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Monterey County Weekly: Special Bike Issue

May 2011 “Spoke Word” – Image © 2011 Monterey County Weekly

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All bike articles from the Weekly’s May 12-18, 2011 special bike issue are linked below.
Also see notes at end of this post.

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Cover Story Summary

“SPOKE WORD: As the biggest bike race on the continent hits town, an evaluation of our cycle habits.”

  • Riding for His Life:  Phil Southerland was told he’d die. He didn’t listen. He kept charging.
  • Pedal Perks:  Tasty incentives abound for Monterey County bikers.
  • Moving Motivation:  Three local cycle lovers push pedals for intriguing reasons.
  • Two Speeds:  Breaking down the best and worst parts of biking by the Bay.

Riding for His Life


Phil Southerland was told he’d die. He didn’t listen. He kept charging.

by Mark C. Anderson

Pedal Perks


Tasty incentives abound for Monterey County bikers.

by Mark C. Anderson and Kathryn Doorey

Moving Motivation


Three local cycle lovers push pedals for intriguing reasons.

The Courier, Mike Baroni – by Christy Khoshaba

The Change Agent, Mari Lynch – by Kera Abraham

The Commuter, Diego Luberczuk – by Kathryn Doorey

Two Speeds


Breaking down the best and worst parts of biking by the Bay.

by Kera Abraham


Street Talk 05.12.11 (Asked at the Monterey Transit Center.


Where would you like to see better bike routes?

By Joey Large

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Notes on the Weekly’s story

Kudos to the Monterey County Weekly, our county’s largest circulation newspaper, for more living out of their mission statement “to inspire independent thinking and conscious action” with this cover story on green transportation, the bicycle.

The Weekly is also one of the Monterey County extra bike-friendly businesses certified by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program!

Since 1988, the Weekly has received over 65 national, state, and local awards. It covers local news with accuracy and depth, week after week, for 90,000 readers.

As with all other media, including the Bicycling Monterey website, writers depend on readers to contribute any corrections and clarifications.  Here are a few regarding the special “Spoke Word” issue:

  1. Regarding the Sea Otter Classic, “30,00-rider-strong” [Sea Otter Classic and Bicycle Leadership Conference references are in the print version of the Weekly’s “Spoke Word” issue, page 18]: Sea Otter indicates a ridership of nearly 10,000 amateur and competitive athletes, plus about 50,000 [in later years, SOC indicates this figure has increased to 65,000] race fans and other bicycle enthusiasts at this annual event.  By the numbers of bike racks on cars in town when visitors come to the Sea Otter Classic, 30,000 riders may be about right!
  2. HER Helmet Thursdays discounts are not only at restaurants and “recreational outlets [educational and entertainment venues]” as noted in “Pedal Perks.” Discounts are also, as noted in “Moving Motivation–The Change Agent,” at hotels [and other lodging].
  3. Seaside Police Activities League (PAL) Bike Fair on Sunday, May 15, 11-4, is distributing to kids ages 18 and younger 250 free bike helmets (not 215, number reported in “Pedal Perks”).  Close enough, Weekly; thanks for getting the word out to kids about this giveaway!
  4. In addition to the Twilight Rides listed in the Weekly‘s “Pedal Perks,”  there is a May 18 Twilight Ride hosted by the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club.
Thank you to Kera Abraham for her accurate profile

With regard to the opening paragraph of “Moving Motivation–The Change Agent,” here is some added clarification.

Mari does not live a car-free life or want those who drive to feel guilty about driving!  Rather, Mari’s desire is to emphasize at Bicycling Monterey that any fraction of a mile of pedaling is worthwhile, for so many reasons.

Overcoming perceived obstacles–be they a (healthy) pregnancy, being dressed in a business suit, hours of darkness, or, for many riders, rain–is one way to get in some more bike time.   As Kera Abraham reported,  bike-and-ride options are another.

Offer your own comments to the Weekly

“Let’s demonstrate demand for bike facilities via strength in numbers…”–Katie Stubbendick

Join Katie, Seaside resident and daily biker, in sharing your thoughts. Katie commented about the Weekly’s “Two Speeds” statement regarding biking in Seaside.

As she did, you are encouraged to comment at the Weekly‘s website about this special bike issue.

Or,  contact individual writers at the Weekly with your comments.






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