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Velo Club Monterey says: Bookmark it. And support!

Velo Club Monterey, Pedaling the Monterey Peninsula and the Central Coast since 1968, wrote on social media:

“One of the very best resources for Monterey area cyclists, both residents and visitors, is Bicycling Monterey. Hosted and run since 2009 by Mari Lynch, her site is incredibly broad in scope, but also rich in details. Mari covers all aspects of cycling in our area and it’s safe to say there’s no one who does more for cycling and cyclists in Monterey County. Bicycling Monterey is very deserving of any support you can give. Learn more about how to support this great cycling resource on the Bicycling Monterey website. And while you’re at it you should probably bookmark it as an incredibly useful local cycling reference.”

Get some history about Velo Club Monterey—including how they advocate for people who bike—in our post “Velo Club Monterey – Roadies who love parties–and so much more!
Thanks to Steve E. Anderson for contributing the photo at the top of this post, which was previously featured in Bicycling Monterey’s post “Knights of the Central Coast.”
Visit Velo Club Monterey’s website to see what’s up with VCM—pedaling the
Monterey Peninsula and the Central Coast since 1968.

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