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Voices of Bicycling Advocacy

Here’s a sampling of 2009-2019 guests posts. Check out the authors’ posts, and thank them for sharing the joys, and challenges, of bicycling!

Passport Voyager: Bike-love inspiration from Amsterdam, Cinque Terre, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Vienna, and elsewhere

Campfires and Flat Tires: The Warwick Sisters on Keeping Up with Dad

Safely home: Devian Gilbert

Musician Sarah Factor’s bike story

The Bike Jones of Mindy Surratt

Sea Otter Classic – inscripción se abre – ciclocross, carreras de bicicleta de carretera, carreras de mountain bike, gran fondo, sin bicicleta, y festiva

Monterey Park Cycling: For South Salinas kids, “Your community is your classroom,” and you get to class by bike!

Youth Who Bike: Dani

Fixies: Spinning Spokes and Telling Jokes – Fixed Riding in the 831

CA Springtime Protest Pedal to Stop Distracted Driving

Carmel / Hwy 1 – Bike Safe, Carmel Valley Rd to Carpenter

Voices via video include…

Detox! “Sea Otter Classic can be for anybody!” – Video plus tips

Pico de Gallo, Monterey está en el proyecto HER Helmet Thursdays

HER Helmet Thursdays — on Sea Otter Classic’s Opening Day, and on Thursdays year-round

And in 2019, Susan Ragsdale-Cronin contributed second publication rights to her story below, first published in 2011 in the Monterey County Herald. The 2019 publication includes links to related Bicycling Monterey resources.

There’s Nothing Like Riding a Bike

In this past decade, many more people have come to recognize the multiple benefits of bicycling, for the planet and its people—whether or not they personally bike.

Thank you to all who advocate for bicycling by partnering with Bicycling Monterey. Ways people advocate include by volunteering time, even simply by spreading the word via sharing links, or posters and mini fliers. Others advocate by being among contributors of project supplies, or being financial contributors, to help support the work of this website and other Bicycling Monterey projects.

While the majority of Bicycling Monterey’s more than 660 posts and pages from Spring 2009 to Spring 2019 were written by the founder, it’s very much appreciated that some people have advocated for bicycling by contributing guest posts for this site.

Thank you to the individuals above

and all who advocate for bicycling!

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