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10th Anniversary of the HER Helmet Thursdays Project in Monterey County

We’re celebrating the start of this new decade with the release of the 10th Anniversary edition of the HER Helmet Thursdays Guide.

A special 2020 salute to those businesses and organizations who have participated since the project’s first year. (See a sampling of those charter participants in the photo gallery below, and another gallery in the January 2020 Bike Buzz too.)

Charter participants were visionaries. They understood that HER Helmet Thursdays would be a long-term project, not a short-term discount promotion. By participating over this decade, they’ve raised awareness about biking in Monterey County, helping to sustain the environment and economy. HER Helmet Thursdays was the first such discounts-for-bicycling project in the USA, and the nation’s largest (click here for history).

The most current guide can be found anytime at “LISTINGS, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs.” For your convenience…

Download the
10th Anniversary edition right here: 

10th Anniversary HER Helmet Thursdays Guide – Listings as of January 2020

For a list of all charter participants, click here.

Along with the many other benefits of bicycling, reducing fossil fuel consumption is a vital way to help change climate change! As stated in Wheel the Earth: HER Helmet Thursdays cuts carbon emissions and costs,” the Earth can’t wait until we all have enough time.

From Earth Day 2010 issue: image below © Monterey County Weekly, “Wheel the Earth” text © Mari Lynch Dehmler.

For two-minute video and audio intros, history, and more about the HER Helmet Thursdays Project, visit the project’s portal page.

Participating businesses and organizations: click here for the 2020 staff reference sheet.

As of the start of 2020, HER Helmet Thursdays and all other Bicycling Monterey projects remain an unpaid volunteer effort for the founder, since 2009. Click here to contribute to the Bicycling Monterey site and projects. For other ways to support the Bicycling Monterey work—and to see who has already helped with this grassroots community collaboration—refer to the About/Support page.

Gracias, y feliz nueva década.

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