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Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program: A car shop that loves bikes; ultra-green HER Helmet Thursdays spots; and more

If you live a car-free life so won’t need motor vehicle maintenance or repair service, jump down to “Other green businesses” to learn about additional extra-bike friendly businesses in Monterey County that are certified green.
You’ll find some ultra-green HER Helmet Thursdays spots among them!

When Car Shops Love Bikes

Am I car-free? Nope.  Been there, done that, when I lived in Santa Cruz. After moving to rural Monterey County, I realized that I needed a car.

Do I have an electric vehicle, or a hybrid?  Nope, not yet.  Drove the same BMW for 16 years, wonderfully maintained by Monterey Bay BMW.  Then I got a Volvo, before EVs or hybrids were available.  And the Beamer shop didn’t really service those.

Fortunately, not long after, I found Hans Auto Repair, which specializes in Volvos and also services most other makes and models of cars.  Been super happy with my car shop ever since–a car shop that loves bikes!

Tracy Brooks, Automotive Lingo Translator Extraordinaire

Why appreciate a car shop?

  • Could it be the two-wheeled mode of transport hanging at-the-ready on the wall of their shop–evidence of their own enjoyment of biking as another transportation choice?
  • Or because Mike Brooks and his assistant, Jack, keep my car running perfectly?
  • Or because Tracy Brooks, service manager, gives me well-warranted confidence that we’re staying on top of what needs to happen, and without spending unnecessarily?
  • Or because, even though I’m a marine mammal in distress, I never feel intimidated about my level of mechanical understanding?
  • Or because Hans Auto Repair is the first Seaside business to be certified green in the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program?
Could it be–all of the above? Yes!

If you are looking for good car shop, call Hans Auto Repair and chat with them about your needs.

And if you don’t need a car shop, keep reading to learn more about additional businesses certified green by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties.

What it means to be green

Visit the Monterey Bay Green Business Program website to learn who is behind the certifying, what a certified green business is, why these businesses deserve your support, and what it takes to be certified green in the Monterey Bay region.

Live outside the Monterey Bay Tri-County region?  There are programs sprouting up in other parts of California, in Hawaii, in Colorado.  Click here for details and any updates.

Below, read about…

Other certified green businesses

in Monterey County

that are extra bike-friendly!

First, the ultra green HER Helmet Thursdays spots
A winning combination

By helping to build a more bike-friendly county, all of the hundreds of businesses and organizations participating in the HER Helmet Thursdays Project are taking a meaningful green action.  They know that “Saving the world and making a profit are not an either-or proposition.”

In addition, the following  HER Helmet Thursdays participants have gone the extra mile by earning the uncommon distinction of green certification by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program, just like Hans Auto Repair:

Bernardus Lodge –The Spa at Bernardus and Wickets
Cafe Fina
Hula’s Island Grill & Tiki Room
Hyatt Regency Monterey
Monterey Hostel
Monterey Plaza Hotel – Cafe La Strada, Schooners Bistro on the Bay, Vista Blue Spa
Portola Hotel & Spa
Princess Monterey Whale Watching

Bike on over and support them.  And take an extra moment to thank them for their extra efforts to protect the Earth for future generations!

Bikey media

Kera Abraham, assistant editor; Mark C. Anderson, managing editor, staff writers David M. Schmalz and Sara Rubin, along with intern Neil Heckman, are among Monterey County Weekly staff who often bike to work and elsewhere.  The solar-powered Weekly is another certified Monterey Bay Area Green Business. Check out their May 2011 special bike issue.

Got bike lights?

Also in the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program (MBAGBP)  is Light and Motion, renowned for their bike lights and more.  See Night Ride Home to learn what first prompted me to support this locally based company.


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