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2nd Annual Intergenerational Ride (2013)

Information below is from the 2nd Annual Intergenerational Ride, May 11, 2013. Thanks to all who participated to make the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 rides safe and fun. No ride is scheduled for 2016.

  • 4th Annual / May 9, 2015 ride, click here.
  • 3rd Annual / May 10, 2014 ride, click here.
  • 2nd Annual / May 11, 2013, see below.
  • 1st Annual / May 12, 2012, click here.

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Special thanks to Peter Mounteer, writer, and Marge Ann Jameson, publisher of Cedar Street Times, for Peter’s story, “Intergenerational Bike Ride” (5/3/13, page 15).

Below is a report on the

2nd Annual Intergenerational Ride

These children from Fresno County had just biked over 15 miles from Fort Ord Dunes State Park to Custom House Plaza in Monterey and back. They were strong pedalers with bright smiles, as were the other children who turned out on their own two wheels for the 2013 Intergenerational Ride.

Intergenerational?  Shared by all ages!

A total of more than 44 people–from babies to grey-haired elders–gathered for this event.

Last in from Custom House Plaza - 5-11-13

At far right is certified mechanic Chris Paruolo from Bay Bikes, this year’s complimentary mobile mechanic. Chris’s wrench wizardry and kind manner saved the day for another child, whose pedal came off during the ride. After brief tears, the child watched as Chris pulled tools from the hefty mechanic’s bag he carried, then quickly had the child’s bike ready to roll. No stopping that young pedaler!

Those pictured above were among the many children and adults who biked to Custom House Plaza on the Intergenerational Ride. These in the photo had lingered longest at Fort Ord Dunes after the riding had ended. Too much fun! It’s hard to leave!

Above, seated at foreground: the mom from Clovis in Fresno County and her daughter; Natalie Oliver of Monterey and Eduardo Huerta of Salinas, both volunteers serving on the Ciclovia Salinas committee. Behind these, the son and the nephew of the Clovis couple, the dad/uncle (who was delighted by his wife’s suggestion for the day); and Chris Paruolo of Bay Bikes.


Little ones in trailers and other rigs rode with their parents too, including the children of former Seaside Mayor Felix Bachofner and Sat Bachofner. No bike-and-ride for the Bachofners (pictured above) on 5/11. They’d pedaled the kids from Seaside to the Intergenerational Ride’s departure point at Fort Ord Dunes State Park, and in this photo were about to reach the ride destination point, Custom House Plaza in Monterey.

Among other families with children attending the 5/11 ride were South Salinas kids wearing Monterey Park Cycling t-shirts! Were they from Monterey Park in Los Angeles County? No, these kids were in their home county! Click here to read about the bike club formed in the South Salinas neighborhood of Monterey Park, thanks to the principal and another educator at this Salinas City Elementary School.

Part of the reason that people had a fun, problem-free day was because of the support for the Intergenerational Ride shown by so many Monterey County bike community leaders.

Photo below provided by Steve Benes, Gears 4 Good.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Pictured above are some of these leaders–in this case, spandex-clad heroes shown here escorting some children and others in the brief stretch of the day’s ride that was Class III–a road shared with cars that has no bike lane. (This is the Sand City area mentioned in the ride announcement below.)

At the lead above is Roy Pina of Shoreline Outdoors, Shoreline Community Church. At rear (in white jacket) is League of American Bicyclists certified instructor Frank Henderson. Alongside Frank–directly in front of the car–is one of the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club team members (blue and gold jersey), with another NPS team member in the opposite lane, facing the intersection, on vigilance duty. NPSCC’s Rich Buaya, Jimmy Mastrom, and Barcley Stamey took on this Saturday duty on behalf of their team, which is consistently quick to respond to local cycling community needs.

As well as providing careful watch on this stretch, these strong, experienced riders–who also included Vera Noghera and Randy Naylor of Velo Club Monterey and Steve Benes of Gears4Good–graciously circled back and forth on the day’s route numerous times, as did Chris Paruolo of Bay Bikes.  Why? They were all checking to see if anyone wanted assistance, or just a dose of caring cheer. (Thanks to Gears4Good for the photo above that helps show the heart of these “hard-core” cyclists. And for my note further describing the presence of our spandex-clad heroes (in this case, the NPSCC cyclists),  click here, then scroll down to my comment.

Contributing special pizzazz to the day were more bike community leaders: the mover-and-shaker who got Salinas Bike Party-a courteous social bike run rolling, plus a quintet of volunteers from Ciclovia Salinas Committee. The zest of these 20- and 30-somethings bridged the gap from the infants to wise elders, all celebrating together their unity as part of Monterey County’s bike community.

It was especially nice to have visitors joining residents on this year’s Intergenerational Ride. Watch the Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources in Monterey County page at Bicycling Monterey for the exact date of May 2014’s 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride (planned for Saturday of Monterey County Bike Week), then mark your calendars. Come celebrate with people of all ages biking the beautiful Monterey Bay Coastal Trail!

For more post-ride notes, click here for related comment below.

Additional appreciation goes to all of the above bike community leaders for sharing news of this event with others, and likewise, thank you to each of the following for spreading the word:
  • Peter Mounteer, writer, and Marge Ann Jameson, publisher of Cedar Street Times, for Peter’s story, “Intergenerational Bike Ride” (5/3/13, page 15)
  • Allyson Thommen of the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau – “This Weekend’s Top Events” (5/8/13) at
  • Rachel Zentz of the Salinas Californian –  “Education Digest” (4/15/13) and “Events Calendar”
  • Elaine Cole, Carol Ferrantelli, and Jackie DeHoff of First Presbyterian Church of Monterey (event co-host)
  • Fine Wordworking (event co-host)

* * * * *

The below was first published 3/24/13.

Saturday, May 11, 2013 – InterGen Ride

The Intergenerational Bike Ride is for visitors and locals of all ages. All experience levels and types of bicycles are welcome. This is a recreational ride, not a race. If they wish, riders may be grouped with others according to desired pace and destination. Read on for more about that, as well as what to bring and other details.

This fun event will begin at 10 a.m. at the parking lot of Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Directions below.

In support of the Monterey Bay region’s Tri-County Bike Week/Bike Month celebrations, as with the first Intergenerational Ride in 2012, this free event is co-hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Monterey and Fine Wordworking. (Looking for more Monterey County Bike Week / Bike Month activities? Click here.)

Download a flier and share the news: Intergenerational Ride 2013

Got flat? No worries!

A complimentary mobile bike mechanic will accompany riders from the departure point to Custom House Plaza and back. Free of charge, the mechanic will attend to anyone traveling with that group who might require assistance with a flat tire, tangled chain, or other unexpected need for minor, on-the-spot maintenance.

This free service is being provided by a certified mechanic courtesy of Bay Bikes, a locally owned business with three shop locations: Carmel, downtown Monterey, and Cannery Row.

Below: Part of the 5/11/13 route

Get to know your bike community

Some experienced riders from the Monterey County bike community will be on hand for support.

We’ll gather promptly at 10 a.m., when the folks listed here will each take a couple minutes to introduce themselves. People whose tires need a little last-minute air can get pumped too. We’ll start pedaling no later than 10:30.

Among those already planning to attend are Vera Noghera of Velo Club Monterey; Steve Benes of Gears 4 Good; Roy Pina of Shoreline Outdoors, Shoreline Community Church; riders from Salinas Bike Party-a courteous social bike run; team members from the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club; Natalie Oliver of the Ciclovia Salinas Committee; and Mari Lynch of Bicycling Monterey. (Salinas High Cowboys Racing Mountain Bike Team and Monterey Off Road Cycling Association had schedule conflicts, so please visit their websites to learn more about their activities.)

As we ride, or at lunchtime, these individuals will also be happy to chat with folks more, sharing news of biking activities, events, and clubs.

Have a bike-related flier or card you’d like to share? Anyone is welcome to pass such items around during the intro time (10-10:30), so those who are interested will have the opportunity to take such items home with them.

Safety? Ask an expert

League of American Bicyclists certified instructor Frank Henderson will also be among the riders. Bring your safety questions along to ask of this local expert.

Is the ride suitable for children?

Children supervised by parent or guardian are welcome, and virtually all parents will be delighted by the safety of this route. If you choose to travel that far, note that there’s one very brief section–behind the Sand City shopping centers–where it’s necessary to share the road with cars. (Look for “Tioga” area on bike map.)

Class I, no cars! And out here, not congested with pedestrian traffic either.

The ride departs from a section of Monterey County’s Class I (no motor vehicles) bike/multi-use trail system that is not heavily traveled, yet still includes miles of beautiful coastal views. The ride continues on all Class I bikeway, other than that one exception behind the shopping centers.

And not only will you be biking Class I, the longest stretch of the day’s ride will have three paved lanes:  a striped two-lane path for cyclists, with a separate lane alongside for runners and walkers.

Yes, part of the fabulous Class I path that will be enjoyed by the 5/11/13 InterGen riders.

What if I’m not super fit?

The ride is mostly flat. What about the few gentle hills? Even if you haven’t pedaled uphill in a while, no worries. Some folks will be glad to get off and walk with you as needed. This ride is simply for fun, not competition. The point is to be at ease and enjoy the day on our beautiful bikeways. No matter your fitness level, you are encouraged to come and be supported by a happy community of people on bikes!

Part of the 5/11/13 InterGen ride route.

What kind of bikes?

All non-motorized wheels are welcome. That means all types of bicycles, including beach cruisers, fixies, BMX, road bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents, cargo bikes, trail-a-bikes, and little ones in bike trailers or on mounted bike seats. Click here for California bike laws and safety tips, including share-the-trail etiquette.

People will be riding old clunkers as well as spiffy new bikes, so come with whatever you have. This isn’t a bike fashion show. Just come!

How far will we go? And what about lunch?

Some riders (perhaps young children who need to get home earlier for naps) may ride a shorter distance. Riders are encouraged to travel the pace and distance most comfortable for them.

Have other plans for the afternoon? Feel free to come out at 10 a.m. to say hello, hear the intros, and ride with us a short while.

Many riders will bike to Custom House Plaza, Monterey. (How far is that? From Fort Ord Dunes State Park to Custom House Plaza is about 7.7 miles, or 15.4 miles round-trip.  Google bike directions say that takes about one and a half hours, but we take our time! Allow perhaps 4-5 hours for greeting one another at the start, biking the round-trip, and having lunch–or even longer if we often stop to savor views en route.)  On arrival at Custom House Plaza, folks can visit while enjoying a brown bag lunch on the plaza’s benches in the sunshine or at nearby shaded picnic tables.  Another option is to purchase lunch at one of the many restaurants near the plaza.

Custom House Plaza

What to bring

Dress in layers, and for possible fog or wind. Bring:

  • Your bike, of course! (Need some maintenance first? Click here to find local repair/maintenance help. Don’t have a bike?  Here’s info on Monterey County bike rentals and new/used bikes for sale.)
  • Helmets are required by law for riders under age 18.  (Click here for CA laws, and safety tips.)
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are advisable.
  • Bring your own drinking water.
  • Bring a brown bag lunch for yourself, unless you prefer to purchase your lunch near Custom House Plaza or elsewhere.
  • Bringing a camera? Unless you’ve obtained permission of the individuals in the photos, kindly do not post photos from this ride on Facebook or elsewhere online. The sign-in sheet gives those who welcome having their photos posted a place to indicate that. Thank you.

At the event, please locate the InterGen Sign-In Sheet and enter your name and city or county of residence.

Everyone participates at their own risk

No first aid or medical support will be provided.

Rain or high winds cancel event

Check @NWSBayArea or another weather source. Phone 831.375.6278 if you are uncertain whether prediction of rain or high winds cancelled the event.

Bike-and-ride tips to reach event

Those not bicycling to reach the event are encouraged to see the bike-and-ride section, which includes tips on taking your bike aboard a Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) bus.  If taking an MST bus to a stop near Fort Ord Dunes (e.g., Divarty and First), refer to MST #16 route map.  You may also wish to reserve a ride with the Marina On-Call MST service. (Just fyi, MST plans service changes after May 25, 2013 so current schedules will not be valid after that date.)

Vera of VCM 12 Nov 2012 2439 (2)


It is possible, although not guaranteed, that some people will gather to carpool from the First Presbyterian Church rear parking lot. Remember to allow space for bicycles on or inside vehicles.

It’s suggested that any carpoolers depart First Pres promptly at 9:30 a.m. so there’s plenty of time to unload bikes and personal items at Fort Ord Dunes.  The church is located at 501 Eldorado, Monterey (up the hill behind Jack in the Box).  Questions? Phone the church office, 373-3031 or Mari Lynch, 375-6278.

Driving direx

Drivers coming from Monterey on Highway 1:

  1. Take Lightfighter exit.
  2. At second light, turn left onto 2nd–you’ll see signs for MIRA, Marina High School, Panetta Institute, District 4 Supervisor, and FT ORD DUNES STATE PARK.
  3. At second stop sign on 2nd, turn left onto Divarty.
  4. Keep following the FT ORD DUNES STATE PARK directional signs.
  5. At first stop sign on Divarty, turn right.
  6. Follow signs to park entrance.

About the departure point

Just off the Fort Ord Dunes State Park parking lot, there are benches with a stunning view of the coast, and a scenic boardwalk with signs about the area’s natural features.

A disabled accessible port-a-potty is located at the north side of the parking lot.

Let’s have all ages represented!

Been a while since you’ve biked, and need some inspiration? For a gallery of elder cyclists, click here.

For “Generations of Cycling,” a Salinas-area family of cyclists, click here.

From the Greatest Generation to Generation AO, come ride May 11, 2013!

About First Presbyterian Church of Monterey

First Presbyterian Church takes the Biblical admonition to be caretakers of the Earth seriously, from the solar panels on its roof to the bicycle rack at its front door. The church, which includes an on-site preschool and an Octoplus group for 80+, is known for strong intergenerational relationships, celebrated with such activities as intergenerational theatre productions and a range of fellowship events.  First Pres was a founder of the Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Project (I-HELP) and continues as a supporter of I-HELP and other projects to meet community needs. Besides traditional and contemporary Sunday services, the church hosts the Monterey Meditation group monthly and conducts Taize prayer services throughout the year. Mark Peake serves as pastor, since 2010. Jay Bartow, pastor from 1974 until his retirement in 2011, is Pastor Emeritus.

For more about the church on this site, including tips on bicycling to First Pres, see “Eco-wisdom of a bike-friendly faith community.”

Jay Bartow, Pastor Emeritus and Mark Peake, Pastor at
About Fine Wordworking

Fine Wordworking was established in Monterey in 1981 by Mari Lynch Dehmler. Fine Wordworking provides writing, editing, and related services for literary, business, and personal projects, including traditional and online publishing. Mari is a collaborator and consultant on a variety of other projects, including public service endeavors. In 2009, as a public service, Mari created the Bicycling Monterey website and also founded HER Helmet Thursdays, an ecology-economy sustainability project that includes hundreds of businesses and organizations giving discounts on Thursdays to males and females who bike.


Come to the 2nd Annual Intergenerational Ride

May 11, 2013


Contact Mari Lynch, 831-375-6278.

 Wonder what last year was like?

Click here for tales from the 2012 Intergenerational Ride.

A lot of people driving on Highway 1, or biking on the old bike path most visible from the freeway…

…don’t realize there is a “bike freeway,” AKA “bike heaven,” just below!

Part of 5/11/13 InterGen ride route. Don’t worry, those downhill swoops help boost you up most of any uphills. 

Yup, pretty nice, eh! Above, you’re looking at bike and pedestrian lanes, no motorized vehicles allowed!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

 InterGen ride, eh? Sounds good.

Sweet! Let’s go.


Thanks to Jan Valencia for this post’s photo of the young riders from Salinas Bike Party-a courteous social bike run (photo that includes girl with the pink and green bike).

* * * * *

To learn more about the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail network, click here.

* * * * *
What about other Monterey County Bike Week 2013 activities?

With regret, the Transportation Agency for Monterey County finds it necessary to scale back Bike Week for 2013. Look for more TAMC Bike Week activities in 2014. For 2013, TAMC will contract with Ecology Action of Santa Cruz to do bike rodeos at up to 8 Monterey County schools. Keep up with TAMC’s Bike Week/Bike Month-related decisions and activities via TAMC’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

* * * * *


This post was published on 15 May 2013. One or more changes last made to this post on 3 April 2019.

  1. marilynch says:

    Mike, no ride map supplied–instead, plenty of ride guides. Directions to departure point (Fort Ord Dunes State Park parking lot) are in the above post. Destination is Custom House Plaza, via the coastal trail.

    For everyone, here’s a report:

    We gathered at 10 a.m. and heard introductions from Bay Bikes, Ciclovia Salinas, Frank Henderson, Gears 4 Good, Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club, Shoreline Outdoors, and Velo Club Monterey, then rolled out at 10:30 a.m. Another bike community leader, Salinas Bike Party, joined us too.

    More than 37 riders gathered at the departure point. Seven more arrived after 10:30 but happily caught up with us en route.

    As with last year, some of the riders decided that going partway to Custom House Plaza worked best for them today. Among those were two little children who were riding the first children’s tandem I’ve personally witnessed on the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. So cute!

    By 2 p.m., the last of the adults and children who’d biked all the way to Custom House Plaza had returned to the original departure point. We’d had time to enjoy a leisurely lunch break at the shaded picnic tables just off the plaza. The plaza had Monterey Bay Springfest Arts & Crafts Faire today, which meant many of the riders who didn’t pack a brown bag lunch found it convenient to buy a tasty lunch at the faire booths.

    The entire intergenerational group made up a fun and enthusiastic body of riders, and we thank everyone for coming out and making that so. Among the riders were many young girls and boys–some in a trailer or other carrier, but many on their own two wheels, and with strong legs!

    Folks came from Clovis (Fresno County), Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Salinas, Sand City, Santa Cruz, Seaside, and unincorporated (rural) Monterey County. Many people said, “We should do this every month, not once a year!” That attests to the beautiful, mostly Class I coastal trail we’re so fortunate to have, as well as to the support of the many Monterey County bike community leaders who volunteered to help with this ride.

    Special thanks to certified mechanic Chris Paruolo from Bay Bikes for his courteous, helpful service (e.g., saving the day for one child whose pedal fell off during the ride, and even loaning a helmet to a child who’d forgotten theirs). An extra measure of gratitude also goes to our spandex-clad heroes cited at the top of this post. (They bring to mind another special time when Monterey County’s helpful spandex riders served as Knights of the Central Coast.) Love our Monterey County bike community!

    We are also grateful for the extra dose of zest that comes from having Salinas Bike Party and Ciclovia Salinas present, keeping Next Gen UP folks inspired by these exciting new ops for biking in Monterey County. And Frank Henderson’s responses to bike safety questions were much appreciated by parents and others alike.

    The 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride is planned for the Saturday of Bike Week in May 2014, and will likely be May 10, 2014. As soon as the date is confirmed (e.g., May 10 versus May 17), it will be posted on Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page (Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources in Monterey County).

    If you attended in 2012 or 2013 and have input about the Intergenerational Ride, or if you have questions, please contact Mari (831.375.6278). Gracias!

  2. Where is the map of the ride?

  3. marilynch says:

    Great, Mike. We’ll look forward to having you.

  4. Green Pedal Couriers and volunteers will also be attending…

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