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HER Helmet Thursdays — on Sea Otter Classic’s Opening Day, and on Thursdays year-round

The hospitality professionals in the 15-second video greetings below want to be sure visitors, and locals, are aware that people who help HER / Mother Earth by bicycling are appreciated throughout Monterey County.
They especially want you to know that even on the Opening Day of Sea Otter Classic, Monterey County’s HER Helmet Thursdays discounts are in effect. We wouldn’t think of making Sea Otter’s Opening Day a restricted date. Welcome, people who bike!

Sea Otter Classic Tips

Save the dates: Scheduled Sea Otter Classic dates, as of 5/12/22, include April 20-23, 2023; April 18-21, 2024; April 10-13, 2025; April 16-19, 2026. For any changes, refer to
See Bicycling Monterey posts in the  “Sea Otter Classic” category for some views and tips about Sea Otter, Monterey County’s annual Celebration of Cycling!
Scroll down for a video greeting from the duo
pictured here, plus more 15-second videos.
On Thursdays year-round, Monterey County rolls out a red carpet for people who bike: the HER Helmet Thursdays Project’s 10-50% discounts. Where? Refer to the guide here.
Created and launched in Monterey County as a public service, HER Helmet Thursdays is a long-term sustainability project launched 2009 to encourage biking. It has hundreds of participating businesses and organizations in 18 Monterey County communities. Below are video greetings from some participants in downtown city of Monterey.
Before claiming discount, first skim over LISTINGS, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays.

(Video greetings below were recorded in April 2018. HER Helmet Thursdays participants countywide look forward to welcoming you again in 2022.)

Want tips for locating participants by geographic area? Click here. The 18 communities with HER Helmet Thursdays spots are Big Sur, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Castroville, Corral de Tierra, Gonzales, Greenfield, King City, Marina, Monterey (on “Main Street”—Alvarado Street, and throughout the city), Moss Landing, Pacific Grove, PajaroSalinas (including East Salinas / The Alisal), San Ardo, Sand City, Seaside, and Soledad.

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