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Bike Buzz: Summer 2023 News from Bicycling Monterey

No time to read all the buzz below? 
Jump to the end for SPECIAL THANKS.

No time to read all the buzz below?
Take a moment to jump to the end for 💜special thanks.💜

For some 2023 Monterey County bike dates for the summer months (through September 23), scroll down to the blue section.

What’s up since the spring edition of Bike Buzz? Check the monthly archives below for April-September posts on diverse topics, e.g., E-Bike Safety and Training Programs, for people riding e-bikes in California and throughout the nation; Complete Streets for California: Survey on state-controlled roads from California Bicycle Coalition aka CalBike; support for co-CalBike local partners Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (advocating for district attorney prosecution of road rage incident) and Bike Santa Cruz County (advocating for improved infrastructure there); California’s Bicycle Safety Stop campaign for 2023, and other CA legislative updates; Bike Equity Project: Alternative to Fine for Traffic Citations; 2023 Monterey County Bike Map; Safe Routes to School Pop-Up Installation in Soledad; Monterey Bay Chapter of Climate Reality Project; Pump Track Dream fulfilled in Marina; continuation of Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bike tech classes launched in 2012 by Bicycling Monterey; bike repair workshops in Gonzales, Greenfield, and Soledad; bike riding programs in Greenfield; and more.

Honor the life of Roy Wiegand:

A joint statement was issued by the California Bicycle Coalition (aka CalBike) on August 10, 2023, California Bicycle Advocates Call on Elected Leaders to Address Real Causes of Deadly Collisions: Road Design. Among the 21 signatories supporting this CalBike effort are two from the Monterey Bay Region, Bicycling Monterey and Ecology Action of Santa Cruz, along with Active San Gabriel Valley, Bike Bakersfield, Bike East Bay, Bike LA, Bike SLO County, Bike Sunnyvale, California Walks, Claremont Streets For People, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MOVE Santa Barbara County, Napa County Bicycle Coalition, Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Shasta Living Streets, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, and Streets For All.

Among summer (June 21 – September 23) 2023 bike dates of interest to Monterey County residents and visitors:

See the Monterey County Bicycling Resources Directory for a wide range of local resources, activities, and events.

Voices of People Who Bike—questionnaire responses received from throughout the USA—is a new series, with posts planned for summer and autumn 2023. The second in the series was published July 11: “Voices of People Who Bike, Part 2: Encouragement, support, barriers, bullying.” The first, June 14: “Voices of People Who Bike, Part 1: Who bikes, why, and memories.”

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What news pops up on Mastodon? Such things as what’s in our July 9 post there about California state grants for zero-emission school buses, along with resources for forming a bike-to-school bus: News we catch there not only gives us hope for the future, it sometimes reminds us of tragic events—such as the death of Kyle Beardshear of Salinas, a bicycling 17-year-old who was fatally injured after reportedly colliding with a parked car. That local teen’s death came to mind immediately when we read the opening of Karisa Langlo’s July 10 piece, and the loss of Kyle’s life is what prompted us to keep reading, and then to share, Langlo’s story: / 


Have you seen Bicycling Monterey’s July 1, 2023 call for H-E-L-P?

💜Special thanks💜 to those who responded in July-August 2023 (listed below) and to those who’d already stepped up by being financial contributors in January-June 2023: Pedal Pushers 💜Edith Frederick, 💜Kathleen Jones, and 💜Sam Winter, and other generous contributors, 💜Larry Pizzi, 💜Terrill Keeler, 💜Pebble Beach Company, 💜Evelyn Contreras-Lozano, and 💜Mateos Lozano.

July and August 2023 contributors are listed below.
  • Jack Holmgren 💜
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  • Nathan Pierce💜
  • Henrietta Stern💜
  • L. Robin Brody💜
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