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Bike Buzz: Spring 2018

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This post features a summary of new Bicycling Monterey posts, plus some updated ones, since the last notification to subscribers went out. May 2018 starts Bicycling Monterey’s 10th year.
At the bottom of the post is a list of some Bike Calendar highlights—posts about meetings, activities, or events taking place in Monterey County. Among those are Monterey County’s world-renowned 4-Day Celebration of Cycling on April 19-22, the 28th annual Sea Otter Classic; May 1-31 Bike Month; and more.
Between the posts and calendar highlights is a section of microblogging. What’s that? A sampling of tweets from Bicycling Monterey and the HER Helmet Thursdays Project. Many of the tweets include information not found elsewhere on

Among the tweets, you’ll find a hot-off-the-press alert about the bike shop pictured below.

Happy Springtime!

New and updated posts on

the Bicycling Monterey website 

Laguna Seca Racetrack — home of world-renowned bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile events — renamed WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Youth Who Bike: Dani

“Social benefits of cycling” — for people who bike, and for everyone

Biking in the Rain

March 24: March for Our Lives – Monterey

Carmel Confusion, Part II: Rights of people who bike

City of Monterey Climate Action Steps: Exploring commercial pedicabs

Monterey City Council considers commercial pedicab operations

FAQs: Are bicycle helmets required in Cali?

Going in circles, just trying to find answers to your bicycling questions?

Salinas: East Market Street Safe Routes to School Project, including Protected Bike Lanes

We remember those who gave their lives in U.S. military service

Signs of a Bicycling Friendly Monterey County

Remembering Bicycling Victims of Violence, 2012-2018: Juan Angel Perez, and Señores Amezcua, Cardenas, Martinez, Ramirez, Sanchez, Suniga, Trujillo

Safe Routes to School — Monterey County 2018 update

Vote! “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Biking Chic á la Monterey County

Bicycling Pebble Beach

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am week

Video: Bike Date in Monterey County – “Learn to Love Again” by Taylor Kropp


Below is a sampling of Bicycling Monterey’s and HER Helmet Thursdays Project’s recent tweets.

Not familiar with tweets? Be aware that sometimes a related photo or other image appears before the tweet’s text when the tweet is displayed below. Other times it appears after the tweet. Also, for a fuller picture, click on any tweet (including because sometimes an image doesn’t appear at all until you click on the tweet).

A few tweets also have “threads.” In those cases, click on the tweet and the “thread” will usually appear. That is, you’ll then see the full “conversation.” If you’re accessing via the Twitter website, or perhaps at other times, you may need to click on the tweet and then click on “show this thread” at the bottom. Here’s an example of a tweet with a thread:

If you find the Twittersphere frustrating, just skip it. Bicycling Monterey’s founder has mixed feelings about online social media. It can be helpful, and it can introduce you to wonderful new people. It can also be a time-sucker, full of trolls, and full of tech glitches. (For example, the glitchiness of Twitter’s well-intended but error-riddled efforts to clean up the Twittersphere resulted in legit tweeters such as Carmel’s Harrison Library and Bicycling Monterey caught in the learning process for Twitter’s tech experts.)

As for Facebook, Bicycling Monterey’s founder was never active there until December 2015. The reasons she chose not to be on Facebook (including, e.g., filter bubble) have only grown. See Bicycling Monterey’s contact page for various social media accounts and related advisories.

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Bike Calendar Highlights

Monterey County Bike Calendar highlights below include new or updated posts:


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