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Bike to Work

Bike to Work is celebrated nationwide as part of Bike Month. Among Bicycling Monterey’s more than 700 posts and pages, you’ll see lots of people who bike to work—and some who also bike at work (e.g., see “Biking by the Bay, Cargo Style). Be inspired by the bike-to-work commuters below.

“I’d like to bike to work, but….”

If stamina and schedule don’t permit biking all the way, consider bike-and-ride options.

And did you know? Some counties have an Emergency Ride Home program, such as Monterey County’s program now managed by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County.

What’s the benefit of registering with the Emergency Ride Home program? If you use your bicycle or another form of alternative transportation–such as the Monterey-Salinas Transit system (MST bus)–even one day a week, you can get reimbursed for taxi or rental car fee of up to $60 if a family emergency occurs (e.g., illness or crisis) or if you are asked to work late (unexpected overtime required by employer).

Read details and restrictions on the TAMC website, where the application form is also provided.

Bike commuters, here’s another heads-up: U.S. taxpayers can make use of bicycle commuter tax benefits.

One example of locals who bike to work—or bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk, rather than driving alone—are the Monterey Bay Aquarium employees participating in the Tunnel Jumpers program.

The Coast Guard veteran below bikes to work year-round to his job at the Monterey Post Office, biking from his home in Marina.

When he was spotted in May 2014, ready to head off after the workday, there was clearly no question: he is very enthused about his chosen commute method!

Coast Guard veteran - Marina resident - bike to work commuter at Monterey PO

Below is a sampling of more Monterey County bike-to-work commuters—and that story about the winemaker too!

When I visited Light & Motion in Marina on April 11, 2014, the number of bike-to-work employees outnumbered the cars in the parking lot—I saw only three cars in their lot that day. Clearly L&M’s staffers tend to bike their talk! It’s a thoughtful amenity that L&M provides indoor bicycle parking.

Bike to Work Light and Motion April 2014The guy below? He bikes to work at Ryan Ranch. No doubt he  generally arrives a lot happier than people who’ve had to struggle with traffic to get there on time. Besides, no gas costs for him, no parking problems either.  He can tell you that for many people, bike commuting is not a sacrifice, it’s a pleasure!

bike to work at ryan ranch

Mindy Surratt and her husband Tim Meehan are both bike-to-work commuters, and bike their kids to school too. That’s why their cargo bikes are often loaded down!

Mindy Surratt photo 2Precious Cargo Carrier - Dad and Friend 004

This Greenfield man loves biking to work!

Greenfield gent - 4

In South County and Salinas, you’ll see many bike-to-work commuters like the gentlemen below, who also bike at work, making use of cargo bikes. There are some in Monterey too.

Below, in Greenfield

Greenfield cargo bike vendor

Below, at Closter Park in the AlisalIMG_2132

And here, at Doty’s in MontereyCargo bike at Doty's Auto 2012

Photo directly below, of Cannery Row Deli employee Isidro, courtesy of David Lang.

Isidro and CR Deli 4 x 5 copyThese Salinas Police officers love it when their SPD schedules allow them to bike at work too! So do other local cops on bikes.

Salinas Cops July 2012 parade eve

Jan Valencia — shown below in one of his many bike advocacy volunteer gigs, the Seaside PAL Bike Fair and giving input to a traffic engineer—is a resident of Seaside and the owner of Cycle Stop Honda on Abbott Street, Salinas. Jan regularly bikes to work.Jan V at PAL Bike Fair Seaside 15 May 2011 - 50

Rich Deal and Jan Valencia 018

Frank Henderson is the Hartnell College Learning Center coordinator. He’s shown below biking on West Alisal, and also in one of his many bike volunteer gigs too — volunteering at the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center bike class. Frank is another dedicated bike-to-work commuter.

Henderson - Alisal near Blanco, Salinas - 15 Apr 2012 (1)

Frank Henderson at Youth Center

The Bike to Work story below was first published in 2011.

Bike-to-Work Winemaker

Heller Organic Estate Vineyards, Carmel Valley

(Update: formerly known as Heller Estate Organic, this location is now Massa Estate Organic Vineyards.)

Rich Tanguay has often biked to work, getting his endorphins pumping as he commutes to his job in beautiful  Carmel Valley.  On arrival, he makes luscious wines from organically grown grapes.  No wonder Rich is recognized as one happy winemaker!

Heller is a participant in the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

Bike through picturesque Carmel Valley to their tasting room.  On Thursdays, they will reward you with a complimentary tasting in addition to their HER Helmet Thursdays discount on all wine sales.  Check out their HER Helmet Thursdays listing.

If you can’t bike all the way to Heller’s tasting room from your starting point, use a bike-and-ride option, such as the Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) Grapevine Express!

Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon….

Heller’s tasting room….

Heller Estate Organic Vineyards (Restaurants/all dining)
69 W. Carmel Valley Road Carmel Valley, CA, 93924
Discount: 15% off all wine sales, plus complimentary wine tasting.Restrictions:CLICK FOR FULL DETAILS

Learn more about Rich and Heller

  • Read an 8/5/13 Ag Profile about Rich Tanguay in the Salinas Californian.
  • Read Jon Bonné, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Editor’s 9/19/10 story; click here.
  • Heller was honored June 6, 2011 as the 27th Assembly District’s Small Business of the Year!

Assemblyman Bill Monning (D-Carmel) selected Heller, as the Salinas Californian reported, “because of its long term commitment to making environmentally friendly wines and to creating a safe work environment.” Heller has also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the use of fossil fuels in its farming practices and by using plant-based biodiesel fuel.

Congratulations to vineyard owners Gilbert and Toby Heller and their entire crew!

Also check out Heller’s presence at Pebble Beach Food & Wine.

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Want to invite another favorite winery to join Heller in creating a special wine trail by participating in HER Helmet Thursdays? Click here.

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