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15th Anniversary, Bicycling Monterey: Contributors May 2009 through April 2024

If your name isn’t on the list—or if it is, and you haven’t contributed recently—please pitch in today. (Not sure when you last contributed? See breakdown by year.)

For how to contribute and FAQs, click here.

What people say indicates that the work of the Bicycling Monterey website and projects are widely appreciated. Fundraising, though, is not our strong suit! But you can help. Here’s how:

Whether or not you make a financial contribution today, you can still help by sharing this need for contributors with others. For example, when chatting with friends, you might say: “Did you know that for 15 years, Bicycling Monterey has been provided by an unpaid volunteer? And that total contributions since 2009—before expenses—average less than $4 per day?* More people are needed to pitch in on this bicycling advocacy effort.“)

*Total of all financial contributions received 1 May 2009 through 30 April 2024 was $20,019 (averaging $1,334.16 per year, $111.21 per month, and $3.70 per day).

You may also wish to become a Bicycling Monterey “Pedal Pusher” by setting up an automatic monthly contribution of $10 or more—and encouraging others to do the same.

The list below includes all financial contributors from May 2009 through April 2024. (All are also listed on the financial contributors page.)

*Pedal Pusher = automatic monthly contributor

Our gratitude to these 85 individuals, 11 businesses, and 1 organization for making one or more contributions during Bicycling Monterey’s first 15 years.

  1. Adam Deleon
  2. Andrew Liu
  3. Anna Thomsen, L.Ac. Integrative Health Care
  4. Anneke Prins 
  5. Anonymous
  6. Benjamin Sun
  7. Bette Harpster
  8. Bettina Hotelling
  9. Beverly Prowell 
  10. Bill and Debby Lynch
  11. Brian Tomasini
  12. Cammie and Steve Lynch
  13. Cath Tendler-Valencia 
  14. Catherine Crockett
  15. Chris Flescher 
  16. Danielle Shillcock 
  17. Delana Schneider
  18. Drew Pearce, Drew Pearce Creative Services
  19. Edith Frederick  Pedal Pusher
  20. El Migueleno Restaurant
  21. Ellen Tucker
  22. Evelyn Contreras-Lozano and Mateos Lozano
  23. Floann Lynch Martinez
  24. Geoff Arnold
  25. Gina Cole
  26. Grapes ‘n’ Grain, Salinas
  27. Hal Schectman
  28. Hans Ongchua 
  29. Henrietta Stern 
  30. Holly Heimer Natural Veterinary Rehab
  31. Ivan for Mi Pueblo Supermarket, East Salinas
  32. Jack Holmgren
  33. Jack Lamon
  34. Jack Long and Janet Beaty 
  35. Jacky Luna
  36. Jacquelyn Woodward 
  37. Jan Valencia 
  38. Jeff Lindenthal
  39. Jeff Richman
  40. Jennifer Guitart
  41. John Shillcock
  42. Judy and Ron Allen
  43. Judy Marsalis
  44. Julia Slater
  45. Kathleen A. of Maui, Hawaii
  46. Kathleen Jones Pedal Pusher 
  47. Kay and Sieg Magenheim 
  48. Keith DeFiebre
  49. Kera Abraham
  50. Kim Neill
  51. L. Robin Brody
  52. Larry Pizzi
  53. Laurel Thomsen
  54. Linda Rose, in memory of Roy Wiegand
  55. Lynn Hamilton 
  56. MacGregor Eddy 
  57. Margaret Steele
  58. Martin Dehmler Fine Cabinetmaking
  59. Mary Conway
  60. Matthew Sundt
  61. Matthias Kamm
  62. Megan Tolbert
  63. Michael Bertoni
  64. Michael Fleming
  65. Michael Sestak
  66. Michael Theriault
  67. Nancy Sleeth and Matthew Sleeth, MD
  68. Nathan Dehmler 
  69. Nathan Pierce
  70. Patrick Michel
  71. Pebble Beach Company
  72. Peggy Olsen and Hebard Olsen
  73. Renee Hardenstein
  74. Rob Garcia
  75. Robert Moon
  76. Robin and Terrill Keeler
  77. Rosaleen Trambley
  78. Sam Winter Pedal Pusher 
  79. Sandi Laney
  80. Sarah Thamer, in memory of Kim Neill
  81. Scott Shillcock
  82. Sherry Volmar
  83. Sierra Dehmler 
  84. Stephen Akers
  85. Stephen Bloch
  86. Steve Cutcomb
  87. Steve Matheson
  88. Steve McShane
  89. The Go Fund Me Team
  90. Tiffany Nicole Lynch
  91. Tori Armen
  92. Twisted Roots, Monterey
  93. Valley Bikes, Salinas
  94. Velo Club Monterey 
  95. Vera and Jim Noghera 
  96. Vid Raatior
  97. Virginia Peterson

Whether or not you can personally bike at this time, your support for more people biking benefits individuals, communities, and the planet!

Thank you! Questions? Phone calls welcome.

This post was published on 4 May 2024. One or more changes last made to this post on 22 May 2024.

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