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Safely home: Devian Gilbert

The Monterey County bicycling community celebrates your return, Devian!

Safely Home

by Devian Gilbert

Sleepwalking up hills

Too weary to bunny-hop hazards

Sliding off the road, only to sleep in the sun,

Flies swarming the corners of the mouth

Outbreak of saddle sores

Riding until shoes fall apart

So near to rear-ending a herd of elk

Primal moments, escaping a hoof through a helmet


Nagging pangs

Heed warnings, drop out

Pulled the plug

Brain still on the ride

Dreams now filled with scenes, smells, and

The constant task of navigating

Tour Divide

Monterey County cyclist Devian Gilbert completed 1,034 miles of the self-supported Tour Divide on June 22, 2010.

In the photo below, Devian is on Galt Pass in Canada on Day 2.

Heartfelt condolences to Lexi and Linnaea, wife and daughter of Dave Blumenthal, who passed away on June 24 from injuries sustained while cycling the Tour Divide.

To learn more about Devian Gilbert on this site, see Knights of the Central Coast and Golden Helmet Award 2011.

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  1. At Volagi Cycles, we are thrilled to have Devian help us build our business. His inner drive to “learn and return” is very rare in people. Even though he is not in Monterey at this moment, he will now have greater opportunities to impact the cycling community and others with his contagious attitude towards riding the bike.

    We are delighted that Devian is in Sonoma County and sharing with us!!

  2. Melanie Gibbs Stackpole says:

    As a community, we’re proud supporters of Devian for his amazing effort on this brutal adventure! We’ve often heard him say one of his goals is to “learn and return” so we shall see what 2011 will bring. Welcome home, Devian!

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