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Greenfield Rec Dept’s Bike Ed Programs: Reports and photos, plus related resources

Reports and photos from Nathalie Gomez, Recreation Activities Leader, City of Greenfield Recreation Department

Bicycling Monterey salutes the City of Greenfield, California for their forward thinking in recognizing the multiple benefits of supporting children and teens with bicycling education! The program is funded by the Outdoor Equity Grants Program, created through AB 209 and administered by California State Parks, Office of Grants and Local Services.

To express interest in Greenfield Recreation Department’s upcoming bike programs, contact Recreation Activities Leader Nathalie Gomez by phone, 831-304-0150 or email

For info on the Sept-Oct 2023 classes, click the following link—which has information in Spanish too:

The first of the two reports from Nathalie Gomez is about the Learn-to-Ride program for ages 5-12:

In our first day of the how to ride a bike program, participants were anxious and excited. Our participants arrived with their families to cheer on and support them on the sidelines. 

Some of the kids explained how they had attempted to ride a bike before but were too scared to continue.

We started off by getting familiar with the components of a bike and getting fitted to a properly sized bike. Everyone picked a bike of their choosing, then adjusted their seat and began to practice riding.

As our group continued practicing, their confidence showed. The most drastic change I saw came from one young girl. She arrived with her sister supporting her, and by the end of the first class, she was really frustrated and almost cried because she still could not ride a bike.

At the next class she was pedaling, riding a bike and shouting that she did it! Seeing how happy and excited she became was so fulfilling. She didn’t give up, she continued trying, and now she is riding a bike alongside her sister.

Other participants have similar situations, where they had tried and were too scared to keep going after falling. But they were brave and chose to try again as a participant in our program. 

Check out the photo gallery directly below, scenes from our September-October 2023 learning to ride group.

And below this learning-to-ride photo gallery, see the second report, and photos, about the Bike Riding Program for ages 10-15.

The second report from Nathalie Gomez is about the Bicycle Riding Group for ages 10-15:

Our bike riding group has learned to ride bikes on the road with greater safety. We have gone over hand signaling* and other bike laws** (e.g., proper lane usage) essential for safer cycling on roads with car traffic.

We begin every session with a warm up and a bike check,*** and we go over the bike ride for the day. Our bike group is really enthusiastic about bike riding, and everyone arrives excited to ride and share stories about their day.

The group has also grown into a community for our participants as they bring snacks to enjoy together after the bike ride. 

Related resources
compiled by Bicycling Monterey

*Hand signaling: (go to “obey all traffic laws” for hand signaling info and images)

California Vehicle Code 22111:

**Other California bike laws:

CA bike law summary from California Bicycle Coalition (aka CalBike), with links to the related CA vehicle code sections
Bike law summary flier
Sidewalk ordinances for Monterey County
More info from Bicycling Monterey Bicycle Riding Skills, Bike Safety, and California Bike Laws—for Children, Teens, and Adults

***Bike check

Bike check info from the League of American Bicyclists (aka Bike League), plus more about bicycle maintenance

All photos provided by
Nathalie Gomez, City of Greenfield

Congratulations to all the young riders learning this valuable life skill of bicycling.

And tip of the helmet to Nathalie Gomez and City of Greenfield for prioritizing bicycling education for youth!

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