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First Intergenerational Ride for Bike Week (2012): Tales from the Day

Information below is from the 1st Annual Intergenerational Ride, May 12, 2012. Thanks to all who participated to make the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 rides safe and fun. No ride is scheduled for 2016.

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Below: Report and photos on the
First Intergenerational Ride (2012)
Jerrica and her dad, Darius Rike, know about this local bicyclists’  dream:
Fort Ord Dunes State Park and vicinity bikeways!

The morning started out grey. Then the sun burst through and Monterey Bay was sparkling. So were the eyes of riders participating in the Intergenerational Ride for Monterey County Bike Week. With a bikeway that can’t be beat and scenery hard to top, it doesn’t take much pedaling on the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail before endorphins are pumping and hearts are light.

The youngest riders were one-year-old John, trailer passenger; and four-year-old Lilly, pedaling a trail-a-bike with her dad.  Along with their four parents and three other riders, also on hand were Monterey County bike community leaders Darius Rike, president of Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA); League of American Bicyclists certified instructor Frank Henderson; Rob Cepeda, service manager of Sports Center Bicycles, Seaside; and Mari Lynch.  Rob provided complimentary mobile bike mechanic services for this Bike Week activity’s participants –and for passersby!

L to R: Darius and Jerrica Rike of MORCA; Frank Henderson, League instructor; Rob Cepeda of Sports Center Bicycles; Judy Merritt, and Lizzie, Greg, and little John Storer of First Presbyterian Church of Monterey.


Wanda (Lilly’s mama); Lizzie, Greg, and John Storer; Frank Henderson; Lilly’s papa and Lilly; Sarah Aung; Jerrica Rike; Rob Cepeda; Judy Merritt; and Darius Rike.

Little John (in the blue trailer) and Lilly were quite the troopers.  First they patiently waited while latecomers arrived and introductions were made.  Then they traveled with the group partway before turning around and heading back for lunch and naptime.


Judy and Sarah were glad they’d spotted the Intergenerational Ride in the First Pres newsletter. Sarah’d been wanting to ride this new-to-her stretch of bikeways.  She appreciated riders had a mechanic along, so no need to hesitate about leaving town for new views!

“Yeah, I think I have something in here, Sarah, that will help with that basket rubbing against your tire.”

Riders departed from Fort Ord Dunes State Park and decided to head south.

As we passed the Naval Postgraduate School, we came upon some touring cyclists from Lake Tahoe (you’ll see them up ahead).  We encouraged them to take a little spin out onto Wharf II to enjoy being over the water, and we followed suit, to share the views and chat more with them.  After leaving the wharf….

Stopped to ask this girl where she got her high-vis shirt and learned she’s the granddaughter of concierge Anne Roberts from Portola Hotel, a HER Helmet Thursdays spot!

Frank Henderson suggested lunch at Peter B’s Brewpub before he headed off to another volunteer commitment–his Saturday gig at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We’d suggested Peter B’s to the Lake Tahoe cyclists as one of many fine options in our local bike security “Unique list of places to go,” and that’s where they landed too.  See them at the table to the rear–their bikes loaded with gear, safely within view.

Frank surprised the riders who made it this far by treating them to lunch.

Rob went to pitch in when Frank held him back, “Hey, you changed the flat! I just got to ride and enjoy the views.”

This was mid-way through the 15.5 mile ride for Rob, Sarah, Judy, and Mari. Alas, the children and their parents had gone home for early lunch and naptimes.  Darius and Jerrika had turned back too, to fulfill other commitments for the afternoon.

Rob Cepeda and Frank Henderson at Peter B’s.

Before we departed to pedal back to Fort Ord Dunes, Frank–a member of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee–remarked that the Monterey City Council had decided to allow some form of vehicle traffic through the Custom House Plaza (pictured above).  This was a complete surprise to the other riders–except Mari, who’d attended June 2011 charrettes where this was discussed. Click here to learn more.

As we headed north, we were grateful to have a Class I bike/multi-use path, rather than sharing a road with cars.  Traffic jams along Del Monte Avenue didn’t slow down our pace.

The freedom that comes from biking on a Class I path includes the ease with which a cyclist can stop most anywhere simply to enjoy the views…no worries about a car behind you honking “Get moving, buddy! I’m in a hurry and you’re stopping traffic!”

Wow! What a beautiful day it turned out to be, and what a place to ride!

I’ve often wished there were barricades like this, separating bikes from cars, on every road in America where needed.

Yup, traffic pouring down from the north! But not so on the bikeways!

Judy checks out the signage along the way….

So wonderful to have this less heavily traveled section of the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail–and that pedestrians and bicyclists have equally comfortable lanes, paved and freshly striped.

See that freeway at right, clogged with cars?  And the one to the left? That’s right! It’s a bike and pedestrian freeway–heavenly, eh!

A recreational ride, not a race? Nice!


We’re almost back to the parking lot.

After we reached the lot and said goodbye, Judy–who lives in Marina–biked on home, stopping to chat with other cyclists now and then along the way….

And Mari biked to Marina too, stopping at D’Anna Thai to ask if they’d like to be in the HER Helmet Thursdays project.  Maybe it was the glow of the ride….or maybe just that–as with most places–they quickly recognized it would be wonderful to be part of this sustainability project.  They said yes, so now you can bike to another Marina spot for a discount on Thursdays–or simply to enjoy them any day of the week. Click here for D’Anna Thai’s bike-there tips.

Our ride from Fort Ord Dunes State Park to Peter B’s Brewpub was 7.7 miles (15.4 round trip).  Google bike directions say it takes about 43 minutes for the 7.7 mile ride.  How would we know? We were just out enjoying the day!

For more photos of Fort Ord Dunes State Park and more details about this 2012 Bike Week event and the sponsors, click here.

Want to do this ride, too?  Besides the photos and notes in these posts, refer to some additional Fort Ord tips under “If you’re inclined to explore” in “Where to bike in Monterey County.”  Feel free to call me with any questions, 831-375-6278.

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