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AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am week

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Golf fans flock to Monterey County for the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, in 2019, February 4-10. (Mark your 2020 calendar for February 3-9.)

That means excitement and fun, along with increased traffic. How to help reduce traffic jams? If you’re headed into Pebble Beach, make use of the various shuttle services offered (scroll down to learn more).

Also, except for in Pebble Beach itself (where bicycles are temporarily restricted during Pro-Am week—more on that below), ride a bicycle.  Read on for Monterey County biking tips. Can’t bike all the way to your destination? Use bike-and-ride options such as Monterey Salinas Transit (MST) service.

Temporary restriction: no bikes in Pebble Beach

Biking Pebble Beach is normally one of the many popular places to bike in Monterey County.  However, during the Pro-Am and some other heavily attended events, Pebble Beach Company temporarily does not allow bicycles. Learn more about that in Bicycling Monterey’s tips for bicycling Pebble Beach.

[Note: The bicycle restriction may possibly change in the future. See “Squid tries going for a bike ride, gets blocked at Pebble Beach gates, ” 2/12/18:]

Hey! I saw someone riding a bicycle at the Pro-Am!

You may see the occasional bicycle in Pebble Beach during the Pro-Am, as there may be a few exceptions to that temporary “no bicycles” rule.  One example: some years there have been assigned health care providers at-the-ready to administer first aid most quickly by reaching people via bicycle.

Shuttle services

Parking and shuttle services are provided at various locations around the Monterey Peninsula, and some are also typically available from, e.g., East Bay, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco. For details and links regarding the shuttles, scroll down the following page: (Don’t be confused by the URL; their web page is relevant for 2019 too.)

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More AT&T Pro-Am tips – and being an eco-friendly visitor

See Bicycling Monterey’s post about Monterey County beaches—and tips on caring for them as well as the section on biking and Mother Earth.

Also check out the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCCVB) / See Monterey’s “Sustainable Moments” tips.

For See Monterey’s AT&T Pro-Am tips, go to

Weather tips

Keep tabs via National Weather Service Bay Area. Refer to Bicycling Monterey’s rainy weather resources here.

Biking opportunities outside Pebble Beach

Even though you normally cannot bicycle within Pebble Beach during the Pro-Am, getting around other parts of the Monterey Peninsula this week by bicycle will be one of the best ways to travel.
Tips for Bicycling Monterey County

See Bicycling Monterey’s 20-section guide, Tips for Bicycling Monterey County.  Among its sections are topics such as:


Remember that if you can’t bike all the way to your destination, a bike-and-ride option may be just right!

Monterey Salinas Transit (MST) is popular with many visitors and locals. For tips, start with “Monterey-Salinas Transit: What to do when bike racks on buses are full, or when there’s no rack on an MST trolley. Plus many more MST tips!

For detailed tips about MST service, and for using other transportation helpers, see Bike-and-Ride Options:  Bicycling needn’t be all or nothing!

Personal help for people who bike

No time to read the Tips guide?  Or have other questions about bicycling in Monterey County?  Feel free to phone Bicycling Monterey. Or contact others in the Monterey County bicycling community; refer to Bicycling Monterey’s 33-section directory of Monterey County Main Bicycling Resources.

Looking for a way to combine your love for golfing and biking?

Check out the Golf Bike:

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