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July 2017 to Fall 2018: Brief delays on rec trail at Hoffman Ave, Monterey

Will you be traveling on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail’s City of Monterey section, AKA Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail? At Hoffman Avenue, expect periodic, brief delays of about five minutes.

Why? Because people stop to kiss there?

No, sillies. It’s because the Monterey Bay Aquarium is constructing a new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership.

During construction, crane operations will require periodic delays of about five minutes. They will occur weekdays only (Monday through Friday), 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.— with no delays scheduled for weekends.

Delays began July 17, 2017. They are scheduled to end in fall 2018.

The construction crew will have flaggers on the trail at each end of the construction area— approximately between Wave Street Café and the former Cinemark XD Theater (white building above), next to HER Helmet Thursdays spot Cannery Row Brewing Company (the brick building above and below).

Don’t want to wait five minutes? People traveling on foot, by bicycle, or on skates have another option: use the bicycle and pedestrian routes available along Wave Street and Cannery Row.  (Skateboarding isn’t allowed anytime on this section of trail; more on that below.)

Surreys must stick to the trail and simply wait when these brief delays are happening.

Okay. We’re just cruising, no hurry.

Map and more details:

Rec Trail Delays at Hoffman July 2017 to Fall 2018

Questions? Concerns? Or just want to learn about the new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership? Contact Barbara Meister, public affairs director, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: 831.648.4978 or

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Hey, I’m on the trail at Hoffman too, but there’s nobody here to kiss me! Biking with my dog is one way to meet people though. Maybe I’ll meet someone new while we’re hanging out during these delays.

Skateboarders, a friendly reminder from City of Monterey

Section 22-14 of the Monterey City Code states “No person shall ride or propel a skateboard on the Recreation Trail between the head of Municipal Wharf No. 1 and the City limit with Pacific Grove.” (For any updates, check with City of Monterey.)

Got it! We’re not in that stretch anyway.

Got it! I just walk my board in this stretch, while she pedals her recumbent.

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