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Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway (FORTAG) Project: About the Del Rey Oaks segment

May 1, 2024 update on FORTAG projects in process:

David Schmalz, April 6, 2023, “An agreement between Del Rey Oaks and TAMC, which looked settled, is now in limbo.”

Staff, December 29, 2022, “We revisit the moments in Monterey County that grabbed our attention this year.” (Refer to June 7.)
David Schmalz, June 24, 2022, “Measure B, the Del Rey Oaks ballot initiative that could have killed FORTAG, is officially defeated.”
March 31, 2022 update from David M. Schmalz, Monterey County Weekly “A clearer picture of FORTAG’s first segment has emerged. Supporters of the trail like what they see.”

December 2, 2021 update from David M. Schmalz, Monterey County Weekly “It’s official: Del Rey Oaks voters will decide the fate of FORTAG at the ballot box”

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The post below was previously published on 1 February 2019, with one or more changes last made 14 May 2019.

Who rides CA SR 218 / Canyon del Rey Boulevard — slated to be first segment of Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway (FORTAG) Project?

This post is offered as a reply to a social media comment, and question, made by a longtime local resident in response to the Monterey County Weekly’s 1/31/19 article by David M. Schmalz, “State awards TAMC $10.3 million to build the first segment of FORTAG”

As Schmalz reported, this segment of the Fort Ord Regional Trail and Greenway “will travel parallel to Highway 218 (also called Canyon Del Rey Boulevard) in Del Rey Oaks.” The first response of that commenter on Schmalz’s article was, “Boo!!!! Waste of funds. Who rides this corridor? Nobody.”

It makes sense that could be many people’s first thought when reading Schmalz’s article. Below are thoughts from Bicycling Monterey’s founder, for your consideration.
First, some notes
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Okay, now on with an answer to the question, “Who rides this corridor?”

“Who rides this corridor?”

About that segment of, among those who bike Cyn Del Rey / Hwy 218 for transportation—including people who bike-and-ride to reach their destinations—are the following people, and many more.
Pictured above is lifelong Del Rey Oaks resident and bike-to-school commuter Dani ( Another DRO resident who bikes Hwy 218 is, and her children. Yet another biking family: bike-to-work (and bike-his-kids-to-their-destinations) commuter dad Tim; see him in heavy traffic at the Cyn del Rey and Fremont Street intersection in an opening scene of Bicycling Monterey’s “It’s a New Day” video. His spouse, Mindy, likewise bikes around the Monterey Peninsula with their children; see I’m also among those who bike Hwy 218 / Cyn Del Rey regularly, whether on my old bicycle, or an e-assist (see a Cyn Del Rey, Del Rey Oaks scene in

Susan and daughters

(Photo provided courtesy of Susan Ragsdale-Cronin)


Besides the local residents mentioned above, also biking this route are touring cyclists and other visitors, as well as more locals, who bike Hwy 218 as part of their route to places such as the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail, Fremont Street, General Jim Moore Road (with some of those even biking to WeatherTech Raceway)Highway 68 – Monterey-Salinas Highway, Olmsted Road, Jacks Peak (to bike paved roads, not trails), Aguajito Road, and numerous other destinations.

 Below, locals Janet and Jack on General Jim Moore Blvd, which connects to Hwy 218

Below, a Velo Club Monterey member at the Hwy 218 intersection on Hwy 68

As Dani wrote in her Bicycling Monterey guest post ( “It is sometimes intimidating riding where there aren’t bike paths, even in town, and it would be so much easier if there were more bike paths around Monterey County. I think that by improving our infrastructure—including more bike racks too—it would encourage more people to ride bikes. I frequently see cars drifting into bike lanes (class 2), and it would be much safer if we added more bike paths (class 1) and protected bike lanes (class 4), especially class 4 lanes with a physical barrier.”
Whether I bike or drive Highway 218, I’m often surprised by the people who walk, skateboard, or scoot alongside Hwy 218 as well. Some of those showed up at TAMC’s June 2018 workshop or otherwise offered input to TAMC about Hwy 218.
Many see the State of California’s allocation of funds for CA State Route 218 (Canyon Del Rey Boulevard) as an investment in reducing carbon emissions (, traffic congestion, etc. by encouraging active transportation, along with boosting the many other benefits of bicycling, including benefits to the economy, public health, and more.
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The post above was previously published on 1 February 2019, with one or more changes last made 14 May 2019. It has been republished on 31 March 2022 to bring attention to David Schmalz’s update (see Monterey County Weekly article at top).

This post was published on 31 March 2022. One or more changes last made to this post on 2 May 2024.

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