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Fort Ord Regional Trail & Greenway (FORTAG) update

People often ask for updates about the Fort Ord Regional Trail & Greenway (FORTAG). A report about the FORTAG projects in progress is on the agenda for the May 1, 2024 Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meeting. TAMC Director of Programming and Project Delivery Mike Zeller will be making the presentation. He plans to report on progress for Segment 1, Canyon Del Rey Blvd / CA State Route 218 [see 5/28/24 update May 28, 2024, from Monterey County Now: David Schmalz,  “A bike and pedestrian trail more than a decade in the making marks a groundbreaking milestone.”]; Segment 2, Imjin Road to Jerry Smith Corridor; Segment 3, California Avenue from Patton Parkway to Imjin Road; and Segment 4, Laguna Grande Regional Park.

As always with TAMC’s BPAC meetings, the public is welcome to attend, either in-person or via Zoom or phone. The May 1 meeting is in Greenfield.

For details and instructions on participating in TAMC BPAC meetings, refer to each month’s agenda packet (found in the meetings section at, or contact TAMC. Instructions include:

What the heck? I don’t understand the vocabulary and acronyms!
A partial history about FORTAG

On the TAMC website: As noted there, “The FORTAG project is a grassroots proposal; more information on the background and development can be found here:”

On the Bicycling Monterey site:
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For more Monterey County bike-related events for spring 2024, see


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