May 2022: Bicycling Monterey’s 13th anniversary

Below, see what bike advocates on the other side of the Monterey Bay—Bike Santa Cruz County and Rich Masoner / Cyclelicious—say about the Bicycling Monterey work. For what more people say, click here.

Rich is a member of Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, and an active bicycling advocate since 2005.

“She’s a single woman”

Bicycling Monterey represents Monterey County as a local partner of the California Bicycle Coalition. Many people have a mistaken perception that Bicycling Monterey is an organization with paid staff, not a grassroots effort founded and directed by a single volunteer. 

“trying to improve things over an entire county”

It’s a big county—3,771 square miles. From the start, Bicycling Monterey has done outreach of many different types in all local cities and in many unincorporated communities of the county, from Pajaro to San Ardo.

“on her own dime”

While some project supplies have been contributed, the total of all financial contributions 2009-2022before expenses—for this website and all Bicycling Monterey projects averaged three dollars ($3) a day.

“and her own time.”

Well over 15,000 hours have been given by Bicycling Monterey’s founder to make the Bicycling Monterey resources and projects possible.

Please make a financial contribution of any amount to help support this work. Gracias.

Special thanks to

all who made financial contributions 2009-2022.

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The Bicycling Monterey website and projects help improve public health and safety, reduce carbon emissions, strengthen communities, and more—including simply help people have more fun! Learn how Bicycling Monterey began, and more history.

For a tiny sampling of photos from our first 13 years—13 photos from the thousands of bicycling Monterey County photos that we’ve shot since 2009, see