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Ciclovía Salinas Resources: Etiquette, Poster, Route, and More – Spread the News!

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There you’ll find current Ciclovía Salinas contact info; resources, including—in English y en español—the Ciclovía Salinas etiquette; a summary about Ciclovía Salinas (who, what, when, where); how it happens (volunteer opportunities); and history, including photo galleries and links to the inaugural year acknowledgements plus all other Ciclovía Salinas posts on the Bicycling Monterey website. See you at the next Ciclovía Salinas!

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(Info below was for the inaugural date, Oct 6, 2013, although much of it is relevant for subsequent years as well.)

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Oct 6 2013 CS banner orange

Below are Ciclovía Salinas resources.

Share them with others!

  1. Invitation for Monterey County visitors and residents
  2. Etiquette/ laws, in Spanish and English
  3. Route description; also, map of activities and route landmarks, including free valet service
  4. Traffic Control Plan/detour map–plus tips for visitors and locals on transportation options for getting to the route  (including Salinas bike map, MST bus tips, and more)
  5. Avatars for your social media or other use
  6. Poster, and tips for sharing it; plus mini fliers
  7. How to help–including volunteer opportunities, donations, and more
  8. How to contact the Ciclovía Salinas committee, and where to find Ciclovía Salinas online
  9. Learn more about Ciclovía Salinas

 Boosted by a unanimous vote of the Salinas City Council, a Monterey County dream comes to life on Sunday, October 6th. People of all ages and abilities who walk, jog, skate, roll in a wheelchair, ride a bike, or otherwise want to be outdoors in a safe, healthy environment are invited. You’ll find everyone from tourists seeking an exciting new experience to “the kids next door” to government officials.

Why? Because a youth-led initiative has resulted in  this  historic day for  Monterey County–our county’s first Open Streets–1.6 miles of Ciclovía Salinas fun! Tell others: Ciclovia Salinas Oct 6 2013 – 4-to-a-page mini fliers

1. Invitation for Monterey County visitors and residents

Many locals have long been marking their calendars for October 6th. And the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey blog encourages tourists to attend Ciclovia Salinas as well!

One easy way to invite relatives, friends, neighbors, business associates, and others is by sharing the following link:

2. Prepare for Oct 6!

Get familiar with Ciclovía Salinas etiquette/laws:

3. What’s the route?

See it on the poster below.

Here’s a description:

  • The route is 1.6 miles of Alisal Street, between Salinas Street in Oldtown (downtown) and Sanborn Road in East Salinas/Alisal.  (Salinas Street and Sanborn will be open to motor vehicles. )
  • Along the route, a very few intersections will be open to motor vehicles, with uniformed officers directing traffic. All other intersections will be closed to vehicles, with barricades staffed by police-trained adult volunteers.

The Ciclovia Salinas route is not intended only for walking, biking, skating, etc. up and down the street. It also allows you to use that people-powered travel to reach neighborhood businesses on the route, or to get to the various Ciclovia activities offered, such as baile folklorico dance class, zumba, plyometrics class, crossfit activities, hula hoop game, soccer clinic, football game, and more.

Map of activities and Ciclovia route landmarks, including free valet

Note the bicycle valet parking station. This free service will not only accommodate bicycles and bike trailers but also strollers, joggers, wagons, etc. The bike valets are happy to keep such items secure while you pop in to shop or dine at East Salinas or Oldtown neighborhood businesses, or participate in other Ciclovia  activities.  (Remember to support local businesses throughout Salinas before or after Ciclovia hours too!)

Click on image to enlarge.

PARTICIPANTS Ciclovia Map with Activities

4. Traffic Control Plan/detour map

Need tips on driving to the Ciclovía Salinas route, or to navigate your way around it if needed?  Ciclovia Salinas event hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Additional closure to motor vehicles is required during set-up hours  (7 a.m. – 10 a.m.) and clean-up hours. How long will clean-up hours be? The most eastern section of the Ciclovia Salinas route may possibly be re-opened to motor vehicles as early as 2:30 p.m.; however, all of Alisal Street is scheduled to re-open no later than 4 p.m.

Download the City of Salinas Traffic Control Plan /detour map for October 6th right here:

Traffic Control Plan – Ciclovia 2013

Transportation options for getting to the route

You may wish to help reduce traffic and parking congestion in surrounding neighborhoods by carpooling, taking public transportation, bike-and-riding, or biking all the way. Some hotel shuttles, including on the Monterey Peninsula, may be offering their registered guests a ride to Ciclovía Salinas.

BIKE: People who will bike to the route may want to refer to City of Salinas Bicycle Facilities Map, a downloadable pdf, 12.59 MB, in – English and Español. (More tips on biking Salinas here.) If you’re taking your bike aboard an MST bus, if bike racks are full, MST policy is that a bicycle can usually be taken inside an MST bus, with some restrictions (see MST section of bike-and-ride tips). However, keep a tight hold on your bike inside the bus and be sure to keep it out of the aisle. Thank you!

TRAIN: Many San Francisco Bay area visitors love taking the Amtrak train to Salinas to visit the National Steinbeck Center (open 7 days a week, til 5 p.m.). And the Amtrak is near both Steinbeck Center and the Ciclovía Salinas route! 

Amtrak is among Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) options for Transit Connections, as are Greyhound and other counties’ transit providers.

BUS: Monterey-Salinas Transit Tips include tips for people taking their bike aboard an MST bus. For lots of additional bike-and-ride tips for people using MST or other transportation options, click here.

Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) buses have many stops near the Ciclovía Salinas route. If coming from outside Monterey County, check out MST’s Transit Connections. These can be helpful to people coming from the following and other areas.

  • Santa Cruz County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo
  • San Mateo County and San Francisco
  • East Bay and Sacramento

Learn more

5. Avatars for social media, websites, etc.

On Facebook, Twitter, or other social media?

  • Through Oct 6, make any of the images in this post your own profile photo/avatar or banner, to help spread the buzz about Ciclovía Salinas.
  • You may also use it on websites, perhaps linking to this page or to the Ciclovía Salinas Facebook page.

Oct 6 2013 Ciclovia Salinas banner with hrs

6. Poster, and tips for sharing it; plus mini fliers

Please  freely share both the avatar (above) and poster image (below). No copyright permission needed.  Special thanks to poster artist José Eduardo Huerta.

Besides sharing the poster, print mini-fliers to pass out to others. Download here:  Ciclovia Salinas Oct 6 2013 – 4-to-a-page mini fliers

  1. Copy the poster displayed below, a jpg image, to paste into websites. (How to copy? Right click on the image, then click “copy image.” Then go to where you want to paste it in, right click again, and “paste image.” Done!)
  2. Or, save the poster to email to people you correspond with. (How to save? Right click on the image above, then click “save image as,” and save that jpg image to your computer. As you write to relatives, friends, business associates, and others, tell them about Ciclovia Salinas, and attach that jpg file to your email.)
  3. Or, copy and share the poster URL for Twitter,  Facebook, or for other electronic uses. (How? Click on the image above. See the URL that displays up top in your browser window?  Copy and share that URL:×17-5.jpg ). If you prefer, you may instead share this shortened URL or “short link,” which brings people to this webpage:
  4. Or, to obtain printed posters A limited quantity of printed posters is available, so call ahead 831-717-1384 to indicate how many you’d like to pick up at the Building Health Communities office, 606 Williams Road, Salinas.
  5. Or, download a PDF, optimized for web and email: CS-Community Poster
  6. Or, download a PDF in best quality for printing, and print posters yourself. Download here:

 CS-Community Poster 11×17 (5).pdf

Click on the poster image to enlarge it, for viewing details.

CS-Community Poster 11x17 (5)

Volunteer José Eduardo Huerta, an East Salinas resident,  contributed many hours to Ciclovía Salinas–including designing the logo, poster, avatar, etc.–before heading to Binghamton University for his grad school studies Muchas gracias!

7. How to help–including volunteer opportunities, donations, and more

Want more ways to get the word out or otherwise help? See “10 Ways to Be Part of the Fun.”  Among the variety of ideas there are ways to make donations to Ciclovía Salinas.

Already know you want to volunteer? Email the Ciclovía Salinas Committee: or phone Andrea Manzo at Building Healthy Communities, 831-717-1384
  • Youth can earn their community service hours by volunteering with Ciclovía Salinas.
  • Adults can volunteer in many ways too. One option is to serve as a barricade volunteer (must be 18, and must attend training early the day of the event if you missed a previous training). See Barricade Volunteer Training for Ciclovía Salinas.

8. How to contact

the Ciclovía Salinas Committee

and where to find them online

9. Learn more about Ciclovia Salinas

Related post at the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau / See Monterey blog,

Guest Blog: Ciclovía Salinas, Monterey County’s Open Streets – October 6, 2013 Short link:

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 For photos of the inaugural Ciclovia Salinas, October 6, 2013…

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