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Bike Buzz: Spring 2017 News from Bicycling Monterey

The countdown is on for Monterey County’s 27th Annual Sea Otter Classic, a 4-Day Celebration of Cycling that begins April 20, 2017.  Click here for tips.
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Among new posts in 2017:

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  1. Follow the lead of concerned citizens of Del Rey Oaks. When it seems that something important just isn’t going to change for the better, don’t give up. 
  2. May 20: Bike to Shop Day
  3. 2017: Free bike racks, lockers, repair stations, or skateboard/scooter racks
  4. New Bicycling Monterey video: Bike Date in Monterey County – Soundtrack by Taylor Kropp
  5. Carmel and elsewhere: Confusion abounds about biking on sidewalks
  6. ICE Advisory for People Who Bike – Immigrants and Law Enforcement in Monterey County
  7. Aussies and others ask: Immigration – What’s up with U.S. policies?

  8. Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) Draft 2017-2020 Public Participation Plan
  9. Bicycling Monterey: All aspects of cycling

In addition to the new posts listed above, many existing posts and pages had updates, such as:

  1. The April events highlighted in the image at the bottom of this post; check them out on the home page, such as April 19-21: CA Trails and Greenways Conference. (The photo at the top of this post is a scene from Sea Otter Classic; the 27th annual takes place April 20-23 in 2017.
  2. April 10: Castroville Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing – pile driving begins!
  3. Street Harassment and Other Bullying: Ways to help stop it – resources in Spanish and English Additions have been made to the bullying resources, in response to efforts by Safe Routes to School and others to address street harassment.
  4. May: Bicycling Monterey’s 9th year begins
  5. Headsup about the possibility of new Open Streets event/s coming to Gonzales, Greenfield, and/or King City; see top of Ciclovia Salinas resources page.
  6. Big Sur: Whether you’re a touring cyclist, mountain biker, or other person who bikes, please show your love for the Big Sur coast by respecting the advisories of Big Sur Kate—such as the 3/20/17 one included in updates to Serious Cyclists (click here, then type “Kate” in your browser’s find window).
  7.  HER Helmet Thursdays Quick Reference Guide, updated 2/20/17. (Find the latest guide anytime on the page LISTINGS, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays in the H-E-R Helmet Thurs INFO section.)
  8. Youth Center – Teach Teens Well: 6th year of Monterey County’s first high school bike tech class. (Note in the post that the next bike ed night is scheduled for May 12, 2017, and you are welcome to contribute swag for the boys to be distributed at that event.)
  9. Salinas High Cowboys, Monterey Bay Lightfighters Composite, Palma High
  10. Tips for dog-lovers biking Monterey County, and elsewhere
  11. Bike to worship 
  12. Contact/Subscribe/Permissions page
  13. And many other posts and pages on had additional updates
  14. As usual, numerous new dates were added to the Master Calendar for Bicycling Monterey County.  Check the calendar regularly to avoid missing activities, events, meetings, and other info that may not be posted anywhere else on the Bicycling Monterey website. Examples of updated posts that had related info on the calendar were:

Scroll the home page to learn about other activities and events, such as those highlighted below.  But first…

May 2017 begins Bicycling Monterey’s 9th year. The website and all other Bicycling Monterey projects remain an entirely volunteer gig for the founder.
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This post was published on 25 March 2017. One or more changes last made to this post on 5 May 2019.

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