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“Ritual: A Congregation of Mountain Bike Films & Fanatics” and other tips for Sea Otter Classic week

Update: The 2020 Sea Otter Classic has been cancelled due to the continuing global pandemic.

A screening of “Ritual: A Congregation of Mountain Bike Films & Fanatics ” by Warren Miller Entertainment was scheduled for the second evening of Sea Ottter Classic 2020, Friday, April 17. [See update above; SOC 2020 has been CANCELLED]. The film was scheduled to play at the historic Golden State Theatre on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey.

The Apri 17, 2020 screening of “Ritual” has been deleted from the venue’s online “Events” list, as of March 10, 2020: For info about any “Ritual” screening/s in Monterey County, check with the film company,

Film website: Venue website:

Below, grab tips about the theatre’s neighborhood, and more— including a video about Monterey County’s special welcome for people who bike.

Local bicycle ordinances, and California bike laws

Whoops. Note the family biking up the Alvarado Street sidewalk. Are you biking with children too young to bike in the street? Hop off and walk your bicycles on the sidewalk. Why?

As mentioned in Bicycling Monterey’s “Bicycling on Sidewalks: Misconceptions and Advisories. Also: Crosswalks, and ‘What Pedestrians and Bicyclists Want Each Other to Know,'” the City of Monterey has “no bike riding on sidewalk” signs on Alvarado, and also on Calle Principal. Bicycling on sidewalks in the City of Monterey is legal in most locations, but it is prohibited where “signs are in place giving notice thereof,” per Section 22-12 (click here).

It can be very easy to overlook signs that aren’t at eye level. And it also makes sense that often people are confused about bike laws.

Below, Alvarado Street

Below, the Alvarado Mall— a brick bike-pedestrian passageway that runs between Alvarado Street and the Custom House Plaza. That plaza is across the coastal trail / Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail from Old Fisherman’s Wharf / Wharf I.

Heading to Alvarado Street from the Alvarado Mall, people who bike are directed to use Calle Principal, since Alvarado Street is a one-way street.

Bonifacio Plaza runs between Calle Principal and Alvarado Street. The plaza connects with Alvarado Street near the Golden State Theatre.

Monterey County’s special welcome for people who bike

While on Alvarado Street, support the bike-friendly spots—places that participate in the HER Helmet Thursdays Project, which marked its 10th anniversary in Nov 2019. Click here for a list of Alvarado Street participants, such as the one in the video greeting below, Alvarado Street Brewery. For all HER Helmet Thursdays participants in Monterey and countywide, and project FAQs, click here.

For video greetings from more HER Helmet Thursdays participants, see “HER Helmet Thursdays — on Sea Otter Classic’s Opening Day, and on Thursdays year-round.” For a greeting in Spanish, see “Pico de Gallo, Monterey está en el proyecto HER Helmet Thursdays.

Bike-and-ride tips

It’s not just touring cyclists who look for a bike-and-ride boost sometimes; other visitors, and locals, do too of course!

If you bike-and-ride using Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) bus, you’ll be glad to know that the Golden State Theatre is just down the street from Monterey’s Downtown Transit Center.  There are bike-loading instructions at the end of MST’s Transit Tips. For more MST bike-and-ride tips, see “Monterey-Salinas Transit: What to do when bike racks on buses are full, plus other MST tips.”

More tips for biking in Monterey County

Among resources on is a 33-section DIRECTORY: Monterey County Bicycling Resources / Bike Community Leaders.

Follow @bikemonterey on Twitter for news such as the Pacific Grove ordinance that goes into effect March 20, 2020; that update is posted too in our Regulations for E-Bikes / Electric-Assist Bicycles and Other Non People-Powered Bikes — in Monterey County and Elsewhere.”

You may also wish to subscribe to Bicycling Monterey to catch some other Bike Buzz.

Tips for Bicycling Monterey County, a 20-section guide, includes topics such as the following. Each section has links to some of the 700+ posts and pages of related Bicycling Monterey content.

Also on the Bicycling Monterey site: introductions to some Monterey County communities, such as those pictured above.

For more than a decade, all work by Bicycling Monterey’s founder on this website and on all other Bicycling Monterey projects has been done as an unpaid volunteer — and that’s still the case as 2020 begins.

If you find this bike advocacy effort of value, please make a contribution today. Click here for ways to give and FAQs). Thank you.

Questions? Phone calls welcome. Refer to

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