PARTICIPATE: How to Invite Businesses and Organizations to Participate

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People who bike, or others enthused about HER Helmet Thursdays—a long-term ecology-economy sustainability project—are welcome to invite their favorite Monterey County businesses and organizations to participate. This page tells what to know first.

The primary participants are hotels and other lodging providers, educational and entertainment venues, restaurants and related places, including wineries. What about retail stores or other businesses or organizations? Phone Bicycling Monterey first to see if they’re appropriate for this project.

Next, check the Quick Reference Guide on the Listings/How to Get the Discounts/FAQs page to be sure they aren’t already participating. Also phone Bicycling Monterey to see if they may have recently signed up and just aren’t in the Quick Reference Guide yet.

How to invite businesses and organizations to participate

  1. Read How to Get the Discounts and FAQs to ensure an accurate understanding of HER Helmet Thursdays. Check Bicycling Monterey’s 6-min video or 2-min audio on the Quick Links page too. 
  2. Phone Bicycling Monterey with any questions, and for tips on inviting new participants.
  3. There are three options for sign-ups:
  • Option #1:  Businesses and organizations may sign up online.
  • Option #2:  Or, they may sign up by phoning Bicycling Monterey.
  • Option #3:  Or, you can print out the online sign-up form and use it to write down their sign-up info (visit them or phone them). Then postal mail the completed form to Bicycling Monterey on their behalf. Before announcing their participation, Bicycling Monterey will confirm the information with them by phone.