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Passport Voyager: Bike-love inspiration from Amsterdam, Cinque Terre, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Vienna, and elsewhere

Passport Voyager, a Monterey Bay native and the daughter of Bicycling Monterey’s founder, has travelled a lot for her work. She’s biked in places we’ve never seen, and she’s often shared with us bicycling photos from her travels. Perhaps you’ve spotted her skirt guard photo in our Bike Fashionistas post.
When she recorded the video below, she was visiting Vienna, Austria, where she enjoyed an Unhashtag Vienna experience: in essence, savoring the present moment in her immediate surroundings. A solo traveler, when she checked in to let Mom know she’d arrived safe and well, she was appreciating the transportation infrastructure. Get a glimpse of it in her video greeting to me, directly below.

Now a world traveler, she also has a lot of love for her home county. Special thanks to Passport Voyager for her responsible tourism tips about Big Sur. (For our Big Sur biking tips, click here.) 

To see Passport Voyager as a trailer-riding toddler towed by her grandmother on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail, click here, then scroll to end. That’s also little Passport Voyager in our current Bike Month post.

Below Passport Voyager’s video check-in for Mom 
from Vienna,

scroll this post for more of her bike-love photos!

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To view her photography on bicycling plus a multitude of other subjects, follow her on Instagram:

Related information on the Bicycling Monterey website includes “Other Languages: Resources for people who bike.”

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For a taste of Passport Voyager’s non-bicycling photography, and travel tips, see “A Magical Day in the Scottish Highlands with Rabbie’s Tours” on As you check that out, you may also enjoy her selection of songs from Scottish musicians:

Before shifting her career focus to travel, she worked in the music industry and earned a B.A. in Music Management and Communications from CUNY-Baruch. From childhood, e.g., concert mistress for Monterey County’s Orchestra in the Schools, to young adulthood, e.g., performing at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall, she’s a musician herself, and we dig her taste in music. Enjoy!

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