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Bike Buzz: September 2022 news from Bicycling Monterey

This issue of Bike Buzz, our first since spring, includes:

  • News relevant for anywhere
  • Monterey County dates and activities
  • Buzz from our Twitter stream

Smart Cycling videos from the League of American Bicyclists aka Bike League are available in Spanish too. Refer to “Montar Inteligent: Videos de Smart Cycling”:

Bicycling Monterey (@bikemonterey on Twitter) responded to the call from Bike School administrator Martha Boyd and served again as guest professor—on September 1, August 11, and May 12—for the Thursday evening #BikeSchool launched on Twitter by bike advocates in 2010. Respondents to our classes hailed from Canada (Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; Ottowa, ON) and the USA (Bentonville, AR; Brooklyn, NY; El Paso, TX; Albany, NY; Guilderland, NY; Monterey, CA; Northwest CT; Oakland, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Saint Louis, MO; Saint Paul, MN; Scotts Valley, CA; Stockton, CA; Wildwood, MO), as well as elsewhere in the Twittersphere. Our September theme was bike community building. In August our theme was bicycling with children, which we chose in remembrance of a young mother from Carlsbad, CA, the late Christine Embree.

The bike valet station for the 2022 California Roots Festival, held at the Monterey County Fair and Events Center, was overflowing this year (see some photos in What about bicycle parking for the 2022 Monterey County Fair, September 1-5? Click here for what we know.

Some Monterey County bike dates

September 7, 6 p.m.Transportation Agency for Monterey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Advisory Committee agenda includes a report by City of Salinas Traffic Engineer Andrew Easterling on the Alisal Complete Streets Project. A link to the full agenda and how to participate (via Zoom or phone) are included in Bicycling Monterey’s post here.

Two additional TAMC Bike-Ped meetings are scheduled for 2022: October 5 and November 2.

September 11. Montage Health Sand City Criterium presented by Monterey Bay Racing Team. Details and registration:

October 1, 10 a.m. Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day with Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORCA), which was normally an annual event, returns in 2022.

If our world is to have public streets that are safe, appealing, and accessible to all, it’s vital to get input from each area’s own active transportation users—the people who bike, walk, skate, or scoot there. It’s also helpful to hear from people who’d like to use active transportation, if only the infrastructure were better! Get some updates about infrastructure planning for Monterey County’s largest city, Salinas.

The Directory of Monterey County Bicycling Resources and Bike Community Leaders has a new section to help people find one of the many Bicycling Monterey projects. That is, section 35 of the directory, “Options in lieu of fine for bicycling-related citation.”

Share California bike law summaries with others, including to alert them about information that varies by locale, i.e., sidewalk ordinances and e-bike regulations.

For more posters and fliers, click here.

Greenfield Bike Garage, a new program in May 2022:

And Greenfield’s Bike Repair Workshops roll on.

Newest Monterey County Open Streets location is Greenfield. Ciclovia Greenfield launched June 26, 2022.

An update to Back to the Books—and Bikes (Monterey County tips for college students) alerts about Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST)’s College Ecosmart Pass Program.

Among recent callers:

Although the global pandemic continues, this summer the Monterey County Probation Department Youth Center was able to allow special on-site classes again, including the bike repair and maintenance classes. Thanks to Frank Henderson’s taking the lead, the bike classes resumed in August 2022. Frank has served as a volunteer instructor since we first launched the classes in April 2012! Our heartfelt gratitude to Frank for his faithful service.
As a local partner of the California Bicycle Coalition, Bicycling Monterey has had the pleasure of interacting over the years with former CalBike staff members Dave Snyder and Jenn Guitart. We thank them for their immense contributions to making biking better in California.

Former CalBike Executive Director Dave Snyder is now senior director of local innovation at PeopleForBikes.

Former CalBike Director of Advancement Jenn Guitart is now executive director of Transform.

Update: Visit the CalBike website for a “Legislative Update” published September 6.

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