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Bike Buzz: Spring 2024 News from Bicycling Monterey

Check the archives in our sidebar for new and updated posts by month. For example, Part 4 of “Voices of People Who Bike” was published May 24; and a report on Rancho San Juan High School Mountain Bike Team was published May 14. An anticipated guest post coming this spring is a report on the California Bicycle Coalition’s biennial California Bike Summit, by a Salinas Valley attendee.

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Past and future generations have inspired this Earth stewardship / bike advocacy volunteerism for 15 years. Above: the daughter and mother of Bicycling Monterey’s founder.

May is celebrated around the USA as Bike Month. May is also observed by some—including many law enforcement agencies—as Bicycle Safety Month.

First, what makes biking safer?

🚲Transportation infrastructure improvements!
🚲Responsible actions of people who drive, bike, walk, skate, scoot, etc. (For people who bike, that includes learning smart riding skills; click here .)
🚲An increase in the numbers of people who bike.
🚲Effective laws and law enforcement.

This edition of Bike Buzz includes some sections about law enforcement; look for the four dark blue “Law Enforcement” headers. Those sections include pursuing justice, cops on bikes, traffic citations and alternatives to fines, and how to avoid citations—and help others avoid them—through bike law education.

If you have a Monterey County bicycling or bike-related activity, event, or meeting scheduled that is open to the public, contact us to have it added to this post and/or shared on @bikemonterey’s social media.
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If stamina or schedule don’t make it feasible to bike all the way to your destination, remember that e-bikes aren’t the only way to get a boost! Bike-and-ride options can be great, including Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST).

For current tips, see “Monterey-Salinas Transit: What to do if bike racks on buses are full, and other MST tips.”

Photo below of Marina Transit Exchange provided by Ikuyo Yoneda-López of MST (used by permission).

In the first quarter of 2024 Bicycling Monterey has received increasing numbers of Monterey County court referrals—youth referred to us after being cited while biking. Why? Among Bicycling Monterey projects is a Bike Equity Project: Alternative to Fine for Traffic Citations.

Some but not all of those citations were issued to youth participating in loosely organized group social rides. What’s the prob? Grab links to recent media reports in; and more importantly, please note that the post includes this PDF—share it with youth and adults who are planning such rides, so they can help participants avoid citations, injuries, or other undesirable outcomes.


  • Most people who bike genuinely want to bike responsibly—for their own increased safety, and that of others who share streets, multi-use paths, and sidewalks (where allowed).
  • Unfortunately, that’s not true of all people who bike! For some, their behavior is intentionally irresponsible. A local League of American Bicyclists LCI told us in April 2024 that not only had they seen numerous reports about people on bicycles riding in a dangerous manner, “terrorizing motorists” in both Marina and Salinas, they “have personally encountered groups of young people on bicycles at the Marina Farmers Market on two occasions, and both times they were riding recklessly and swerving at pedestrians, myself included.”

Gallery below: Salinas Bike Party, a Courteous Mass—how we rolled in 2012.

Share PRINTABLE posters/fliers

Help others bike legally, and with greater safety (the purpose behind most bike laws). Share the flyers provided below: bike law summaries (English only, or bilingual Spanish-English), general info flyers and mini flyers, and group social ride guidelines.

Among ways to share: (1) Print and post on a community bulletin board or in a store window (with store manager’s permission); (2) print and distribute at meetings, events, or at your bike shop or other business; (3) share a link on social media; or (4) keep a copy with you, to offer someone as opportunities arise.

Print and share Bicycling Monterey’s NEW general info poster/flyer—8.5 x 11.


CALIFORNIA BIKE LAW SUMMARY – Bilingual (Spanish-English)

Share a Bicycling Monterey general info mini flyer (4-to-a-pg).

Share a Group Social Rides flyer.

Print a copy of this 2-page document back-to-back and you have a handy sheet to distribute at your next bike party / bike run / rideout, etc.

See what hundreds of people say about Bicycling Monterey.

A chair of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee wrote to Bicycling Monterey’s founder in October 2023: “Thank you for all your efforts to support our mission. You are a great asset for the bicycling community, and that is an understatement!

A Pedal Pusher (monthly financial contributor) concurred about the value of this work, writing to us in March 2024: “Thanks for your dedication, hard work, and boundless energy! You give so much to help keep us all safe. Just wish our infrastructure could better support your efforts…..I ride the crumbling sidewalks because my little Tikit foldup bike can’t manage on regular roadways that are so hazardous, including the drivers in parked cars who open their doors onto the travel lane without looking. I ran into one once, which was enough to send me to biking on sidewalks.

Yes! Better infrastructure is vital! That’s why we devote so many hours to education and advocacy about infrastructure issues—locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally, including as Monterey County’s rep on the California Bicycle Coalition’s Policy Advisory Council.

ICYMI, over 15 years the more than 22,000 hours of work by the founder on all Bicycling Monterey projects has been done as an unpaid volunteer. See ways to contribute and FAQs.

Bicycling has multiple benefits for individuals, communities, and the planet. Whatever your reason for valuing the work of bike advocates—public health and safety, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, strengthening community relationships, or other reasons—your support is appreciated.

Happy springtime!

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