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Honor the Life of Roy Wiegand

Roy Wiegand was killed in a traffic collision while bicycling in Monterey County on July 29, 2023. Roy was in the final stretches of his 2,500-mile charity bike ride to support Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project.

To honor Roy’s life by making a donation to that project, or to share his fundraising page, see “Roy Wiegand Memorial” at the following link:

As Roy said on one of his posts from his 2023 ride – – “One out of three Navajo live without a toilet or a sink….We’re trying in a small way to right some wrongs.”

Roy Wiegand’s death on July 29, 2023 was the result of a collision reported to have occurred just before 1 p.m. on eastbound San Miguel Canyon Road, west of Hambey Lane, which is in the Royal Oaks vicinity. Both Roy and the driver of a Ford Ranger were traveling east on San Miguel Canyon Road, and Roy was biking in the designated bike lane, when the driver made an “unsafe” right turn and hit Roy with his truck (per California Highway Patrol statements, as reported by San Francisco Gate writer Madilynne Medina on August 3, 2023, “California musician struck, killed by driver while on charity bike ride, CHP says“).

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  1. David Meyerhof says:

    Roy’s Run

    Roy’s Run is about a person, a man
    Who has dedicated himself as much as he can,
    To giving the chances of life,
    To provide clean water
    To every son and daughter
    Of villages in an African land.
    From the soles of his running shoes
    To the heart of his soul,
    250 miles and $10,000 is his goal.
    In this world we must unite
    Together to do what’s right.
    It’s time to answer this call.
    Time to stand up, time to stand tall.
    We must hear their cry,
    Do not let the children die.
    Turn the tears running down their face
    Into water for this human race.
    It’s time to give now.
    It’s in your heart, you know how.

    David Meyerhof 3/16/13

    [Editor’s note: “Roy’s Run,” written March 16, 2013, refers to another of Roy’s charity efforts to provide clean water for those without, as does his final effort,]

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