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3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride for Monterey County Bike Month 2014

Information below is from the 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride, May 10, 2014. Thanks to all who participated to make the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 rides safe and fun. No ride is scheduled for 2016. 

For some tips about this route, including such info as tips on taking an MST bus to Fort Ord Dunes State Park parking lot, refer to the 4th Annual Intergenerational Ride post.
  • 3rd Annual / May 10, 2014 ride, see below.
  • 2nd Annual / May 11, 2013, click here.
  • 1st Annual / May 12, 2012, click here.

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Below are some rough notes reporting on the 3rd Annual Intergenerational Ride, May 10, 2014.
No sweat; sharing the bike-pedestrian trail is easy here.5/9/14, 11:30 p.m. wind report:

We’ll meet as planned at 10 a.m. on 5/10.  National Weather Service Bay Area – @nwsbayarea on Twitter – reports it’ll likely be sunny and windy for this year’s ride (scroll to end of post for details).

Regardless, we’ll have one another’s good company ! As this is a recreational ride, not a race, no one will be left behind. We’ll also adapt our plans as needed. At worst, we can always pedal around in a little circle and sing kumbaya–or bike songs! Pink Floyd, anyone? With an intergenerational group, a mix of bike songs could get pretty interesting!

Thanks to Intergenerational Rider and Velo Club Monterey member Dennis Renault for sharing the song above.

Among those attending the 2014 ride were League of American Bicyclists certified instructor Frank Henderson; members of Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club; members of Velo Club Monterey; representatives of B2B / Bridge to Bridge Bike Ride, the Ciclovía Salinas leadership committee,  Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, members of Monterey Off Road Cycling Association, along with Gears 4 Good founder Steve Benes,  Mari Lynch of Bicycling Monterey and many others.

When we reached the one brief spot on the Intergenerational Ride where our route wasn’t Class I (no cars), what about the children? Bike community leaders were in front, behind, and right alongside them, supporting their parents in teaching them street skills.

Great job, kids!

learning street skills on Intergenerational Ride

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Great job, kids!
Great job, kids!
Below: Natalie Oliver with her grandfather, the eldest cyclist of the day. (The two photos below were provided by Natalie Oliver and are used by permission of  Natalie and family.)

NPSCC, Gears 4 Good, and B2B riders are recognized by their jerseys! Also pictured are Rob Burton of Bay Bikes and Michelle Bumgardner, an NPSCC  supporter.

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Pausing to savor the views…

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Most of the route was flat. There were just a very few gentle hills. Still, if one isn’t in best condition, terrain and wind can be momentarily challenging. What makes that a piece of cake? The camaraderie and encouragement of other riders, like Rob Burton and Jeff Ernest!  Conversation and good cheer  made the steep places flatter!




other riders, like Rob Burton of Bay Bikes and Jeff Ernest of B2B!





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” Hey, let me carry your pack! Let’s make any hills easy for ya!” Jeff insisted.

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“Let me carry your pack,” Jeff insisted.


Thanks to these folks and the many people not pictured for coming out to celebrate Bike Month!


See you there!

May 9,2014
wind report for May 10:


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Wind gust forecast for Saturday afternoon. Looking breezy at the coast with gusts over 30 MPH.

  • Durn.Had great weather past & wondered about that wind today. Ft Ord Dunes to Custom House, 10am-3pm?

  • Here is a look at wind gusts along the route:

    Correction…that link will take you to the map, then you have to select either wind or wind gusts.

  • “NW wind 9 to 14 kt increasing to 18 to 23 kt in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 29 kt.” Darn! Not so great. 2/2

  • Winds will be much better on Sunday for biking.

  • Thx again! Group ride is windy Sat. 🙁 Maybe it’ll be 1st year we decide to visit more than pedal! Be in good company anyway.


    May 10 2014 Intergenerational Bike Ride Monterey County

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    1. marilynch says:

      We so love having you and Terri and the girls there! Thank you for coming again this year. Three-seated tandem, eh? You remind me of the Harrison family AKA Pedouins. Tell your girls we can ask MORCA, NPSCC, or VCM members to tug them uphill if needed next year, as VCM did for the Harrisons. 🙂

    2. Gordon Babbitt says:

      Great review of Saturday’s Intergen ride. Thanks for coordinating the event. We had lots of fun and look forward to next year’s ride. We’ll be stronger and can ride further. Look for a 3 seated tandem bike having 20″ wheels,too. It is in the makings.

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