May 2009 – May 2019: A Decade of Bicycling Advocacy, Bicycling Monterey

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The Bicycling Monterey website and projects help improve public health and safety, reduce carbon emissions, strengthen communities, and more, including simply help people have more fun! See what Monterey County visitors and residents—and people elsewhere—say about the Bicycling Monterey work.
Bicycling Monterey is a local partner of the California Bicycle Coalition. For ten years, the work of Bicycling Monterey’s founder on this site and on all other Bicycling Monterey projects has been done as an unpaid volunteer. 
Curious how Bicycling Monterey began? Click here.
For more history, see “If you build it, they will come”: Helping visitors, and residents, use sustainable transportation.

Bicycling Monterey projects…

include the following. For project details, click here.
  1. Education and Advocacy Regarding Infrastructure and Other Local, State, and National Issues Affecting People Who Bike.
  2. Public Outreach to Increase Awareness of the Multiple Benefits of Bicycling.
  3. Discounts to Encourage Bicycling: The HER Helmet Thursdays Project.
  4. Bicycling Equity Efforts—Including Outreach to Spanish Speakers, to People Not Online, and to Low-Income Individuals.
  5. Foster Positive Relationships with Law Enforcement Professionals: Pro-Active Relationship Building between Law Enforcement Agencies and People Who Bike.
  6. Founded Bicycle Education Program for Incarcerated Youth, including Monterey County’s First High School Bike Tech Class.
  7. Provide General Bicycling Education for Incarcerated Youth / Bike Nights at the Youth Center.
  8. Serve as Information Resource and Support for People Anywhere, as well as for Monterey County’s Tourists/Visitors and Local Residents—By Phone and in Person, as well as Online.
  9. Build Community / Foster Relationships within and apart from the “Bike Community.”
  10. Website: Create and Provide over 660 Posts and Pages of Original, Carefully Researched Content.
  11. Promotion of Monterey County Biking or Bike-Related Activities, Events, Meetings, and More.
  12. Open Streets Support.
“She must be retired.” Not retired.
“Oh, then she must be tired!” Yes, and chuckles when people say, “She’s a tireless volunteer.”

Bicycling Monterey’s founder, Mari Lynch, is a resident of unincorporated rural Monterey County since 1981. Also known as Mari Lynch Dehmler, Mari is the mother of a son and daughter, both born and raised here. To learn more about the founder, click here.

A special message

from Richard Masoner, an active bike advocate since 2005, and a member of the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission’s Bicycle Advisory Committee:

Yes, Rich is correct.

“She’s a single woman”

Many people have a mistaken perception that Bicycling Monterey is an organization with paid staff, not a grassroots effort founded and provided for a decade by one individual volunteer. Occasionally since 2009, other people have volunteered some time—for specific tasks, or simply to help spread the word. Each one is appreciated!

As Bicycling Monterey’s 10th year was completed, it’s still the case that neither Monterey County nor the Monterey Bay Tri-County Region have an official bicycling coalition or alliance. Bicycling Monterey has helped fill that gap, including by representing Monterey County as a local partner of the California Bicycle Coalition.

“trying to improve things over an entire county”

And it’s a big county—3,771 square miles. Over ten years, Bicycling Monterey has done outreach of many different types in all local cities and in nearly every unincorporated community of the county. For example, one project, HER Helmet Thursdays, stretches from Pajaro in North County to San Ardo in South County.

Bicycling Monterey serves as an Information Hub for Biking Monterey County—from the Tips for Bicycling Monterey County 20-section guide to the 33-section directory of Monterey County bicycling resources.

Bicycling Monterey also includes inspiration and resources for biking anywhere.

“on her own dime”

Some project supplies have been contributed, which is appreciated. Nevertheless, the fact remains that over this decade, the total of all financial contributions—before expenses of this site and of all other Bicycling Monterey projects—averaged three dollars ($3) a day.

In case you were wondering, over these ten years, Bicycling Monterey has never received any grant money, other funding, or contributions from any of the following: Transportation Agency for Monterey County or its staff members or contractors, County of Monterey, any Monterey County cities, the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau, California Department of Transportation, California Office of Traffic Safety, or California Transportation Commission. In addition, to date the business owned by Bicycling Monterey’s founder since 1981 has never done any paid work for any of those organizations or individuals.

“and her own time.”

Well over 12,000 hours of time have been contributed by Bicycling Monterey’s founder from May 1, 2009 – May 1, 2019. Again, that’s all unpaid time on all Bicycling Monterey projects, including this website. 

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