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Tune In: Safe Routes to School and Monterey County Biking Resources

Video and audio programs provide more opportunities to learn what’s happening with biking and walking in  Monterey County:

Wed, Mar 27 – Audio program

KRML / – 102.1 FM/ 1410 AM

Mari Lynch of the Bicycling Monterey website and projects will be a featured guest on “Pub Talk,” hosted by Meridith and Chris Nelson of  “The Beer Geek.” Mari will take about 10 minutes of the hour-long program (which runs from 5 to 6 p.m.)  to highlight some of Monterey County’s many biking related resources, as well as the HER Helmet Thursdays project.

The 3/27 show will be broadcast from Peter B’s Brewpub, a HER Helmet Thursdays spot.  (Photo below:  Frank Henderson suggested lunch at Peter B’s during the annual May community ride from Fort Ord Dunes State Park celebrating Bike Month.  Frank and the riders had also mentioned Peter B’s to some Lake Tahoe cyclists as one of many fine options in Bicycling Monterey’s bike security “Unique list of places to go,” and that’s where they landed too.  See them at the table to the rear–their bikes loaded with gear, safely within view.)

Taped video program from Wed, 2/27

Access Monterey Channel 24 /

Maybe you read on Bicycling Monterey about the Safe Routes to School presentation in Soledad in 2012 (click here). There’s new SRTS activity in Monterey County coming up soon, and you can learn about it from Susan Kent:

Susan Kent of the Monterey County Health Department spoke about the kick-off of the Safe Routes to School grant projects that begins in March 2013. Click here for related information at Bicycling Monterey. And see below for more about Safe Routes needs in Seaside.

Ariana Green a transportation planner with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County spoke about Complete Streets. Click here for an example of much related info at Bicycling Monterey. Access the Wed, Feb 27 video program with Susan and Ariana via Access Monterey Channel 24 /

Related info follows below.

Safe Routes to School in Seaside?

Check out the Seaside section
of this site for more photos of Seaside cyclists.

Seaside has the highest number of bike commuters in Monterey County. And it’s also a Monterey Peninsula city where some people are hesitant to bike, due to concerns about safety. Until the day when Seaside’s bike infrastructure is much improved, click here for safety tips. And tune in on 2/27 to hear about Susan Kent’s plan to encourage more Safe Routes to School for walking, and her hopes to provide some biking information and support to Seaside kids too.

Some Seaside kids ride to the Boys and Girls Club–even on a rainy day….

This Seaside boy’s mom  learned from Bicycling Monterey’s laws and safety tips section that it can be more dangerous to bike on a sidewalk than the street. And even when it’s best to use a sidewalk (e.g., for young children, or for older kids and adults in certain circumstances), there are important things to watch out for!  Refer to the sidewalk info in CA Bike Laws and Personal Safety–including Tips for Kids.

Our neighboring county of San Benito has Safe Routes to School maps.

And Monterey County Health Department’s Susan Kent knows that although the bike rack pictured below at one Seaside school sits unused, there are many Seaside families who want to do more biking and walking–and need support.  Susan’s Safe Routes to School efforts in Seaside will focus chiefly on walking, but she would like to also provide some level of support for those who want to bike Seaside–if not to school, perhaps in their neighborhoods or during weekend activities.

Contact Susan Kent or health educator Debra Dunn (working with Susan on SRTS efforts)  if you can volunteer to help with upcoming efforts. Phone Susan Kent, 831-755-8975.

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