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California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – linked from, the plan can be viewed on the contractor’s web page:

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“Toward an Active California,” the draft California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, has been released by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  Comments and feedback were received until March 10, 2017. [Feb 11, 2020 update: was no longer a working website.] 

Spanish – Inicio Participe en el proceso de planificación. ¡Queremos que nos dé su opinión!

Many people aren’t online, as Pew Research continues to report; see Pew’s 2016 update: “Digital divide persists even as lower-income Americans make gains in tech adoption.” For alternate ways to review the plan and give input, contact CA Department of Transportation; Division of Transportation Planning, MS #32; P.O. Box 942874; Sacramento, CA 94274-0001. – TTY: 711; PHONE: (916) 653-1637; FAX: (916) 653-1447.

To learn more, go to:

[Feb 11, 2020 update: was no longer a working website.]

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The information below was first published in 2015, with partial updates in 2016.

California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – Also: CalTrans Transportation Plan 2040 (CTP 2040)

In addition to the below, you may also be interested in the California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2040 website and opportunities there for giving input on CTP 2040. Read public comments on CTP 2040 here. (Note: Although CalTrans requests input on CTP 2040 by 3/29/16 at 5 p.m., you may want to wait a bit to comment. On 3/4/16,  I advised CalTrans that they are unintentionally displaying the personal email, phone, etc. of people who comment. CalTrans is working to correct that promptly.)

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Good news! The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is putting new energy toward making Calfornia a better place for people who bike and people who walk.
Spanish speakers: Plan para Bicicletas y Peatones del Estado de California (CSBPP)

Caltrans is developing for the first time a California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CSBPP)!  Local cities and counties often have such plans; for Monterey County, refer to the infrastructure section of Bicycling Monterey’s main resources page. However, there has not been a statewide plan.

Learn about the development of this new plan:

Check out the new CA State Bike-Ped Plan website!

Special thanks to Caltrans director Malcolm Doughterty, the California Bicycle Coalition, and the many others whose work is making the CSBPP possible.

Have you biked, walked, or skated this stretch of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail?

Want more of this sort of infrastructure? Read on.

How to support this important effort

Residents and visitors who bike or walk in California are encouraged to complete a brief online survey, providing your input to Caltrans. (People in the 939 zip code, let’s be sure Caltrans hears from a lot of us!)

Other ways to get involved include attending community workshop and events. Get on CalTrans CSBPP email list.


People who bike/walk Monterey County are encouraged to also sign up for the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities email list. It’s anticipated that TAMC will send out emails of any CSBPP workshops or events in Monterey County.

As the Caltrans website notes, the California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will also lead to improved connections between CA’s bike-ped facilities and the network of local and regional roads, public transit (e.g., Monterey Salinas Transit and its transit connections), and intercity and passenger rail.

CA by Bike in Monterey 11-12-13

Monterey County residents…

may also wish to attend and perhaps even apply to serve as a representative on TAMC’s bike-ped committee.  While all attendees and committee members are truly appreciated, especially needed is South County representation as well as more women. More diversity at meetings will result in a broader range of needs being met throughout Monterey County.

Read the Californian‘s “We Could Car Less” columnist MacGregor Eddy’s 10/26/15 column for her thoughts on some reasons why broader representation is important. Thanks to King City council member Mike LeBarre for his response, as noted in Eddy’s 11/1/15 column.

Meetings were formerly held solely in Salinas, the Monterey County seat and its largest city, which is also the home of TAMC’s offices. At the request of some bike-ped committee representatives, in 2015, meetings began to rotate between Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula city of Sand City. Certainly if people from South County communities want to join the committee, there is no reason they should hesitate to request that some meetings be held in South County, or that meetings go back to taking place in Salinas only (and not on the peninsula too), so they are more convenient for South County residents.

TAMCRelated information

Check out the following or just contact Mari with your questions and ideas.

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