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Fun & Free: Ciclovía Salinas on Rejuvenating Healthy Communities

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Guest post by Natalie Oliver

Pictured below, at far right, is Natalie at an Intergenerational Ride lunch stop alongside the Custom House Plaza, Monterey.


Natalie at far right on Intergenerational Ride 2013

Biking along the coast with friends on a beautiful sunny day?? What more could one ask for! The Intergenerational Ride was a fun-filled day that allowed for all ages to ride together.

Meeting new people and networking was the most rewarding for me.  As a Ciclovía Salinas representative, it was a great opportunity to outreach to the biking community and get the feel of a “social bike ride.”  During the route I was able to connect with different families and bike groups who had never heard of Ciclovía–but who are now interested in participating. 

Ciclovia Salinas logo

I believe we need more events like the Intergenerational Ride for two reasons: First, exercising as a group is encouraging and builds a platform for healthier habits; secondly, socializing as a community through fun, free events like this rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. 

Community development is important to us at Ciclovía and we look forward to seeing our new bike family there! 

Thank you again to Salinas Bike Party, Mari Lynch and Bicycling Monterey, and all who attended the Intergenerational Ride!

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Print mini-fliers to pass out to others. Download here:  Ciclovia Salinas Oct 6 2013 – 4-to-a-page mini fliers

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