party @BikeSalinas

51.                        Salinas Neighborhood Council

52.                        San Jose Bike Party @SJBikeParty

53.                        Stewart Barker @funfunrobbie

54.                        Twitter followers of Ciclovía Salinas@CicloviaSalinas

55.                        Vera Noghera, Velo Club Monterey

56.                        White Page Communications @whitepagecomms

57.                        YWCA Monterey @YWCA_Monterey

Donated Supplies: Walk/Bike/Alternative Transportation Advocacy and Safety Materials


Good Neighbors: Additional Inspiration and  Support

Saskia Lucas, Santa Cruz Open Streets

Saskia came to the 9/12/13 Ciclovia Salinas barricade volunteer training to celebrate the second Open Streets location in the Monterey Bay region, Ciclovia Salinas.  Santa Cruz launched its  Open Streets in October 2012. The two neighboring counties’  Open Streets are among the first dozen such locations in all of California.

Santa Cruz Open Streets also spread the word about Ciclovia Salinas via SCOS’s Facebook page:

Volunteers: Barricade Duty

1.      Aaron R.

2.      Aida Lopez

3.      Alan Stumpf

4.      Albine

5.      Alivia Moore

6.      Ana Maria Flores

7.      Ariana Green of  Transportation Agency for  Monterey County

8.      Bobby Nunes

9.      Brad O.

10.  Brenda Jacobo

11.  Carmela Rebancos

12.  Cath Tendler-Valencia of Seaside for Velo Club Monterey

13.  Chris Thompsen

14.  Claudia Melendez Salinas of Monterey County Herald

15.  Cristina Sotelo

16.  Daniel Torres of the Knights of Columbus

17.  David Tucker

18.  Deborah Warcken

19.  Denise

20.  Doug Chandler of DC-10, Salinas

21.  Elizabeth

22.  Elizabeth Murillo

23.  Evelyn

24.  Francis C. “Frank” Jones, Jr.

25.  Frank Henderson of  Hartnell College

26.  Gabriella Luzada

27.  Glenn Cockrell

28.  Gregg Brady of Salinas

29.  Guadalupe Arroyo

30.  Guadalupe Gonzalez

31.  Guadalupe Guzik

32.  Hector Llamas

33.  Ivette Perez

34.  Jacky Luna

35.  James Collins

36.  Jamies

37.  Jan Valencia of Cycle Stop Honda, Salinas, for Velo Club Monterey

38.  Janie Rommel-Eichorn of Big Sur, for Carmel Valley Rotary

39.  Jasmine

40.  Javier Ortega

41.  Jazmin Lopez

42.  Jeff Feldeisen

43.  Jeff Post

44.  Jeff Wriedt of Velo Club Monterey

45.  Jessica Alcantar

46.  Jim Wrona of Velo Club Monterey

47.  Joanna

48.  Joe Joe A.

49.  Joe Santiago of Velo Club Monterey

50.  Joel Hernandez Laguna of Poder Popular, Center for Community Advocacy

51.  John Lukasko

52.  Jose

53.  Jovani Castro

54.  Juvencio Flores

55.  Keith Vandevere of Velo Club Monterey

56.  Kelly Dameschen

57.  Khanh Nguyen

58.  Kitcia Aguilar

59.  Larry Dick of Velo Club Monterey

60.  Lilia Caballero

61.  Lorenzo Holquin of Watsonville Bike Shack Cooperative, a project of Bike Church, Santa Cruz

62.  Louis P. Romero

63.  Luis

64.  Luis Aguirre

65.  Maritza Delgado

66.  Martha Jimenez

67.  Martin Parra

68.  Mary Ellen Dick of Velo Club Monterey

69.  Matthew Sundt of Velo Club Monterey

70.  Mayra Silva

71.  Melvin Jimenez

72.  Michael Vierra

73.  Miguel

74.  Miguel Caballero

75.  Miguel Lopez

76.  Miguel Padilla

77.  Ms. Silva

78.  Paul

79.  Paul Ramirez, Salinas bike commuter, for Watsonville Bike Shack

80.  Pavel Morales

81.  Peter Eichorn of Big Sur for Carmel Valley Rotary

82.  Petey P.

83.  Phil Yenovikian of Velo Club Monterey

84.  Rafael Ramirez

85.  Raul Ramirez

86.  Rebecca Causey

87.  Rich Schwarz

88.  Rigo Alcantar

89.  Rob Garcia for Salinas Bike Party and Knights of Columbus

90.  Robert Gil

91.  Robin Harness of Velo Club Monterey

92.  Rocio Gil

93.  Ron Yara of Velo Club Monterey

94.  Rosie Begar

95.  Ruben Ramirez

96.  Ruth Mora

97.  Sal Lau for Watsonville Bike Shack

98.  Saul Soto of Tony’s Bike Shop, Castroville

99.  Sergio Arredondo for Watsonville Bike Shack

100.                      Sergio Jimenez

101.                      Shayne Flynn

102.                      Sherry Chandler of DC-10, Salinas

103.                      Skip Latham of Velo Club Monterey and Sea Otter Classic

104.                      Sonya Garcia

105.                      Steve R.

106.                      Susan Ragsdale-Cronin, Del Rey Oaks bike commuter

107.                      Teresa McMillin of Salinas

108.                      Todd  Muck of Transportation Agency for  Monterey County

109.                      Tony Acosta

110.                      Troy  Lyman

111.                      Vera Noghera of Velo Club Monterey

112.                      Yakira


Special Thanks

The Ciclovía Salinas Planning Committee would like to commend and acknowledge those who contributed in the successful implementation of the first Ciclovía in the City of Salinas. We are grateful for their commitment and dedication to the health, wellness, and safety of our community.

In addition to the planning collaborators, sponsors, and donors listed above, and everyone listed on this web page, the committee extends special thanks to:

Radio Bilingue, Mari Lynch Bicycling Monterey, Salinas Bike Party, Salinas United Business Association, Oldtown Salinas Association, Hartnell Students Interested in Medicine Association, Sun Street Centers, Salinas Neighborhood Council, Transportation Agency for Monterey County, Monterey Off Road Cycling Association, Los Olivos Riker Neighborhood Association, Highway 68 Hillbillies, Samz School of Rock, The Infirmities, Disturbing the Peace, MILPA, Supervisor Armenta and Staff, CSUMB Sigma Omega Nu, CSUMB Nu Alpha Kappa, Victory Outreach, Miriam Gomez, Jesus Gomez, Claudia Santiago, Erika Clouse, Ana Saldaña, Berenice Regalado, Linda Cristerna, Alisal High School’s Dreams to NYC, Guillermo Gomez, Tre Watkins, Green Pedal Couriers, Acto Norteño and all of our amazing volunteers!

We would also like to give special thanks to  Andrea Manzo and Carmen Gil of Building Healthy Communities-East Salinas!

For a complete list of acknowledgements….

Names of all youth and adults who volunteered over the past year is still being compiled by the Ciclovia Salinas Planning Committee.To receive the final list of acknowledgements, please contact; or phone Ciclovia Salinas c/o Andrea Manzo at Building Healthy Communities-East Alisal (831) 717-1384.

Every person who has helped is much appreciated, and the Ciclovía Salinas Committee would love to share their names with you.

Viva Ciclovía Salinas!

 * * * * *

Learn more about Ciclovia Salinas

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