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Bike Shops offer $10 safety inspections and minor tuneups in honor of Bike Month 2012

Bobcat Bicycles, in Salinas, is one of Monterey County’s local bicycle shops offering discounted safety checks and minor tune-ups in honor of Bike Week.  See full list of participating shops below.

When gas is well over $4/gallon, ten bucks won’t get you a lot when it comes to transportation–usually.  Now it does!

Between April 2 and May 13, 2012, pay $10 at any of the following businesses in Monterey County and you’ll get a bicycle safety assessment and recommendations, plus a minor tuneup (chain lube, tire inflation).

Good timing, because there’s lots happening in April and May for people biking in Monterey County!

Velo Club members socializing on the triangle plaza in Monterey,

outside Aquarian Bicycles and HER Helmet Thursdays spot East Village Coffee Lounge

Why so inexpensive?

Why are these bike shops taking time out of their busy workdays for a small pay-back? Because they are all lending their support to the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s 18th Annual Bike Week, May 7-13!   For more about Bike Week activities, click here.

Check out the TAMC website’s Bike Week schedule to learn more about these discounted bicycle safety checks.

Make an appointment or just cruise on by!

In a hurry? Call the bike shop to make an appointment.  The time for this service is typically about 10-15 minutes.

Or, just cruising and don’t want to plan ahead?  No worries, just swing on by any of the shops and ask if they can fit you in.

Please mention the special “Bike Week” promotion to get the discounted fee of $10.

Not in Monterey County?

Our neighbors in the Tri-County Monterey Bay region celebrate bike week/month too.  Check out the San Benito and Santa Cruz county Bike Week sites.  Nationally, check the League of American Bicyclists website–dates may vary at different locales.

Monterey Countys participating shops:

  • Aquarian at Bay Bikes
    486 Washington St, Monterey
  • Bay Bikes of Carmel
    3600 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA
  • Bay Bikes of Monterey
    585 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA
  • Bear Bikes
    1228 N Main St, Salinas
  • Bobcat Bicycles
    141 Monterey St, Salinas
  • Marina Cycle & Skate
    214 Reservation Rd, Marina
  • REI Marina
    145 General Stillwell Blvd, Marina
  • Sports Center Bicycles
    1576 Del Monte Blvd, Seaside
  • Winning Wheels
    318 Grand Ave, Pacific Grove
* * * * *
More about bike shops

For additional bike shops in Monterey County, see this site’s Bicycle Shops, Services, Clubs, and Resources page.

Show some love to the bike shops!

If your schedule permits, please arrange for this discounted service after April 22, when the Sea Otter Classic is over.  Sea Otter is April 19-22, 2012, and many bike shops are ultra busy until then.  That still gives you from April 23 to May 13 to take advantage of this special deal.

Support your neighborhood bike shop

If you are near your favorite bike shop soon with a camera, please give the shop some support by shooting a photo, perhaps of the service area.  Then, email me a jpg image so it can be added to this post.   Please call Mari, 375-6278, if you have any questions. Thanks!

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  1. Green Pedal Couriers is offering $5.00 bicycle tune-ups, plus free inner tubes while supplies last! Don’t forget about all information on Bike Week and the many business offering discounted bicycle repair and more!

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